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Best Manual Pole Saws of 2022

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Best Manual Pole Saw Reviews of 2022

Best in class
Notch 40207

Notch 40207 Pole Saw Set

Best manual pole saw for landscapers

Interlocking fiberglass poles reach up to 18 feet and make it easy to pull down even the highest loose limbs.

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1 Notch 40207 Review

Do you have tall trees or shrubs? The Notch 40207 is the best manual pole saw you can find. Boasting three interlocking fiberglass poles, it allows you to reach up to 18 feet high for easier trimming of your hedges or trees.

Suitable for cutting thicker limbs, it also boasts a 15-inch blade with a fast pull-cutting tooth design. All that you need to cut 5-inch branches in under five minutes.

We particularly like this saw’s lightweight and balanced design. Handling it is a cinch, and so is maintaining it thanks to the rust-resistant construction. Perfect for even the toughest trimming applications, this manual pole saw is the finest on the market.

Best value
Fiskars 92406935K

Fiskars 92406935K 7.9-12 Foot Extendable Tree Pruning Stik Pruner

Best 2-in-1 tree pruner pole saw

A telescopic pole saw and tree pruner designed with residential users in mind.

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2 Fiskars 92406935K Review

If you want to combine the benefits of a tree pruner with those of a manual pole saw, check out the Fiskars 92406935K. Coming with two attachments – a pole saw and a pruner – it can handle anything, from the necessary trimming of affected limbs to spring or fall pruning.

Like our best in class, it features a telescopic pole that makes it easy to perform both low and high cuts without losing control.

In other words, you can easily cut high branches without the dangers of using a ladder, and can even forget about sore knees when trimming or cutting those small decorative shrubs.

Its greatest highlight is the rope-free design that lets you use both hands to maximize operation accuracy and power. Furthermore, the cutting head rotates to 230-degrees, so you can even prune at tough angles.

While not as long as the Silky, it can still reach up to 12 feet – more than enough for most yards or orchard trees.

Also great
DocaPole 12’

DocaPole 5-12 Foot Pruning Saw Telescopic Tree Pruner Pole

Best pole and handheld saw

An innovative pole saw that’s super-easy to turn into a convenient handheld saw.

Check price on Amazon

3 DocaPole 12’ Review

All-round landscape care requires a lot of tools, such as pole saws as well as handheld saws developed to help you cut tree limbs, shrub branches, vines, and other vegetal materials. To address most of these needs, DocaPole came up with this innovative, 2-in-1 design.

While it doesn’t consist of a tree pruner and saw as our best value, this pole saw’s highlight is that you can turn it into a handheld saw quickly and easily. A design that makes it perfect for pruning high, pruning low, and even grooming.

Like our other options, it comes with a lightweight, telescopic pole. Various sizes make it perfect for most types of trees, eliminating the need to use a ladder even if you have to prune or trim tall palm trees or evergreens.

We also like its razor-sharp bi-directional cut that’s equally easy to use by hand or on the mount. Not to mention that it has a really attractive price tag.

Best budget

SANDEGOO 7.5 FT Pole Saw

Best budget manual pole saw

Three-sided sharpened edge and double-sided barb design make it perfect for most applications.

Check price on Amazon

4 SANDEGOO 7.5’ Review

The SANDEGOO 7.5’ is one of the best manual pole saws for homeowners on a budget. But don’t let its price fool you. Just because it’s inexpensive, it doesn’t mean that it’s poor quality.

On the contrary. This manual pole saw is made to stand out. Like the DocaPole, it impresses with a dual design. You can use it as a pole saw for high pruning or handheld saw for low limb trimming. Two sizes – 7.5 feet and 10 feet – make it easy to pick the most suitable for your needs.

It doesn’t reach the same heights as the other pole saws on this list, but it’s still long enough to satisfy most homeowners.

Easy to handle and multifunctional, it also impresses with a razor-sharp blade with three-sided sharpened edge. Pruning and trimming limbs is a breeze, while the double-sided barb design allows you to make precise incisions if needed.

The pole is made from stainless steel – a bit heavier than aluminum, but incredibly resistant. Sharp and inexpensive, it brings great performance at a price that won’t break the bank.

What is a manual pole saw?

A manual pole saw is a tree trimming tool consisting of a saw attached to the end of a long pole. This tool allows you to trim or prune tree limbs without the need for a ladder. Typically, a manual pole saw is perfect for small gardens with few trees, whereas a powered pole saw is a better option for larger gardens with lots of trees.

Pole saw vs. tree pruner. Is there a difference?

When talking about tree trimming or pruning, most people use the terms pole saw and tree pruner interchangeably. However, as any gardener or landscaper might tell you, they designate two different tools.

  • Pole saws: Are the tools described above, and are typically used for trimming the affected limbs off your trees or shrubs. This operation can be carried out in any season, as soon as you see an unhealthy or broken branch. Pole saws are also used for pruning thick branches.
  • Tree pruners: Are inspired by the pruning shears rather than the saws. This tool is used for pruning thinner limbs in early spring or fall, but are not suitable for trimming. Unlike saws, tree pruners provide cleaner cuts, allowing the tree limbs to heal faster after cutting. Some of the best manual pole saws allow you to replace the saw blade with a pruner, so you can prune both thinner and thicker branches with the same tool.

Manual vs. electric tree pruner. Which one should you get?

While manual tree pruners require you to use your force to cut the tree limbs, electric tree pruners are more similar to the electric chainsaws, cutting even through the thicker limbs effortlessly.

Whether you need a manual or electric tree pruner is often a matter of work volume.

If you have a small garden with few trees, a manual tree pruner should suffice. However, if the trees are old and have very thick limbs, an electric tree pruner can help you trim them faster. An electric tree pruner is also a better choice if you have a large garden with a lot of trees.

How to use a manual pole saw for tree trimming?

Trimming some branches with a manual pole saw isn’t complicated. If you’ve never used such a tool before, follow the quick steps below:

  1. Clear the area below the branch of all trip hazards, including fallen branches or slippery material, and take note of all fixed obstacles, such as exposed roots. This preliminary step will help you acknowledge the area so that you can move quickly around it.
  2. If possible, measure the distance from your height to the branch you want to cut. Make sure the telescopic tree pruner can reach the branch without the need for a ladder.
  3. With both hands, bring the pole to a vertical position, then wait until it balances. Once you’ve gained control of its weight, position the saw on the limb you want to cut.
  4. Without letting go of the tool, move to a spot where you can position its end at your chest level. At this stage, your pole saw must be positioned at an angle between you and the tree limb, rather than vertical.
  5. Start making the first strokes slowly, keeping the pole saw perpendicular to the branch. This step will help you make a groove into the branch so that you can continue cutting faster.
  6. Once the saw is secured into the groove, increase your cutting speed. Make sure to keep an eye on the branch constantly, so you can safely retreat before it falls to the ground. Clean the area and continue trimming any other branches, following the same steps.

Best tree trimming tools – which ones should you have in your shed?

Manual pole saws are essential tree trimming tools, but not the only ones. For a job done right, you should also have a variety of other tools, such as:

  • Electric chainsaw: An electric chainsaw comes in handy when you have to cut lower but thicker branches. Some chainsaws can even be mounted on a pole, replacing the manual saw. In this way, they can transform your manual pole saw into a powered pole saw quickly and easily. Electric chainsaws are usually ideal for thick branches, with a diameter larger than 5-7 inches.
  • Tree looper: This manual tool is nothing but a pruner with long handles. They can usually handle branches with a diameter of about 2 inches, while the long handles give you leverage.
  • Pruning shears: Similar to the looper but with short handles, the pruning shears are ideal for trimming low, thin branches with a diameter of 2 inches or less. Some pruners are also compatible for use with poles, so you can prune higher branches without the need for a ladder.
  • Chipper shredder: While not directly involved in limb trimming, a chipper shredder allows you to get rid of the branches without actually wasting them. Indeed, this tool turns all cut limbs into valuable wood-chip mulch.

Features to look for in manual pole saws

Unless you’re a landscaper, finding the best manual pole saw from the variety of tools on the market can be hard. These are a few important features you should check before buying, to make sure the tool you get is worth your money.

  • Weight: Unlike powered pole saws that can do all the cutting on their own, manual pole saws require you to hold, balance, and actually use them to trim or prune tree limbs. For this reason, you should get a lightweight pole saw. Ideally, it should come with an aluminum shaft, and it shouldn’t weigh more than 6 pounds.
  • Versatility: Depending on your needs, you can get a simple pole saw, or a two-in-one tool that turns into a pole tree pruner or handheld saw.
  • Reach: A thing to keep in mind when controlling the pole reach is that most manufacturers include the reach of your arm when expressing the range of their tools. In other words, when you buy a pole saw with a reach of 10 feet, it’s 10 feet including your arm’s length. That’s something to keep in mind if you have really tall trees.
  • Telescopic pole: While most pole saws come with telescopic poles, don’t take it for granted. Some have fixes poles, that will make it hard to trim or prune at different heights, and especially difficult to cut lower limbs.
  • Saw blade: Another thing that’s essential to check is the saw blade. The best pole saws come with steel blades that are long enough to allow you to cut branches of at least 5 inches in diameter. The blade should also be treated with anti-corrosive and anti-rust agents, or you might have to change your pole saw season after season.

Best Manual Pole Saw for the Money

Best value
Fiskars 92406935K

Fiskars 92406935K 7.9-12 Foot Extendable Tree Pruning Stik Pruner

Best 2-in-1 tree pruner pole saw

A telescopic pole saw and tree pruner designed with residential users in mind.

Check price on Amazon

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