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Best Wheelbarrows of 2022

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Best Wheelbarrow Reviews of 2022

Best in class

WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 All-Purpose Wheelbarrow/Yard Cart/Dolly

Best all-purpose wheelbarrow

More than a wheelbarrow, this is an 8-in-1 garden cart that can suit all your needs.

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1 WORX WG050 Review

Who needs a mere wheelbarrow when you can get a wheelbarrow plus seven other tools in one? Don’t think that it’s possible? Check out the WORX WG050.

This all-purpose cart combines the advantages of a lightweight wheelbarrow with those of a garden cart, dolly, bag holder, pot or rock carrier, cylinder carrier, extended dolly, and trailer tote, so you can use it for most yard and garden chores.

A range of accessories enhances versatility even more, allowing you to also turn it into a utility cart, snow plow, workspace for the garden, or portable seat.

Besides all these features, it also impresses with a capacity of 200 pounds and large, no-flat wheels that provide exceptional stability on all terrains. Great for a variety of jobs and excellently priced for what it is, the WG050 is by far the best wheelbarrow around.

Best value
Marathon 70007-AMZ

Marathon 70007-AMZ Yard Rover 2-Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart

Best for most homes

Excellent balance and maneuverability make 300 pounds of load feel featherweight.

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2 Marathon 70007-AMZ Review

Dubbed the Yard Rover, the 70007-AMZ by Marathon may not be as versatile as our best in class, but it’s undeniably the best wheelbarrow for most homeowners. Affordable and reliable, it brings outstanding value for money with its quality construction and capacity.

Featuring a 5 cubic feet poly tray, it can hold large loads of vegetal or construction material. It can also hold up to 300 pounds, in-line with some of the best utility wheelbarrows around.

Perfect for residential use, it’s also comes with large, air-filled wheels. It has exceptional balance and great stability on all terrains, while the loop handle makes it really easy to pull, push, or dump the contents. What else could you wish for?

Also great
Polar Trailer 8449

Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy Duty Cub Cart Utility and Hauling Cart

Best utility wheelbarrow

This heavy-duty wheelbarrow is perfect for moving landscape or construction materials.

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3 Polar Trailer 8449 Review

If you need a wheelbarrow for landscaping or a construction site rather than your yard, the Polar Trailer 8449 might be it. This utility wheelbarrow impresses with a large capacity tub that can hold up to 7 cubic feet of stuff and a weight of up to 400 pounds.

Oversized, 16-inch pneumatic wheels provide outstanding balance and stability – a feature that allows you to move the wheelbarrow in a breeze.

Perfect for moving soil, sand, gravel, or cement, this utility tool is a great choice for a construction site, professional landscapers, as well as homeowners who need a heavy-duty wheelbarrow and don’t mind spending a buck.

Best budget
Best Choice Products SKY2705

Best Choice Products SKY2705 Dual-Wheel Home Utility Yard Wheelbarrow Garden Cart

Best budget wheelbarrow

Thanks to its lightweight construction, it’s super-easy to handle by most homeowners.

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4 Best Choice Products SKY2705 Review

The SKY2705 by Best Choice Products is proof that quality wheelbarrows don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Half-way between our best value and the also great, it boasts a 5 cubic feet tub and a weight capacity of 330 pounds.

That’s more than enough for most yard and garden care tasks. But the high capacity is not the only thing we like.

We also like the sturdy, 13-inch rubber wheels. They are inflatable and improve maneuverability even on challenging terrains. The only thing we like less is that it’s made entirely from steel, so it’s subject to rust and corrosion.

That said, all it takes is a bit of attention and maintenance to make good use of this cheap wheelbarrow for years.

What is a wheelbarrow?

A wheelbarrow is nothing but a small garden cart with one or two wheels at the front and supporting legs and handles at the rear. Similar to the garden carts, it is used to carry loose material or heavier loads from one place to another.

Due to its smaller footprint and easier maneuverability, a wheelbarrow is a much better choice than a garden cart if you need a vehicle for lighter-duty gardening tasks, to clean your yard, and even to carry landscaping and construction materials.

Learn more about the different types of wheelbarrows and find the best wheelbarrow for your gardening and construction needs.

Different types of wheelbarrows

Since the invention of the first wheelbarrow the design has evolved, and manufacturers have started to adapt their vehicles to the modern days. Today, you can buy various kinds of wheelbarrows, including:

  • Manual wheelbarrow: This is the classic kind, a hand-propelled vehicle with one or more front wheels. This type is the most popular and often employed for a wide range of chores in a variety of fields. Designs vary from traditional wheelbarrows to modern all-purpose models. Some of the best wheelbarrows can easily turn into a dolly, garden cart, seat, and even snow plow with the right attachments and accessories.
  • Motorized wheelbarrow: Electric wheelbarrows are a rather new addition to the range of landscape care tools you can buy. Also known as mini dumpers or powered wheelbarrow, this type is similar to the self-propelled lawn mower type, in that it’s powered by a motor. The main difference between electric and manual wheelbarrows is weight capacity. Electric wheelbarrows can usually hold up to 700 pounds and are often used by professionals or contractors.

Poly vs. steel tub wheelbarrow. Which is best, and why?

Most wheelbarrows come with either polyethylene or steel tubs, although there are some exceptions.

  • Poly tubs: Are lightweight and cheaper than steel, as well as fairly durable. They are not subject to rust or corrosion, so you can move pretty much anything with the wheelbarrow, including wet or damp materials. However, polyethylene may become brittle if exposed to extreme temperatures. For this reason, you shouldn’t leave the wheelbarrow in direct sunlight during peak hours and avoid using it in winter.
  • Steel tubs: May be heavier and more expensive than the poly ones, but they are much more durable. The main drawback is that they are subject to rust and corrosion. While most steel wheelbarrows are powder-coated, you’ll have to pay attention to scratches and repaint the tub as often as necessary to prevent damage. These wheelbarrows are also more suitable for carrying dry materials than wet ones.

Poly and steel apart, you can also choose from canvas or wooden wheelbarrows. Canvas bags are often used on collapsible wheelbarrows. Wooden tubs provide the same strength as metal, but they are subject to rot. Due to their drawbacks, canvas and wooden wheelbarrows don’t enjoy the same popularity poly and metal wheelbarrows do.

How many cubic feet in a wheelbarrow?

Depending on the type of wheelbarrow, you can choose from models with capacities of 2-3 cubic feet or wheelbarrows with tubs that can accommodate 10 cubic feet or more. To make sure the one you like can suit your needs, check the table below.

Wheelbarrow type Volume capacity Applications
Small wheelbarrow 2-3 cubic feet Light gardening and landscaping chores, such as cleaning leaves, transporting soil for potted plants, moving small piles of compost, or other loose materials.
Mid-sized wheelbarrow 4-6 cubic feet Moving loose materials, gravel, lime, large piles of dead leaves, large piles of compost, construction materials. Also ideal for transporting harvested crops.
Heavy-duty wheelbarrow 7+ cubic feet Heavy-duty landscaping or construction applications, such as moving large loads of wood chips, firewood, gravel, pebbles, cement, etc.

How much can a wheelbarrow hold?

Besides the volume capacity, it is also important to check how much weight the model you want can withstand. In broad lines, you should get:

Load capacity Application
Up to 200 pounds Most seasonal yard cleaning tasks.
200-350 pounds Occasional yard cleaning, harvesting crops, moving gardening materials such as compost, lime, fertilizer, mulch, etc.
350+ pounds Heavy-duty tasks, including moving firewood and construction materials.

How many wheels should a wheelbarrow have?

In its original design, a wheelbarrow is a hand-propelled vehicle with one front wheel and two supporting legs at the rear. This type of wheelbarrow is incredibly easy to maneuver on all terrains, but it’s not as stable as a two-wheel wheelbarrow when idle.

Today, the most popular wheelbarrows feature two front wheels and two supporting legs at the rear. This design enhances stability when the wheelbarrow is still, but keep in mind that these models are a bit harder to maneuver and turn around obstacles.

If your physical abilities are limited, a one-wheel model could be your best bet. If you want the best stability and balance, a two-wheel wheelbarrow is unbeatable. Also, keep in mind that for really challenging terrains and the heaviest-duty tasks, a garden dump cart could be a more appropriate choice.

No-flat vs. pneumatic wheelbarrow tires. What is the difference?

A quick look at the wheelbarrows on the market reveals two kinds of tires, no-flat and air-filled.

  • No-flat tires: Are made from a strong plastic material and usually covered with a rubberized material, but they are not filled with air. Due to this design, you’ll never have to worry about punctures or ending up with a flat tire in the middle of the job. However, these wheels have rather scarce stability on challenging terrains.
  • Air-filled tires: Also called pneumatic, are more flexible and often wider than the no-flat ones. As such, they deliver improved stability on challenging terrains and are also easier to maneuver. The main drawback is that they need constant maintenance and attention to prevent punctures.

Traditional or ergonomic wheelbarrow handles?

Last but not least, it is also important to check the handles when picking the best wheelbarrow for the job. The models on the market have either traditional or ergonomic handles.

  • Traditional wheelbarrow handles – one handle on each side – provide utmost maneuverability and make it very easy to tilt and flip the vehicle for unloading. Thanks to these features, a traditional wheelbarrow is a great replacement for a dump cart if you have a small property.
  • The best wheelbarrows for people with narrow shoulders or shorter height, however, are those with ergonomic handles. This type of handle consists of a single bar grip that enhances ergonomics. Most bar grips can be adjusted to match the operator’s height, too, improving handling.

No matter what kind of wheelbarrow handle you prefer, make sure it comes with rubber grips. Indeed, rubber grips enhance comfort and prevent the formation of blisters when using the vehicle for a longer time or heavier duty applications.

Best Wheelbarrow for the Money

Best value
Marathon 70007-AMZ

Marathon 70007-AMZ Yard Rover 2-Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart

Best for most homes

Excellent balance and maneuverability make 300 pounds of load feel featherweight.

Check price on Amazon

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