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Best Vinyl Cutting Machines of 2021

Starting a new signage business? You’ll need a top-notch vinyl cutting machine. Here we review some of the best vinyl cutting machines on the market.

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Best Vinyl Cutting Machine Reviews of 2021

USCutter MH

USCutter Vinyl Cutter MH

Best vinyl cutter for startups

High cutting capacity and smooth software integration can guarantee the success of all your projects.

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1 USCutter MH Review

The USCutter Vinyl Cutter MH is a sweet treat for every creative startup. Powered by a stepper motor and boasting 34-inch cutting capacity, this is a workhorse developed to assist with your apparel design, signs and stickers, and even vehicle signage enterprise.

It even comes complete with all you need to start cutting vinyl right out of the box, assuming that you’ll be quick at figuring out how to assemble the machine, of course.

The cutting software included also does an excellent job in creating vectors and outlines for the cutter. The MH may not be exceptional in cutting intricate or small decals, but it’s very easy to use once you get familiar with it and it is truly dependable for bigger jobs. However, keep in mind that it’s not compatible with Mac, you’ll need a Windows PC for it.

Best value
Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker

Outstanding value for money

This multifunctional machine can cut much more than vinyl and is perfect for decal shops as well as crafters.

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2 Cricut Maker Review

Do you want to cut vinyl but not only? Crafter and hobbyists around the nation might find all they are looking for in the Cricut Maker. Perfect for cutting vinyl decals but also paper, iron-on, and objects for sewing projects, this cutter brings outstanding value.

Powerful blades and scrolling tools can deal with all kinds of materials, including vinyl, fabric, and even leather. Furthermore, using the cutter is a cinch, thanks to the intuitive control panel.

Designed to simplify your life, it also comes with loads of built-in patterns, or you can design and upload your own from either mobile or computer. Fun to use and versatile, this vinyl cutting machine is the best for most purposes.

Also great
Cricut Explore Air 2

Cricut Explore Air 2

Perfect for hobbyists

A slick vinyl cutting machine ideal for personalized gift shops and avid hobbyists.

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3 Cricut Explore Air 2 Review

The Explore Air 2 comes from the same brand as our best value and brings similar versatility – albeit it’s not the best if you want to cut fabrics. If you want to cut vinyl, though, this cutting machine does what it’s supposed to do brilliantly.

Vinyl aside, you can also use it to cut specialty paper, faux leather, poster board, cardstock, or adhesive foil. Just what you need to create custom gifts or personalized objects.

Available in a range of colors, it’s also relatively compact and finds its place even on a smaller desk. Easy to use and affordable, it’s an excellent choice for startups or expert hobbyists.

Best budget
Silhouette Portrait 2

Silhouette Portrait 2

Best vinyl cutting machine for beginners

A sleek and cheap vinyl cutter designed to offer great cuts for your small artistic projects.

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4 Silhouette Portrait 2 Review

Getting nice decals without spending a fortune? It’s all possible thanks to the Silhouette Portrait 2. Perhaps the best for beginners, this vinyl cutting machine is the easiest to use among our picks. Although it could be seen as too basic by the more versed users, it’s still surprisingly versatile.

It can only cut a max of 8×12 inches, but it can handle a variety of materials including vinyl, cardstock, wood paper, and even magnet paper. Whether you want to cut decals, handcrafted postcards, or event invitations, this cutie will undoubtedly serve you well.

Certainly, it’s unrealistic to think you’ll get professional precision, but this machine is so user-friendly and powerful that you’ll find it easy to overlook a slight misalignment.

Types of vinyl cutting machines

Whether you want to start up a small signage business or just personalize your items with custom-made decals, you need a vinyl cutting machine. What type of cutting machine depends on your purpose though, and you can essentially pick from the following two types.

  • Desktop vinyl cutters: As their name suggests, are small cutters designed to sit on a desk. They have more or less the size of a home-use printer and address hobbyists and small business owners. The main advantage of these machines is their low level of noise; they are also easier to use than the freestanding cutters, and typically more versatile too because the best vinyl cutting machines in this range can cut through a variety of materials.
  • Freestanding vinyl cutters: Are much bigger in size than the desktop and are designed for commercial use. Their capacities vary from semi-professional to professional, but regardless of what you choose, they will always have a higher cutting precision than the desktop models. However, they can usually cut only vinyl and paper, are noisy, and more complicated to use.

What materials can you cut with a vinyl cutter

An important aspect to think about before buying is the type of media you want to cut. Since you’re looking after a vinyl cutter, it’s quite clear you need a machine able to deliver precise cuts on this material. But if you want to throw in some versatility, know that most machines can also handle other media, including:

  • Cardstock
  • Paper
  • Fabric
  • Leather

If you want to cut some intricate patterns on fabric, for example, to then create something unique with your sewing machine, or if you want to cut anything else than vinyl as a matter of fact, then you should check the maximum cutting depth.

Vinyl cutter cutting depth

Vinyl cutting machines usually have a cutting depth between 0.8mm and 2mm. The former is usually ideal for vinyl or paper, so knowing the cutting depth is not so important if you only want to cut through these materials. For thicker materials though, don’t forget to check compatibility before buying.

Cutting width

Another detail that will help you choose between a desktop and freestanding vinyl cutter is the cutting width. It can vary from as little as 6 inches on entry-level models to as much as 64 inches on the biggest commercial units.

  • If you plan to use the cutter for DIY projects or custom t-shirt business, a desktop machine able to handle graphics up to 24 inches wide is usually ideal.
  • However, if you’re just launching a signage business, we recommend going for a bigger machine with a cutting width of at least 34 inches so that you can enhance your flexibility and ability to scale the designs.

Stepper vs. servo motor

The type of motor powering the machine can also dictate which materials you can or cannot cut. Vinyl cutters have either stepper or servo motors.

  • Stepper motors: Are driven by mechanical gear that moves the motor in small increments (steps). The main advantage of these motors is their low manufacturing cost, which helps maintain the overall price of a stepper vinyl cutter as low as possible. They also have a good performance on large designs, that’s why they often equip semi-professional or commercial vinyl cutting machines. Their biggest downside is the noise; stepper cutters also tend to lose precision on small graphics.
  • Servo motors: Are driven by digital encoders which translate the commands of the software into binary code. This is the type of code used by computers, and its main advantage is the transmission of high precision and movement smoothness on designs of all sizes. Due to the lack of mechanical gears, they are also quieter than the stepper. It is clear that they are a much better choice than the stepper type if you aim for utmost precision, but these motors are expensive. Because they are more precise though, a servo cutter is a better choice for crafts and other creative projects that employ the cut of materials other than vinyl.

Vinyl cutter computer & software compatibility

Computer and software compatibility is important if you want to tell the machine how to cut your decals. An essential thing to remember when it comes to these machines is that they are most likely incompatible with Apple software and products.

In fact, it is a piece of cake to find a vinyl cutter compatible with whatever version of Windows you have, but only a handful of models work on Mac. The reason why it’s hard to find a vinyl plotter compatible with your mighty Macintosh operating system is the additional costs cutter brands usually have to sustain if they want to make their systems work properly on Apple hardware.

Therefore, if you’re a fan of the famous device developer, know that your vinyl cutting machine choice is quite limited.

Software compatibility

The software is the puzzle piece you can’t do without because it actually tells the vinyl cutting machine what to do. Most plotters come with their own software, which can be more or less intuitive to use or suitable for your project.

Luckily though, most vinyl cutters are also compatible with the most popular graphic design software including Photoshop, Corel Draw, AutoCAD and Adobe Illustrator, to name just a few. 

Additional features you might like

The best vinyl cutter is the one that fits your needs like a glove. That’s why you might also want to consider the following features.

  • Wireless connectivity: If you want the freedom to design on your tablet in one room and send the design to the vinyl cutter in another room, get a vinyl cutting machine with wireless connectivity. It will communicate via Bluetooth with your devices so that you won’t have to get out of bed if you don’t want to.
  • Automatic settings: This is a nice feature on those fancy vinyl cutters that can handle more materials, allowing the plotter to adjust themselves automatically to the material you’re cutting.
  • Accessories: Some vinyl cutting machines come either alone or with a set of instructions. The best come with a host of accessories that range from vinyl trimmers and pickup tools to sketching pens and even vinyl sheets.
  • Vinyl cutter scanner: If you want to transform handmade art, photos, or any images that come on paper into lovely decals, a scanner is essential. And some of the best vinyl cutting machines feature built-in scanners that help you get from graphic to decal quickly and easily.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machine for the Money

Best value
Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker

Outstanding value for money

This multifunctional machine can cut much more than vinyl and is perfect for decal shops as well as crafters.

Check price on Amazon

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