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Best Tiller

Best Tillers of 2022

Do you want the best electric, cordless, front tine or rear tine tiller? Check out our review of the 21 best tillers in 7 categories to help you pick.

All 21 Tillers We Recommend


Best Electric Tillers

An electric (or corded) tiller is perfect for smaller gardens with medium to hard soil. An electric rototiller creates loose soil for planting, weeding, aerating soil and mixing in compost.

Best tiller for: Small gardens


Best Cordless Tillers

If you don’t want to be limited by a cord, a cordless tiller is a good alternative. The drawback is the need to recharge the battery between sessions.

Best tiller for: Gardens with no power source


Best Front Tine Tillers

Front tine tillers allow for closer tilling in narrow spaces and around obstacles. The tines are positioned in front of the wheels with the engine directly above the tines for balance.

Best tiller for: Awkward spaces


Best Rear Tine Tillers

Unlike a front tine tiller, the tines on a rear tine tiller are at the back and the engine at the front. With a self-propelling engine, rear tine tillers are heavy-duty and the most powerful tiller around for gardening.

Best tiller for: Large, open gardens


Best Tiller Cultivators

Tillers are more powerful than cultivators with larger tines. However, if you need a tool for loosening already-dug soil and flowerbeds for growing season, a tiller cultivator is the tool for the job.

Best tiller for: Already-dug soil, weeding


Best Tow-Behind Tiller

If you have a tractor, a tow-behind tiller is a less strenuous option. Pull-behind tillers have universal hitches that mean they can be slowly pulled along for toil-free tilling.

Best tiller for: Large gardens, tough, rocky soil


Best Hand Cultivators

For small jobs that don’t need the power or force of an electric or tow-behind tiller, a hand tiller is a budget-friendly option. Manual tillers require manual labor but are a good choice for quick jobs.

Best tiller for: Small projects, loose soil


Best Electric Tiller

key considerations
Electric Tillers Reviews

Although an electric tiller requires an extension cable, it does give unlimited run time and reliable power. Here are some other points to keep in mind:

  • Tiller width: the best electric tillers have an adjustable tiller width to adapt to different projects. Mini tillers are around 12 inches, whereas standard tillers are 20 inches.
  • Tine depth: The tines on electric tillers are around 8 inches, giving a good depth for soil loosening and turning.
  • Motor Amps: Electric tillers range from 6 to 14 Amp. What you’ll need will depend on how hard your ground is.
  • Less noise: Electric tillers are less noisy than gas-powered versions.

Best Electric Tiller Reviews of 2022

Earthwise TC70001

Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator

Best corded tiller

A single lever switch design makes operation super-easy for fast soil turning and cultivation.

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1 Earthwise TC70001 Review

Row seeding has never been easier. The Earthwise TC70001 is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to grow their own vegetables while staying as green as possible.

It’s powered by electricity, so you’ll need a wall outlet nearby. Apart from that downside, it’s hard to find other flaws.

The unit is easy to maneuver and can cultivate up to 8 inches deep. The row width is also adjustable up to 11 inches. Its single lever switch design makes it easy to control. All in all, the best corded tiller around.

Best value
Sun Joe TJ604E

Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch 13.5 AMP Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator

Wider tilling width

This larger tiller is designed to make quick work of medium-sized gardens with medium to hard soil.

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2 Sun Joe TJ604E Review

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, the Sun Joe TJ604E is a larger electric tiller for medium-sized gardens. With a tilling width of 18 inches, it makes quick work of larger areas and needs fewer passes. However, unlike our best in class pick, this Sun Joe electric tiller doesn’t have adjustable tines, so is less useful for tight or awkward spaces.

It does have an adjustable wheel height which helps it traverse soft, medium and hard soil most efficiently. And like our top pick, the 13.5 Amp motor is sufficient for clay soil. Though if the ground has never been dug before, you may need to prep with a shovel to loosen the dirt.

For gardeners who need a good-sized tiller for a medium garden, the Sun Joe TJ604E is a great choice at a value price point.

Best budget
Earthwise TC70065

Earthwise TC70065 6.5-Amp 11-Inch Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator

Best for loose soil

The small motor and compact design make this mini tiller best for small areas of already-dug soil.

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3 Earthwise TC70065 Review

The smallest of our three picks in this category, the Earthwise TC70065 is a budget option for small gardens with already-dug ground. The 6.5 Amp motor can’t handle hard, compact soil, but is sufficient for turning loose soil and mixing compost ready for growing season.

With a tine width of 11 inches, this is the best tiller for small gardens or tight, narrow spaces that larger tillers can’t reach. The small design also makes this the most lightweight option at just 15lbs, which is easy enough to maneuver for most gardeners.

Although the Earthwise TC70065 probably isn’t powerful enough for hard ground, it’s a great option for small gardens and anyone needing a lightweight mini tiller.


Best Battery Powered Rototiller

key considerations
Cordless Tillers Reviews

Battery-powered tillers are less powerful than electric rototillers but are still sufficient for turning and preparing small gardens.

  • 80V Battery: The best cordless tillers have an output of 80V, which is powerful enough for medium to hard soil over small areas.
  • Compact size: Since they are less powerful, battery-powered tillers are smaller with a tiller width of 10 to 12 inches.
  • Run time: You’ll get around 20 to 40 minutes of consistent run time before you need to change the battery on a battery-powered rototiller.
  • Heavier weight: Since a cordless tiller has a battery mounted, they are heavier to carry, weighing up to 45lbs.

Best Battery Powered Rototiller Reviews of 2022

Greenworks Pro TL80L210

Greenworks Pro 10-Inch 80V Tiller TL80L210

Powerful & quick charging

The impressive 80V battery is powerful enough for hard soil and gives solid 40 minutes of run time.

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1 Greenworks Pro TL80L210 Review

Are you looking for a battery-powered rototiller that gives you more flexibility and portability? The Greenworks Pro TL80L210 is a good choice. The 80V battery gives up to 40 minutes of solid run time which is sufficient for most small to medium-sized gardens. Plus, the charger takes just 30 minutes to recharge the battery so having a spare to switch out will give you more time for larger gardens.

It has a tilling depth of 5 inches, which isn’t as deep as other tillers, but still sufficient for turning topsoil and mixing in compost. It’s also got a good compact design so is easy to drag around obstacles or tight spaces.

When it comes to the best cordless rototiller for prepping medium-sized plots, the Greenworks Pro TL80L210 is our top choice.

Best value


Best for most homes

This compact tiller is perfect for quick weed control in your garden or around the flowerbeds.

Check price on Amazon


If you prefer handheld tools rather than the bulkier walk-behind, check out the BLACK+DECKER LGC120 cordless tiller.

This compact tool is perfect for quick ground breaking, effective weed control, and effortless digging seed holes in your garden or yard. The cordless, handheld design ensures mobility and easy operation. Storing it is also a cinch since the tiller will take up minimal space in your shed.

Capable of cultivating up to 325 feet per charge and powered by a 20V-MAX battery, this cordless tiller could be the best choice for most homeowners.

Best budget
Greenworks 27062A

Greenworks 27062A 10-Inch 40V Cordless Cultivator

Budget cordless tiller

A compact, budget-friendly tiller that makes quick work of flowerbeds and small allotments.

Check price on Amazon

3 Greenworks 27062A Review

For gardeners on a tight budget, the Greenworks 27062A is an impressive cordless tiller. It is the smallest of our three picks with a 10-inch tilling width, but this can be further adjusted down to 8.25 inches which makes it a compact tool for small flowerbeds or tight spaces.

Like our best value pick, it supports a 40V battery (though it’s not included). And since Greenworks are known for their quick-charging batteries, you won’t have to wait long for it to charge up. If you already have any cordless Greenworks tools like their cordless drill or saw, the battery will be compatible.

Though this battery-powered tiller won’t live up to heavy-duty tilling or removal or thick weeds, it’s a reliable mini tiller for small gardens with loosened soil.


Best Front Tine Tiller

key considerations
Front Tine Tillers Reviews

Front tine gas-powered tillers are more powerful than electric tillers but lighter than rear tine tillers. This is why they’re often called mini tillers and so give a good middle option.

  • Adjustable tines: The best front tine tillers have 3 tine settings to get into tight, narrow spaces.
  • 4-cycle engine: Gas tillers come with gas-powered engines making them powerful enough for hard, compact soil.
  • Large wheels: Help to push the gas tiller through soft soil where they work best.
  • Drag bar: The best front tine tillers have a drag bar which slows it down and gives it more time to turn the soil thoroughly.

Best Front Tine Tiller Reviews of 2022

Earthquake 20015

Earthquake 20015 Viper Engine Versa Front Tine Tiller Cultivator

Tiller & Cultivator combo

The 99cc engine and dual functionality are designed for preparing and maintaining large allotments.

Check price on Amazon

1 Earthquake 20015 Review

If you have a large garden or allotment that has already been dug or loosened, a front tine tiller is for you. The Earthquake 20015 will easily turn soil and mix in compost, making quick work of large areas.

The outer tines detach without the need for tools, turning the heavy-duty tiller into a cultivator for lighter jobs. This makes the Earthquake 20015 versatile enough for prepping soil in the spring, maintaining rows during growing season, and cleaning up clumped soil and rocky terrain in the fall.

The bulky design and powerful 99cc engine make this tiller overkill for small gardens and flowerbeds. But if you have a large allotment you want to save time and energy maintaining year-round, the Earthquake 20015 is the best front tine rototiller for the job.

Best value
Mantis 7940

Mantis 7940 4-Cycle Gas Powered Front Tine Tiller

Impressively lightweight

The compact design of this gas-powered tiller makes it best suited to narrow rows and tight spaces.

Check price on Amazon

2 Mantis 7940 Review

If our best in class pick is too large for your needs, the Mantis 7940 is a more compact alternative. Weighing just 24lbs, it’s surprisingly light for a gas-powered tiller. But the 25cc engine is still powerful enough for large allotments and pre-dug gardens.

The smaller, compact design of this front tine tiller makes it better for maintaining narrow rows and growing beds and since it’s much lighter, it causes less fatigue. It also folds away for easy storage in small spaces.

Overall, if you’re an avid gardener looking for the power of a gas rototiller with the lightweight feel of an electric one, the Mantis 7940 is our pick.

Best budget
Earthquake 31635

Earthquake 31635 MC33 Mini Tiller Cultivator

Great for beginners

The three-handle design gives maximum control on different soil types, which is great for beginners to gas tillers.

Check price on Amazon

3 Earthquake 31635 Review

For the budget price point, the Earthquake 31635 is an impressive front tine tiller. The 33cc engine is sufficient enough for tough soil (as long as it’s pre-dug), and the chunky wheels are adjustable to give you the best depth depending on the soil type.

Perhaps the best feature of this mini tiller is the multi-handle design. It has three different handle heights for pushing it along, adding more pressure to drive the tines into the soil, and a low handle for easy carrying. This makes it a convenient tiller and easy to use for beginners.

If you’re in the market for a front tine tiller for your allotment but can’t afford a top-range model, the Earthquake 31635 is a great budget alternative.


Best Rear Tine Tiller

key considerations
Rear Tine Tillers Reviews

Though they are usually more expensive, rear tine tillers are the best tools for working hard, compact soil that a front tine tiller wouldn’t work on.

  • Rotation style: Rear tine tillers are available as counter, forward, and dual rotating. Dual rotating gives the most versatility.
  • Transmission: With forward and reverse speeds, you can easily back up and re-till areas.
  • 200CC Engine: Rear tine rototillers have high-powered gas engines for the toughest soil conditions.
  • Depth adjustments: The best rear tine tillers have depth adjustments for different types of soil, making them good for soft and hard soil.

Best Rear Tine Tiller Reviews of 2022


YARDMAX YT4565 208Cc Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

Best for large, uncultivated gardens

With dual rotation and a powerful engine, this rear tine tiller is built for preparing hard, uncultivated ground.

Check price on Amazon

1 YARDMAX YT4565 Review

If you have a large garden or allotment that has never been dug or cultivated, you’ll need a rear tine tiller to get the ground ready to use. The YARDMAX YT4565 is a heavy-duty gas-powered tiller with a 208cc engine and 18-inch tiller width designed for the most compact ground.

Though this gas tiller is large, it’s operated with one hand with a self-propelled drive system to easily traverse rocky soil. And with both forward and counter rotation, you can easily travel back over soil for the best results.

For gardeners looking for the best rear tine tiller for large, first-year gardens, the YARDMAX YT4565 is our top choice for you.

Best value
Earthquake 33970

EARTHQUAKE 33970 Victory Rear Tine Tiller

Powerful, more compact

The more compact design makes this rear tine tiller a good value option for hard ground or loose soil.

Check price on Amazon

2 Earthquake 33970 Review

The Earthquake 33970 is a slightly more compact rear tine tiller that gives good value for money. The powerful 212cc engine easily breaks up untilled ground and just like our best in class choice, it has self-propelling wheels for easy use.

The main difference between these two gas tillers is the grip. Unlike our other pick, the Earthquake 33970 has a single handlebar rather than two handles. This makes it more difficult to operate one-handed but gives a solid grip position to push over deep, loose soil.

If you’re looking for a good value rear tine tiller that can take on most terrains, the Earthquake 33970 is a quality option.


Best Garden Cultivator

key considerations
Tiller Cultivators Reviews

If you have a small garden that needs light prep work, a garden cultivator is a compact tool for weeding, turning loose soil, and mixing compost.

  • Cordless vs electric: Since tiller cultivators are best for light work, the best cultivators are cordless to give maximum flexibility.
  • Cultivating depth: Garden cultivators don’t go as deep as other tillers, with a maximum depth of around 6 inches.
  • Lightweight: Weighing around 10lbs, these are the lightest tools meaning less fatigue on small jobs.
  • Compact width: The tiller width is also small at around 6 to 8 inches. Making these perfect for tight spaces and between obstacles.

Best Garden Cultivator Reviews of 2022

Earthwise TC70020

Earthwise TC70020 20-Volt 7.5-Inch Cordless Electric Tiller Cultivator

Lightweight & cordless

Ultra-light design and decent battery life make this cultivator suited to light cultivating and weeding.

Check price on Amazon

1 Earthwise TC70020 Review

For pre-dug earth that needs some light prep work before planting, a rototiller cultivator is the best tool for the job. And when it comes to the best cordless cultivator, the Earthwise TC70020 is a highly rated choice.

The lightweight design and 20V battery make this tiller cultivator sufficient for light cultivating work on most size gardens. It’s also a good tool for weed control for flowerbeds and yards. Though it’s not powerful enough for removing thick weed coverage like a weed eater can.

All in all, if you’re looking for a lightweight, portable tool for light cultivating, removing small weeds, or preparing pre-dug flowerbeds, the Earthwise TC70020 is a reliable cultivator.

Best value
Black + Decker LGC120AM

BLACK+DECKER LGC120AM 20V MAX Garden Cultivator

Best for heavy weed coverage

The counter oscillating design of this cultivator was made to cut through weeds without getting tangled.

Check price on Amazon

2 Black + Decker LGC120AM Review

If your garden or flowerbeds have a lot of weed coverage, the Black + Decker LGC120AM is the best option. Whereas our best in class pick has the traditional forward-rotating tines, this cultivator has counter oscillating tines designed to stop weeds form becoming tangled.

The downside of this design is it doesn’t have wheels to help push it forward. Instead, it’s inserted into the ground and dragged which can be a tougher job. Even so, this Black + Decker cultivator has a reliable battery and can cover an impressive 325 square feet on a single charge.

Although this cultivator will only work well on pre-dug, loose soil, it’s a great tool for areas with a lot of weed coverage or large clumps to break up.

Best budget
Sun Joe TJ599E

Sun Joe TJ599E Aardvark 2.5-Amp Electric Garden Cultivator

Best corded cultivator

The small motor and compact design make this corded cultivator best suited to small gardens and flowerbeds.

Check price on Amazon

3 Sun Joe TJ599E Review

If you have a small garden or flowerbed and don’t want the hassle of charging a battery, the Sun Joe TJ599E is a well-priced corded cultivator for the job. The tines are 6 inches wide and deep which is the perfect depth for preparing pre-dug flowerbeds or breaking up clumped topsoil.

Since this is a corded cultivator, it gives unlimited run time for longer jobs and doesn’t require any oil or gas, making it an eco-friendlier option for small gardens.

Overall, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly cultivator for small jobs, the Sun Joe TJ599E is an affordable yet reliable option.


Best Pull-Behind Tiller

key considerations
Tow-Behind Tiller Reviews

For large gardens and hard soil, a tow-behind cultivator is a must. It takes away the back-breaking chore of pushing a rototiller and can get the job done in a fraction of the time.

  • Wide tine width: The best pull-behind tillers have a wide tilling wide of 40+ inches, meaning fewer passes are needed.
  • Adjustable depth control: Easily adjusts to different types of soil giving added versatility. Can also be disengaged to pull back to storage.
  • Rotating vs fixed tines: Rotating tines are better for churning soil whereas fixed are better for moving weeds and loosening hard soil.
  • Engine power: Some pull-behind cultivators are engine powered to give a better performance. Others are powered by the dragging force of the tractor.

Best Pull-Behind Tiller Reviews of 2022

Agri-Fab 45-0308

Agri-Fab 45-0308 Multi-Fit Univeral Tow Behind Tiller

Wide & forward rotating

An extra-wide tow-behind tiller with forward rotating tines designed for large, open gardens or fields.

Check price on Amazon

1 Agri-Fab 45-0308 Review

If you have a very large garden or plot of land as well as a tractor or riding lawn mower, a tow-behind tiller will save you a lot of time and energy. The Agri-Fab 45-0308 hooks up to the back of your tractor and tills the ground as you slowly ride along. This saves having to push a gas or electric tiller around for hours at a time.

The Agri-Fab 45-0308 6 forward rotating tines that penetrate the earth up to 5.5 inches. But it features an adjustable height to customize to loose or hard soil. This pull-behind tiller also has a wide 32-inch tilling width meaning fewer passes over large areas.

For homeowners and farmers alike, the high-quality design and wide tilling width make the Agri-Fab 45-0308 the best tow-behind tiller for large plots of land.

Best value
Field Tuff ATV-470

Field Tuff ATV-470 48″ Tow-Behind Cultivator

Good for professionals

The fixed shanks and removable shovel heads give a deep tilling motion for hard ground.

Check price on Amazon

2 Field Tuff ATV-470 Review

If you’re looking for something even larger than our best in class pick, the ATV 470 offers 48 inches of tilling width for the largest plots of land. However, unlike our first pick, this pull-behind tiller features 7 fixed shanks with removable shovel heads, rather than rotating tines. This gives a deeper till and turns over soil more thoroughly.

The ATV-470 is designed for ATVs or UTVs larger than 500cc, which makes this tow-behind cultivator best for professional use in large gardens or fields.

Best budget
Brinly CC-56BH

Brinly CC-56BH 40-Inch Sleeve Hitch Adjustable Tow Behind Cultivator

Best for loose soil

The adjustable width and fixed tines make this a decent pull-behind cultivator for loose soil and between rows.

Check price on Amazon

3 Brinly CC-56BH Review

For long rows of newly planted crops or freshly dug earth, the Brinly CC-56BH is a well-designed tow-behind tiller. The fixed, curved tines gently turn the soil and mix in compost much more quickly and easily than a push cultivator. It can also be weighted down to give a deeper result.

The V-shape design also gives an adjustable width from 18 to 40 inches, allowing you to easily get in between narrow rows without causing damage to plants.

Although this pull-behind cultivator isn’t designed for hard, unworked soil, it’s a good way to save time and energy when working between long rows or on large gardens.


Best Hand Tiller

key considerations
Hand Cultivators Reviews

If you want to break up already loose soil or remove weeds from your flowerbeds, a garden hand cultivator is a good tool. Manual tillers are more effort than electric tillers, so are best for light jobs.

  • Detachable tines: For easy replacement and cleaning when the soil gets clumped.
  • Durable steel tines: Tough enough for soft to medium soil but won’t rust.
  • Twist vs disc: Twist tillers allow you to drive the tines further into the soil for better turning and mixing.
  • Footplate: The best hand tillers have an added footplate to help drive the tines into medium-hard soil without overstraining.

Best Hand Tiller Reviews of 2022

Garden Weasel 90206

Garden Weasel 90206 54.5” Manual Tiller

Best rotating hand tiller

The extra-long handle and detachable tines make this an easy-to-use hand tiller for small jobs.

Check price on Amazon

1 Garden Weasel 90206 Review

If you have a small garden and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a gas or electric tiller, a hand tiller is an affordable alternative. Although they do take more effort, a garden hand cultivator is a useful tool for small jobs.

The extra-long handle makes small cultivating jobs less strenuous on your back. And the carbon steel rotating tines are designed to detach to make getting in between tight spots much easier. The only drawback is the lack of footplate to help drive the tiller into the soil.

Overall, if you’re looking for a solid manual tiller that’s easy to use on soft, loose soil, the Garden Weasel 90206 is a popular choice for gardeners.

Best value
Yard Butler ITNT-4

Yard Butler ITNT-4 Twist Heavy Duty Manual Claw Weeder

Best for weeding & breaking clumps

The T-bar and claw spikes are designed to easily remove weeds and break up topsoil.

Check price on Amazon

2 Yard Butler ITNT-4 Review

Unlike our best in class pick, the Yard Butler ITNT-4 has fixed claw spikes which are driven into the soil and twisted to cultivate, aerate, and mix in compost as needed. The solid steel design means this is a tool that will stand up to regular use and the T-bar makes twisting the tool into the soil much easier.

Although this hand tiller isn’t suited for tilling vegetable patches or even small gardens, it is a great tool for removing weeds, breaking up clumps of soil, and aerating the topsoil. Though it doesn’t aerate as well as an aerator does.

At a great value price, the Yard Butler ITNT-4 is a great tiller for small jobs around the garden and can easily be used by most gardeners.

Best budget
Corona LG 3634

Corona LG 3634 DiscCULTIVATOR Garden Disc Cultivator

Rotating tines, added footplate

A quality hand tiller for light tilling and cultivating with an added footplate to bust through tough spots.

Check price on Amazon

3 Corona LG 3634 Review

The Corona LG 3634 shares many of the same features as our best in class hand cultivator. It features steel rotating tines for light tilling work, and the extra-long handle means less strain on your back during jobs.

Where this one differs is the added footplate for better control on tough patches. When you hit a weed or rocky patch during tilling, you can drive your foot onto the footplate to help break through. This is a great added feature for the budget price point.

Tiller Buying Guide

all your tiller questions answered

What is a tiller?

A tiller is a gardening tool used to break up hard, compact soil. Tilling loosens soil, turns the earth, removes weeds, and mixes in compost so the soil is ready for planting.

How to use a tiller

Before starting up a tiller, make sure any large stones or other obstacles are removed from your path. Some less powerful tillers will also require the ground to be dug if it’s the first season.

When tilling, you don’t want to go too deep on the first pass. If the ground is hard, go over it lightly once, and then come back over it again in the opposite direction for the best results. Some tillers come with a depth regulator to ensure you don’t push into the soil too deeply.

Self-propelling tillers will push themselves forward, saving you some energy. Either way, all you need to do is slowly push the tiller forward or pull it back over the soil to get the desired effect.

What are the different types of tillers?

The size of your garden and type of soil you have will determine the best type of tiller for you:

  • Electric tillermain powered, you get unlimited run time but are limited by the cord. Good for small to medium gardens if you have a decent extension cable.
  • Cordless tiller – gives you more flexibility but has a limited run time of around 40 minutes. Best for small gardens or where there is no mains power access.
  • Front tine tiller – a more powerful tool for soft and medium soil. These are gas powered so are louder but easier to use on tough soil.
  • Rear tine tiller – more powerful than a front tine but also more expensive. These are for the most compact ground.
  • Tiller cultivator – the least powerful type of tiller, these are best for already-dug soil and flowerbeds that need turning before growing season.
  • Tow-behind tiller – (also known as pull-behind tillers) can be hooked up to a tractor or ATV to avoid the strenuous task of pushing or pulling a tiller by hand. This works similar as with tow behind dump carts. Best for large, open spaces.
  • Hand tiller – a manual tool best used for small jobs such as turning small flowerbeds or removing small patches of weeds.

Tiller vs cultivator: what’s the difference?

Tiller and cultivator are two terms that are often used interchangeably. You can even get a tiller cultivator, as mentioned above. However, the key difference is that cultivators are less powerful than tillers.

Cultivators are best for using on existing planting areas where the soil is already dug. They can turn the loose soil, mix in compost and can remove small weeds.

On the other hand, rear tine tillers and tow-behind tillers are heavy-duty tools used to break through compact, hard soil that has never been dug. Tillers can loosen hard soil, remove deep-rooted weeds, and easily mix in compost.

Best rototiller brands

Wondering which brands offer the best tillers? Here are some of the most popular tiller brands on the market:

  • Greenworks tillers: a good quality range of cordless tillers for small to medium-sized gardens. Greenworks offers a range of price points for all budgets but even the top range models aren’t overly expensive for the quality. If you’re a novice gardener, Greenworks is a good brand to research.
  • Tacklife tillers: are a mid-range option for small gardens. Tacklife are best known for their electric tillers which are well-made. However, being tethered by a cord makes them less useful for large gardens.
  • Sun Joe tillers: are a budget range for infrequent, light tilling work. Sun Joe offers both cultivators and tillers and although they’re not the best quality, they’re sufficient for small jobs and a good brand for anyone on a tight budget.
  • Earthwise tillers: are one of the most popular options on the market. Earthwise is a good quality, affordable brand that many gardeners like. Earthwise is most known for electric tillers but also has a good range of cultivators for light gardening.
  • Earthquake tillers: are heavy-duty tillers for large gardens and breaking tough ground. Earthquake is a well-known brand for their rugged garden power tools. If you’re looking for a gas tiller and want a reliable brand, Earthquake is a great option.
  • Yardmax tillers: are another popular choice when it comes to rear tine tillers in particular. Yardmax is an alternative brand to Earthquake that makes heavy-duty tools for professionals and those with large gardens to till.

Some other decent tiller brands to keep in mind when shopping for the best option are Mantis, Black + Decker, ATV, and Agri-Fab.

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