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Best Weber Grills of 2022

Weber is the leading brand when it comes to top quality grilling. If you’re looking for a high-performance grill, find the best Weber grills in our review.

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Best Weber Grill Reviews of 2022

Best in class
Weber Genesis II E-435

Weber Genesis II 62016001 E-435 4-Burner Propane and Natural Gas Grill

Best full-size Weber grill

A huge cooking surface and high-performance burners make it the best choice for all grill chefs.

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1 Weber Genesis II E-435 Review

Weber grills are known worldwide for their unrivaled performance, but if you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best, you can’t go wrong with the Weber Genesis II. Running on propane – and also available in a natural gas variant – this grill is perfect for grill chefs and restaurants.

It’s also perfect for large families who take BBQ seriously, with its 844 square inches of cooking surface that can fit sufficient burgers for the whole neighborhood.

The main cooking surface boasts four high-performance burners, making it easy to create different temperature zones for meat and vegetables. Furthermore, the grill also has a side burner for sauces and sides, as well as a searing station for easier cooking of perfect steaks. No doubt, just what you need to feed large crowds at your eatery or at home.

Best value
Weber E-310

Weber 45010001 Black Spirit II E-310 LP Gas Grill

Best value Weber grill

Camping-friendly cart design help you transport this workhorse wherever it’s needed.

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2 Weber E-310 Review

The Weber E-310 is designed for outdoor cooking at its best. Improved affinity ignition system ensures you won’t lose your horses while firing up this boy.

Its porcelain-enameled Flavorizer will also ensure that whatever you’re cooking will end up enriched with that smoky flavor we all love in a good barbecue.

It caters for up to seven people, and it’s compact enough to fit either on your porch or in your RV.

While visuals are often overlooked, this Weber grill won’t put you at shame in front of your buddies though. It has a friendly cart design, and it’s easy to move. You can power it with either propane or natural gas, and pick from a selection of four colors the one that suits your exterior at its best.

Also great
Weber Original Kettle

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

Best Weber charcoal grill

Compact enough to fit in a small backyard, yet large enough to feed larger crowds.

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3 Weber Original Kettle Review

Gas grills are nice and all, but if you love traditional BBQs, the Weber Original Kettle could be the best Weber grill for you.

As its name suggests, this grill is a traditional charcoal grill. Its kettle style brings loads of advantages. On the one hand, it ensures a compact footprint, so you can easily fit it in a smaller backyard or even a balcony. On the other hand, it ensures even distribution of heat, so you can cook your food perfectly.

Sure, it’s smaller than our best in class or best value, but it can still fit up to 13 burgers at a time. It’s also easy to clean, and operating it is a cinch once you get the grip of it. Ideal to use anywhere you want, this grill is also an excellent choice for camping or your RV.

Best budget
Weber Q1200

Weber 51010001 Q1200 Portable Liquid Propane Grill

Best portable Weber grill

Perfect for camping and tailgating, and it comes at a price that won’t break the bank.

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4 Weber Q1200 Review

Why take a small camping grill with you on your adventures when you could just take the Weber Q1200? It packs many of the features of its brothers above, but everything’s RV sized on this one. It has a single burner, but it still boasts a generous 189 square inch cooking surface.

A cast aluminum body proves a tad harder to clean than intended, but its cooking performance can quickly make you forget about the post-grilling aftermaths.

Its built-in thermometer in the hood will let you exert your grillmaster skills in all circumstances.

Different types of Weber grills

Although Weber is renowned for the high quality of its grills, it’s hard to rest satisfied if you buy the wrong model. When picking the best Weber grill, you must start by choosing both the model and the fuel type that most suit you.

Best weber grill models

The selection of Weber grills comprises full-size, cart style, and portable barbecues.

  • Full-size Weber gas grills: Are usually suitable for backyards or restaurants. Although equipped with wheels, they are too big and heavy to transport. These models are usually fueled by gas, either liquid propane or natural gas.
  • Cart Weber grills: Compact enough to take on camping yet big enough to have in your backyard; these grills cater to most needs. They come equipped with large wheels and handles, so they are relatively easy to move. Powered by either gas or charcoal, they even give you the possibility to pick the fuel you like best.
  • Portable Weber grills: The manufacturer also proposes a range of compact and portable grills powered by either gas or electricity. As their name suggests, these are perfect for taking on your adventures, but also suit people who can only have a barbecue on a terrace or balcony.

What type of fuel should you choose?

It is easy to spot on the list above that your fuel options comprise gas, charcoal, and electricity.

  • Weber gas grills: Most Weber gas grills are fueled by either liquid propane or natural gas. These models are a great choice in most circumstances. They are easier to clean, easy to ignite, and you can use them in areas where pellet grills and charcoal grills are banned. These areas include many national parks and campsites, so if you’re the outdoorsy type or live in a condo where you can’t have a charcoal grill, these are your best bet.
  • Weber charcoal grills: Cater to those who love that smoked flavor of barbecued food. It’s hard to get it from a gas or electric grill, despite the Flavorizing element patented by the brand. Charcoal grills are also transportable. They are usually compact and relatively lightweight, so they are easy to take with you on a trip. However, they are a pain to clean, and you might not be able to use them in certain areas.
  • Weber electric grills: Weber has a very small collection of electric grills, most of which are portable. These represent a great solution on all those circumstances when you can’t have a propane or charcoal barbecue, but they are pretty much useless on camping unless you have a power generator or outlet at hand. If you’re not quite into camping and just need a small solution for an apartment, an electric Weber grill might be it.

Grill cooking area and BTU

Regardless of what type of Weber grill you decided to go for, a thing to assess before buying is the cooking area and BTU you need. If you want to make a budget-conscious decision, it is important to consider both your needs and fuel efficiency before buying.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the smaller the grill, the less you consume. So, even if you’re tempted to buy the biggest appliance out there, running it could be costly if you’re only cooking for two.

To assess the right cooking area, the best thing to do is to think of the number of people you want to feed. In broad terms, you will need:

N° of people

Cooking surface (square inch)







How many main burners do you need?

The performance of a grill is determined by its British thermal units (BTU). But unless you’re a physics enthusiast, it’s simpler to choose the grill based on its number of burners.

Having in mind the table above, you will typically need:

  • 1 burner for up to 3 people
  • Two burners for up to 6 people
  • Three or more burners for more than 6 people

Side burners

Another thing you might want to assess before buying a Weber grill is whether you need side burners or not. These burners give you some extra cooking space where you can prepare sides, sauces, or keep your food warm.

They are usually a nice addition to your grill, but their integration in the design adds bulk to the model. If you want a grill mainly to take on trips, you might want to skip this feature.

Stainless steel vs. porcelain enamel grate

Weber equips its grills with two types of grates, stainless steel, and porcelain enamel.

  • Stainless steel grates: Resist rust and damage. Their main feature is durability, but this material doesn’t season too well over time. You might face the challenging task of unsticking your delicious food from them constantly.
  • Porcelain enamel grates: Consist of a cast iron core coated with porcelain enamel. This surface is non-stick and is also durable. Although more expensive than stainless steel, it seasons well, it is easier to clean and brings more satisfaction

The Weber Flavorizer bar

A feature present on most Weber grills is the Flavorizer bar. It sounds really fancy, and it certainly makes for a strong selling point, except many people hardly understand what purpose it serves. If it got you intrigued too, know that this bar is designed to improve both the overall flavor of the food and your safety.

This bar is placed under the grate and on top of the burners. It catches excess grease and oil, and by doing this, it keeps it from falling onto the burners and vaporizes some of it back onto your food, enriching its taste.

Other important features

Besides all the above, there are a few other important features you should consider when buying the best Weber grill for your situation.

  • Storage: Whether your Weber grill has storage space or not depends on the type of the appliance. If this feature is important to you, pick either a full-size of cart style grill.
  • Portability: Full-size and charcoal grills may not always come with wheels. If you plan to move the grill from one place to another, make sure to invest in one that does.
  • Gas hose adapters: Some gas grills from Weber can adapt from propane to natural gas use and vice versa. If you want to settle for such a model, we recommend investing in one that comes with hose adapters, as finding the right parts is often hard.
  • Color: Weber is one of the few manufacturers that sells its grills in a range of attractive, bright colors so that you can pick the one you fancy best.
  • Electronic ignition system: A true life-saver when hungry crowds wait for the food. This system allows you to ignite the burners quickly while reducing the risk of getting burned.
  • Temperature gauge: Opening the lid to check on your food can cause temperature loss, which may reduce the overall flavor of your food. Luckily, the best Weber gas grills come with exterior temperature gauges that can give you an idea on when your food is ready.

Best Weber Grill for the Money

Best value
Weber E-310

Weber 45010001 Black Spirit II E-310 LP Gas Grill

Best value Weber grill

Camping-friendly cart design help you transport this workhorse wherever it’s needed.

Check price on Amazon

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