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Best Garden Hose

Best Garden Hoses of 2022

Need the best expandable, rubber, metal, retractable, soaker, or coiled hose? We’ve reviewed 9 types and 27 of the best garden hoses, nozzles & hose reels for you below.

All 27 Garden Hoses We Recommend


Best Expandable Garden Hoses

One of the most innovative garden hoses on the market, the expandable hose is an excellent option if you have a larger plot but limited storage space. Stretching up to three times its restricted length, the expandable hose is an ideal replacement for the heavier rubber or metal hose.

Best garden hose for: Gardeners who need a lightweight hose


Best Rubber Garden Hoses

More resistant than the expandable hose, the rubber garden hose resists extreme temperatures and doesn’t get too stiff in winter or too soft in summer. It is also more resistant to punctures and ideal for gardening in all seasons or washing down equipment.

Best garden hose for: Extreme temperatures, janitorial tasks


Best Metal Garden Hoses

The metal garden hose is designed to resist almost everything, from extreme temperatures to punctures. It rarely kinks and will often last for a lifetime. However, due to the smaller diameter compared to the other types of hoses, it delivers a weaker water flow.

Best garden hose for: Light-duty watering tasks, cleaning


Best Hose Reels

A garden hose reel is an essential asset if you want to keep your hose neat and organized. Rolling it on a reel will not only protect it from mud and stains; it will also prolong the hose’s lifespan and add aesthetic value to your garden.

Best for: Lighter hoses


Best Hose Reel Carts

A hose reel cart makes it easier to pull a heavy garden hose around your property. The main difference between hose reels carts and hose reels is that the former feature wheels and a push or pull handle, ensuring easy mobility.

Best for: Long and heavy hoses, elderly or impaired gardeners


Best Retractable Garden Hoses

Designed to be mounted on a wall, retractable garden hoses help you minimize work. The reel winds back automatically when you lose the grip on the hose, so you won’t have to wind it yourself. Due to the compacter size of the reel, these garden hoses aren’t very long and more suitable for smaller gardens, patios and balconies.

Best garden hose for: Balconies, patios and small gardens


Best Coiled Garden Hoses

A type of expandable garden hose, the coiled garden hose looks like a spring that stretches as you pull it and then recoils into a tighter size when not in use. However, they are harder to stretch than the expandable hoses and more suitable for smaller gardens.

Best garden hose for: Small gardens, patios, terraces


Best Soaker Hoses

If you have a vegetable garden, an orchard, or want a cheap irrigation solution for your lawn, a soaker hose is your best bet. This type of hose drips water along its length, making it easy to water a row of plants or flowerbeds.

Best garden hose for: Irrigation


Best Hose Nozzles

Hose nozzles allow you to increase the power of the water jet and use the garden hose for a wider range of purposes. They come either as interchangeable attachments or multi-purpose heads.

Best for: Janitorial duties, watering, cleaning surfaces and equipment


Best Expandable Hose

key considerations
Expandable Garden Hoses Reviews

An expandable garden hose can make your life easier due to its lighter design. They are also more compact when not in use, therefore easier to store.

  • Hose length: The most important feature to check out when buying an expandable hose is its length, to determine if the hose you want can expand to the size you need. The length on the package usually refers to the maximum size the hose expands to.
  • Durability: Expandable hoses are usually made from thinner materials capable of stretching, and that makes them more prone to punctures. You should check both the material of the core and the density of the outer layer – a triple layer latex core and high-density shell deliver higher durability.
  • Water pressure: These hoses work best if you have high water pressure, as they need good pressure to expand at full length.
  • Hose storage: Where will you store the hose? Do you have an enclosed space to keep it when not in use? UV light and extreme temperatures can damage this type of hose.

Best Expandable Hose Reviews of 2022

Flexi Hose

Flexi Hose 75 ft. Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose

Best expandable garden hose

Made from ultra-flexible materials, it is incredibly easy to maneuver around the garden.

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1 Flexi Hose Review

The Flexi Hose is undeniably the best expandable garden hose to buy for a mid-size to large garden. Available in three length options between 50 and 100 feet, it impresses with its outstanding flexibility. Not only can you bend it easily, but you can also maneuver it effortlessly around flowerbeds and other obstacles.

Another striking highlight is the fact that it stays wonderfully straight. You won’t have to bother with knots nor spend ages to untangle the pipe before use.

Quality materials also guarantee durability. The hose features a double latex core and comes with resistant brass fittings. Withstanding water pressure up to 12 bars and temperatures up to 113°F, it is the best expandable hose for gardening, landscaping, and cleaning.

Best value
Gardguard 50ft

Gardguard 50ft Expandable Garden Hose with 9 Function Nozzle

Excellent value for money

Nine nozzle patterns give you plenty of spraying options for seamless watering or cleaning.

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2 Gardguard 50ft Review

The Gardguard 50ft may be slightly more prone to tangling than our best in class, but it comes at a fraction of the price and is equally durable. Like the Flexi Hose, this expandable garden hose come in three sizes, including a shorter 25-foot version which is ideal for smaller yards and gardens.

Outstanding expandability allows the 17-foot hose to expand up to 50 feet; in other words, it packs very compactly for storage and transport.

We also like its versatile nozzle. Nine functional patterns makes it more versatile than most garden hose nozzles around. Durability is delivered by high-quality brass fittings and a double-layer latex core.

Suitable to use with water pressure between three and 12 bars, and withstanding temperatures between 41°C and 113°F, the Guardsoft 50ft is one of the best expandable garden hoses for the money.

Best budget
Amayrose Garden Hose

Amayrose Expandable Water Hose with 9 Function Spray Nozzle

Best for low budgets

This affordable garden hose comes complete with a 9-function hose nozzle suitable for multipurpose use.

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3 Amayrose Garden Hose Review

If you don’t need an excessively long hose, the Amayrose could be the best garden hose for you. Expanding up to three times its original length, it comes in either 25-feet or 50-feet variants.

Quality materials guarantee not only its durability but also its suitability for multipurpose use. Similar to the best in class, it boasts a double latex core and heavy-duty fabric shell that provides resistance to punctures.

The pressure and temperature resistance are also optimal, making the hose perfect for gardening as well as cleaning. We also like the high-quality rotating nozzle with pistol grip design. Cheap and versatile, it is an excellent choice for users on a budget.


Best Rubber Garden Hose

key considerations
Rubber Garden Hoses Reviews

Rubber hoses rarely contain plastic materials; they are resistant and environmentally friendly, but heavy and often more expensive than other hose types.

  • Rubber vs. vinyl: Rubber and vinyl hoses have similar looks but different properties. The latter is lighter, flexible, and more affordable, but less durable and may kink or tangle. Rubber hoses are heavier and more expensive but will last longer and will rarely kink, tangle, split or burst.
  • Hose fittings: Rubber hoses may have either brass or plastic fittings. Brass couplings are resistant but harder to tighten than plastic ones. Plastic fittings are easier to attach to the water source but are more prone to cracking.
  • Drinking water safe: Made from a natural material, rubber garden hoses can be used if you want to create a drinking water point away from the main pipe. If this is important to you, check if the hose is safe to use for drinking water – most manufacturers typically specify it on the package.
  • Flexibility: From all garden hoses, the rubber ones are perhaps the least flexible. If you don’t want to struggle too much, make sure it is flexible enough for easy storage.

Best Rubber Garden Hose Reviews of 2022

Briggs and Stratton 8BS100

Briggs and Stratton 8BS100 100-Foot Premium Heavy-Duty Rubber Garden Hose

Best heavy-duty garden hose

Boasting a 100% rubber cover over a latex core, this garden hose is built to resist the heaviest duty use.

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1 Briggs and Stratton 8BS100 Review

This rubber garden hose from Briggs and Stratton is an excellent choice for heavy-duty gardening, professional landscaping, and industrial facilities. Designed to withstand whatever you’re throwing at it, it is virtually unbreakable.

Its greatest highlight is the 100% rubber cover that retains its flexibility in all kinds of weather. At the same time, the hose also stands up being repeatedly dragged over rough surfaces, including asphalt.

Genuine rubber o-rings and solid brass fittings also ensure a leak-free experience. This hose resists water temperatures up to 200°F and comes in four sizes, between 25 and 100 feet, so finding the right length for your needs should be easy.

Best value
Flexzilla HFZG575YW

Flexzilla HFZG575YW Drinking Water Safe Garden Hose

An all-weather wonder

Memory resistant materials prevent coiling and make it easier to maneuver.

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2 Flexzilla HFZG575YW Review

Suitable to use in all kinds of weather, this rubber garden hose from Flexzilla is your best bet if you need a tough, tear-resistant hose to use in cold climate regions. Indeed, the material retains its flexibility even when the temperatures drop below -40°F, a feature rarely seen in garden hoses.

Besides its outstanding weather resistance, it also impresses with the tough material that resists the memory effect. Thanks to this feature, the hose doesn’t tend to recoil when you stretch it.

The couplings are made from aircraft-grade aluminum. They aren’t as strong as brass, but definitely stronger than plastic. Furthermore, they resist corrosion and rust and come with rubber o-rings that prevent leaking.

We also like that it comes in really short sizes, including 3-foot and 5-foot variants. No doubt, a superb choice for gardening and general use around the house.

Best budget
Giraffe Garden Hose

Giraffe Lightweight Hybrid 5/8 in. Garden Water Hose

Ideal for light-duty use

Male and female swivel grip ends ensure easy connection to spigot and hose attachments.

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3 Giraffe Garden Hose Review

The Giraffe garden hose may not be as durable as the Briggs and Stratton, but it comes at a price that won’t break the bank and provides dependable residential use. Its greatest strength is the swivel grip design that makes it very easy to connect to both spigot and a hose nozzle.

Similar to the Flexzilla, it resists temperatures between -40°F and 150°F, so it is more than suitable to use in all kinds of weather. The brass fittings are also durable, while the black rubber shell also resists dirt.

We also like the flexibility of this hose; indeed, the Giraffe is easy to coil and store. Memory resistance isn’t outstanding, but that’s a small price to pay if you need a budget-friendly option. The hose comes in various lengths between 2.5 and 100 feet and is recommended to use with residential water pressure.


Best Stainless Steel Garden Hose

key considerations
Metal Garden Hoses Reviews

Ideal to use in colder climates, metal garden hoses handle low temperatures very well while remaining flexible and durable. They are more expensive than rubber hoses but have excellent resistance to kinks.

  • Weight: Metal garden hoses weigh 2-3 pounds more than an expandable hose on average. If mobility is important to you, consider the hose’s weight before buying.
  • Maneuvering: Stainless steel garden hoses are made from interlocking steel pieces that guarantee both flexibility and strength. However, flexibility may greatly vary from one metal hose to another.
  • Hose diameter: Metal hoses typically have a smaller diameter than their rubber or expandable counterparts, so it is less than ideal for heavy-duty watering.
  • Water quality: Even the most premium steel is subject to rust and corrosion. If you live in an area with hard or salty water, perhaps you should consider another type of hose.

Best Stainless Steel Garden Hose Reviews of 2022

Bionic Steel PRO

Bionic Steel PRO Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose

Best for commercial use

One of the lightest but toughest garden hoses on the market, it withstands heavy-duty commercial use.

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1 Bionic Steel PRO Review

Whether you need a hose for your cleaning or landscaping business or one for heavy-duty gardening, the Bionic Steel PRO can fit the bill. Slimmer than rubber hoses and more durable than expandable ones, it impresses with a 5/8-inch diameter that delivers a powerful flow.

Up to anything you’re throwing at it, this hose also withstands pressure up to 500 PSI as well as extreme temperatures.

Its main advantage is that it doesn’t expand or retract when exposed to hot or cold, a feature that boosts its durability. The stainless steel outer layer is very flexible, ensuring easy coiling and maneuverability. The kink-free hose comes with brass fittings, is super-lightweight, and available in various lengths. No doubt, an excellent choice for commercial purposes.

Best value

SPECILITE Heavy Duty Outdoor 304 Stainless Steel Garden Hose

Hose and nozzle combo

Optimal length and included hose nozzle make this hose perfect for a variety of residential tasks.

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2 SPECILITE Steel Review

The SPECILITE garden hose may not be as lightweight as the Bionic Steel PRO, but brings true value for money. It is still lighter than a rubber hose and comes with all you need for seamless watering or performing cleaning tasks around your home.

The hose is made from 304 stainless steel, a material that resists rust and corrosion. It is flexible but hard to knot and comes with a multipurpose, 10-pattern spray nozzle.

Perfect for many applications, the nozzle includes soaker and mist patterns suitable for gardening, a jet pattern for quick removal of dirt and grime from surfaces, as well as a multipurpose shower pattern. Affordable for what it offers and durable, this is undeniably one of the best metal garden hoses on the market.

Best budget
Bionic Steel 50 Foot

Bionic Steel 50 Foot Garden Hose 304 Stainless Steel Metal Water Hose

Ultra-durable yet affordable

Swivel grip ends make it very easy to connect the hose to the spigot as well as a hose nozzle.

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3 Bionic Steel 50 Foot Review

The Bionic Steel 50 Foot is the residential version of our best in class. Coming from the same brand, this stainless steel garden hose boasts both resistance and durability. As you can expect, it’s made from high-quality stainless steel that withstands rust, corrosion, and extreme temperatures.

One of the main differences between the PRO and the budget version is the use of aluminum fittings on this model instead of the brass couplers seen on the PRO. They are still durable but not as heavy-duty as brass.

That said, you can still expect the hose to withstand pressure of up to 500 PSI, as well as intensive use. Compatible with all standard garden hose nozzles and delivering seamless operation, this hose is an excellent choice for users on a budget.


Best Garden Hose Reel

key considerations
Hose Reels Reviews

Garden hose reels give you the possibility to store the hose neatly and prevent kinks. A variety of models makes it easy to find both utilitarian and decorative options.

  • Reel type: Do you need a utilitarian reel to fix on a wall next to your vegetable garden, a decorative wrought iron model for your backyard, or perhaps one enclosed in a resin or wooden cabinet?
  • Material: Hose reels can be made of steel, iron, or plastic materials. Steel and iron deliver outstanding resistance but are more expensive and subject to rust and corrosion. Plastic hose reels are cheaper but have shorter lifespans.
  • Hose width: Before buying, make sure the reel width matches the width of the hose, or you may have a hard time winding it properly.
  • Winding mechanism: Some hose reels have a lever you can use to wind the hose manually after use, while others have automatic winding mechanisms. The latter could save you time and hassle if you have a very long hose.

Best Garden Hose Reel Reviews of 2022

Liberty Garden 707

Liberty Garden 707 Decorative Wall Mount Garden Guide Hose Reel

Both utilitarian and decorative

Ideal for long hoses, it impresses with its performance combined with excellent aesthetic value.

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1 Liberty Garden 707 Review

The Liberty Garden 707 is the best garden hose reel for those who want to keep their hose organized while boosting the aesthetics of their garden. Boasting decorative appeal, this reel is made from cast aluminum powder coated with a bronze finish.

Its wall-mounted design makes it perfect for gardens of all sizes. In terms of capacity, it can hold up to 125 feet of rubber garden hose, while an easy operation is ensured by a convenient hose guide.

Operation is manual, but coiling the pipe is quick and effortless. Furthermore, we like the beautiful shelf on top of the reel that gives you the perfect storage space for hose nozzles and other accessories.

This hose reel doesn’t come with the mounting hardware, but the necessary items are readily available in all home improvement stores. That said, the reel is sturdy, it resists rust and corrosion, and looks beautiful. Ideal for most gardens and yards.

Best value
Liberty Garden 712

Liberty Garden 712 Single Arm Navigator Multi-Directional Garden Hose Reel

Great value for money

This multi-directional reel makes it easier to pull the garden hose in the desired direction.

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2 Liberty Garden 712 Review

From the same brand as our best in class, the Liberty Garden 712 brings true value for money to those who use their garden hose frequently. It is a bit simpler from an aesthetic point of view, but its industrial-inspired lines still look good in most yards.

Like the 707 model, this garden reel hose presents a wall-mounted design and can hold up to 125 feet of rubber hose. Its greatest highlight is the directional head that swivels from one side to the other. Thanks to this feature, it is a lot easier to pull the hose in the desired direction.

The reel doesn’t have a hose guide, but coiling the pipe back onto the reel isn’t complicated. And while you won’t get a fancy shelf, the reel still has a useful basket for accessories.

Best budget
Suncast Hose Hideaway

Suncast CPLSMW200 Resin Hose Hideaway with Hose Guide

A freestanding alternative

Its high capacity and freestanding design make it an attractive solution when wall mounting is not possible.

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3 Suncast Hose Hideaway Review

The Suncast Hose Hideaway doesn’t have the aesthetic value provided by Liberty Garden but is an excellent choice for homeowners on a budget or in situations when wall mounting is not possible. Made from resin, it has a neutral yet durable design, with colors that won’t fade over time.

Its greatest advantage compared to the other hose reels we reviewed is its outstanding capacity. Indeed, this reel can hold up to 225 feet of hose and is perfect for larger properties.

Like the Liberty Garden 707, it comes with a guide that makes it easier to wind the hose back on the reel after you’ve finished your chores. The reel also comes with a leader hose and is resistant – all you need if you need a durable hose reel but don’t want to break the bank.


Best Hose Reel Cart

key considerations
Hose Reel Carts Reviews

A type of garden hose reel, the hose reel cart is a perfect choice for those who need mobility. Some also have a basket that help you keep the nozzles and other accessories organized.

  • Portability: Most people buy a hose reel cart because it is portable, but not all carts were created equal. Make sure the one you want comes with an ergonomic handle and is balanced enough to pull or push with ease.
  • Hose reel cart type: How large is your yard or garden, and how heavy is the hose? You can pick from walk-behind or tow-behind models you can attach to a lawn tractor in a way similar to a garden cart.
  • Number of wheels: For smaller properties, a two-wheel hose reel cart is more compact and easier to maneuver. However, a four-wheel model is easier to push or pull when holding a long, heavy hose.
  • Pneumatic wheels: The best garden hose reel carts have all-terrain pneumatic wheels that provide better stability and maneuverability.

Best Hose Reel Cart Reviews of 2022

Eley 1043

Eley 1043 Portable Garden Hose Reel Cart

Best two-wheel hose reel cart

A sturdy yet lightweight construction makes it very easy to pull around your garden.

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1 Eley 1043 Review

If you need mobility but are tired of carrying a heavy hose around your garden, the Eley 1043 could be the best hose reel cart for you. Boasting a two-wheel design and compact size, it is very easy to pull around your garden and slim enough to follow you even in the narrower places – such as the space between two rows of vegetables.

Easy to maneuver on all kinds of terrains, it comes with oversized, 10-inch pneumatic wheels, while the front legs ensure stability.
The reel doesn’t boast the highest capacity, but it can still hold up to 150 feet of 5/8-inch hose, which is more than most gardeners need. We particularly like the swivel feature of the reel that makes it easier to wind and recoil the hose.

As you can expect from a high-quality product, the hose reel cart comes with a polyurethane inlet hose and presents sturdy brass couplers. Sure, you’ll have to pay for all these features, but if you want a durable and reliable garden hose reel, this one is perfect for most watering needs.

Best value
Liberty Garden 870-M1-2

Liberty Garden 870-M1-2 Industrial 4-Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart

Best four-wheel hose reel cart

Industrial strength but affordable price tag make it one of the best garden hose reel carts for home use.

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2 Liberty Garden 870-M1-2 Review

Sturdy enough to withstand heavy-duty commercial use, the Liberty Garden 870-M1-2 is the best hose reel cart for homeowners and professionals alike. The main difference between it and our best in class is the four-wheel design.

While this design makes it more cumbersome, it does improve its stability and also makes it slightly easier to haul around.

The cart is also outstanding in terms of capacity – it can hold up to 300 feet of 5/8-inch hose. Similar to the Eley, it comes with pneumatic wheels and an inlet hose. It doesn’t have a hose guide, but you can still keep the hose neat with minimal effort. Indeed, true value for money.

Best budget
Liberty Garden 871-S

Liberty Garden 871-S Residential Grade 4-Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart

Best for occasional use

A smaller size and affordable price tag make it perfect for homeowners on a budget.

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3 Liberty Garden 871-S Review

Elderly gardeners or those who need a garden hose reel for occasional use might like the Liberty Garden 871-S. Design-wise, it is similar to the 870-M1-2 model, but it is smaller and comes with never-flat rather than pneumatic tires.

While the wheels are advertised as all-terrain, they are harder to maneuver on mud or uneven surfaces. The cart capacity is smaller than our best value’s, but it can still hold up to 250 feet of 5/8-inch hose. Furthermore, the 90-degree swivel connector makes it easy to hook the hose to the reel.

We also like the non-slip handle and storage basket. Perfect for residential use and easy enough to maneuver by users of all ages, this is a great hose reel cart if you have a lower budget.


Best Retractable Garden Hose Reel

key considerations
Retractable Garden Hoses Reviews

Often mistaken for the expandable kind, the retractable garden hose consists of a silicone, vinyl, or rubber hose fixed on a reel system. Depending on the model, you will either have to recoil the hose manually or opt for a model with a coil spring system.

  • Mechanical spring coil system: Manual retractable garden hoses are relatively cheap but require your assistance to wind them back on the reel. A mechanical spring coil system retracts the hose automatically, but you will have to ensure a firm grip during use.
  • Hose material: Some of the cheaper retractable garden hoses are made from thin vinyl; they are very flexible but not very durable. Alternatively, you can opt for a reel with a metal hose or made from thicker vinyl or rubber.
  • Burst rating: This number tells you how much water pressure the hose can withstand without leaking. If you want to avoid surprises, go for a hose with a burst rating of at least 350 PSI.
  • Garden hose size: Before buying, also check the hose diameter and length. Most retractable hoses are designed for small to mid-sized properties and don’t exceed 100 feet.

Best Retractable Garden Hose Reel Reviews of 2022

Giraffe Retractable 130FT

Giraffe 130FT Super Heavy Duty Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Best for industrial use

A working pressure of 300 PSI and a swivel mounting system make this retractable hose perfect for industrial facilities and commercial applications.

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1 Giraffe Retractable 130FT Review

Car wash facilities, garages, and other commercial or residential users in look of a heavy-duty retractable garden hose might like the Giraffe Retractable 130FT. The system comes with 130 feet of ½-inch hybrid garden hose that is not only super-flexible but that also resists extreme weather.

Thanks to this feature, it is not only resistant to summer heat, but you can also use it with hot water for cleaning purposes
An array of additional features add versatility. You can expect a 180-degree swivel bracket for easier unwinding, a spring-loaded winding mechanism, as well as the ability to lock the hose at any length. Furthermore, it comes with a 7-patter nozzle head.

Particularly useful is also the no-tangle hose layering that prevents kink and makes the mechanism easy to operate—all in all, an excellent choice for most commercial and industrial applications.

Best value

TACKLIFE GHR4A 65+7 FT Auto Rewind Wall Mounted Retractable Hose Reel

Best retractable hose for home use

A braking mechanism ensures a slow rewinding and neat layering of the hose inside its casing.

Check price on Amazon


Residential users tired of coiling the hose after each use should give the TACKLIFE 65+7 FT a try. As its name suggests, this retractable hose measures 65 feet, and the system includes a convenient 7-foot inlet hose.

Like most retractable hoses, the TACKLIFE comes with everything necessary for wall mounting. Similar to our best in class, it boasts a spring-loaded winding system that recoils the hose automatically after use. The winding speed is slow, but that features make it safe to use by children or seniors.

This retractable hose also comes with a 7-pattern garden hose nozzle and a 180-degree swivel bracket. It has a smaller diameter than our best in class, but it is more than suitable for all domestic applications.

Best budget
Giraffe Retractable 65FT

Giraffe 65 FT Retractable Garden Hose-Reel with 9 Adjustable Sprayer Nozzle

A budget option

A replaceable hose function makes it possible to use the winding mechanism with the garden hose of your choice.

Check price on Amazon

3 Giraffe Retractable 65FT Review

The Giraffe Retractable 65FT comes as an alternative to our best value, attracting homeowners on a budget. Its included hose is slightly shorter than TACKLIFE’s, but at 60-foot, it is still long enough for most domestic needs.

Like the TACKLIFE, this retractable hose system also includes a water inlet hose, albeit it’s only 5-foot long.

The included hose isn’t the strongest, but the good news is that you can replace it with another garden hose if you want to.

Apart from that, you can expect most of the features seen in our best in class, including the 180-degree swivel bracket and the no-tangle hose layering. Another highlight is the hose nozzle that features nine patterns – sufficient for all your watering and cleaning requirements.


Best Coiled Garden Hose

key considerations
Coiled Garden Hoses Reviews

In-between expandable and retractable hoses, coiled garden hoses represent an alternative to both. Their main advantage is a compact size when retracted, but they don’t work very well for large spaces. For this reason, they are less popular.

  • Range: Unlike the other type of garden hoses on the market, the coiled garden hoses are usually shorter in length, rarely exceeding 50 feet.
  • Hose diameter: If you aim for higher pressure rather than flow rate, get a hose with a smaller diameter. On the contrary, go for a wider diameter if you need a higher flow rate and lower pressure.
  • Quality: Coiled garden hoses expand and retract constantly, and they tend to wear out faster than other types of hoses. For this reason, you should only invest in a hose made from premium-quality, weather-resistant materials.
  • Hose attachments: Some coiled hoses have a straight portion at each end that makes it easier to pick up the hose and attach any accessories.

Best Coiled Garden Hose Reviews of 2022

Instapark GHN-06-25

Instapark GHN-06-25 Heavy-Duty EVA Recoil Garden Hose

Perfect for small gardens

Premium EVA materials provide excellent resilience and resistance to all types of weather.

Check price on Amazon

1 Instapark GHN-06-25 Review

The Instapark GHN-06-25 provides a hands-on watering solution for flower beds, a small vegetable garden, or a smaller lawn. Its coiled design ensures a compact size when not in use, while the optimal length delivers a range of around 20 feet – slightly smaller than advertised, but most coiled hoses have this downside.

Designed to withstand frequent use, the hose comes with heavy-duty brass fittings and a 7-pattern hose nozzle.

The spray head has a pistol grip and a manual lock designed to reduce user fatigue. Due to the smaller diameter compared to standard garden hoses, the water pressure isn’t the highest. Nevertheless, this is one of the best coiled garden hoses for small gardens and patios.

Best value
HoseCoil HS1500HP

HoseCoil HS1500HP Self Coiling Garden Water Hose

Best hose for balconies

Self-coiling to a very compact dimension, this hose is excellent for balconies, terraces, but also for boats and RVs.

Check price on Amazon

2 HoseCoil HS1500HP Review

The HoseCoil HS1500HP is one of those garden hoses capable of appealing to more than the gardening crowd. It is perfect for watering, but also for cleaning your boat deck or for your RV. Although not made from EVA, its high-performance polyether construction withstands beautifully the test of time.

Durable and resistant, the hose expands to around 15 feet and coils to a very compact dimension for storage and transport. It doesn’t come with a hose nozzle, but its standard couplers make it easy to pair it with any garden hose nozzle on the market.

We also like the bright colors you can choose from. The hose comes in either blue or bright green and is very easy to spot on the lawn or in your shed.

Best budget

AUTOMAN ATMG3825EVAGR EVA 25ft Recoil Garden Hose

An affordable alternative

A unique coil design ensures a longer range than most other brands.

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The AUTOMAN ATMG3825EVAGR is surprisingly similar to our best in class, but its unique coil design delivers a slightly longer range. Like the Instapark, it has a stated length of 25 feet, and its greater flexibility increases the actual length when stretched.

On the downside, the lack of reinforcements at the spigot end causes it to kink at this level if you don’t pay attention.

Apart from this drawback, the hose is durable and reliable. If you don’t mind paying attention when using it to prevent kinks, it is undeniably an excellent choice for the money.


Best Soaker Hose

key considerations
Soaker Hoses Reviews

Perfect for gardening and landscaping, soaker hoses come as an alternative to the most expensive drip irrigation systems. Just what you need to keep your plants alive with minimum effort.

  • Flat vs. round hose: Soaker hoses can have either flat or round design. The former is more aesthetically appealing and slightly more effective, but the round models are more durable.
  • Flow rate: Ideally, a soaker hose should release around one gallon of water per minute. Check the rate, especially if you need a long hose.
  • Soaker hose length: While long soaker hoses are easy to come by, we don’t recommend getting one longer than 100 feet as the pressure in a longer hose is too weak.
  • Pressure rating: The best soaker hoses have a pressure rating of 10 PSI; at this rate, you can rest assured the water will drip and not sprinkle out of the hose.

Best Soaker Hose Reviews of 2022

Gilmour 870751-1001

Gilmour 870751-1001 Flat Soaker Hose

Best flat soaker hose

Its flat design makes it perfect for burying under mulch and creating a DIY irrigation system for decorative plants or edibles.

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1 Gilmour 870751-1001 Review

Gardeners and landscapers looking to create a cheap irrigation system might like the Gilmour 870751-1001 soaker hose. Available in various sizes – including the high-value 75-foot variant – this hose is easy to couple to a garden spigot and can interconnect with other hoses, so you can use it in smaller and larger spaces alike.

Ideal for environmentalists, this soaker hose is made from eco-friendly materials and boasts a clog-resistant fabric outer shell that ensures consistent soaking.

Functional and durable, it works best with a water pressure of 60 PSI, delivering a lower pressure throughout. Thanks to this function, it ensures constant, waste-free watering. Regarding placement, you can either lay it on the ground or buried under a layer of mulch for an aesthetically-pleasing arrangement.

Best value
Melnor 65061-AMZ

Melnor 65061-AMZ 50′ Flat Soaker Hose with 2 Washers Set

Best hose and washers set

This porous hose deliver waste-free watering and is perfect for raised beds and general gardening.

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2 Melnor 65061-AMZ Review

The Melnor 65061-AMZ is one of the best soaker hoses around if you’re looking for unrivaled value for money. Ideal for residential use, it can suit all your gardening needs from small backyard gardens to square foot gardening.

Made from durable materials, it is made from highly porous materials that deliver water throughout the entire length of the hose.

This inter-connectable hose comes with rust-resistant end caps and is compatible with all standard hose nozzles, too. Two additional washers included in the pack also ensure a leak-free seal, enhancing the product’s value for money.

Best budget

BUYOOKAY Soaker Hose

Best round soaker hose

This soaker hose is made from heavy-duty recycled materials and is environmentally friendly.

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3 BUYOOKAY 30FT Review

Gardeners and landscapers on a budget may also like the BUYOOKAY 30FT. Unlike our best in class and best value, this soaker hose has a round design, which is a tad bulkier than the flat hoses but comes at a more affordable price tag.

Apart from this difference, you can expect satisfactory performance. The hose is made from heavy-duty recycled rubber and has a porous, non-clogging design.

Like most soaker hoses, the BUYOOKAY is also easy to connect to one another if you want to create a longer irrigation system. It works well for raised beds, gardens, as well as lawns, successfully replacing the more expensive sprinkle irrigation systems.


Best Garden Hose Nozzle

key considerations
Hose Nozzles Reviews

Hose nozzles give you the possibility to use the hose for more than watering. You can choose from either interchangeable attachments or spray-like heads with multiple jet adjustments.

  • Spray patterns: We recommend getting hose nozzles with as many spray patterns as possible – some of the best garden hose nozzles have around ten spray patterns that deliver weaker or more powerful jets.
  • Nozzle types: You can pick from barrel nozzles you have to twist to turn on, and to change the spray pattern or pistol grip nozzles with a trigger you have to press. Pistol grip nozzles are recommended if you want more control over the flow.
  • Durable material: Hose nozzles can be made from either plastic or aluminum. Aluminum nozzles are undeniably more durable and resistant, but they are also more expensive.
  • Nozzle fittings: Most nozzles come with standard threads and are easy to screw onto the hose end. Others may require special connectors, so it is advisable to check before buying.

Best Garden Hose Nozzle Reviews of 2022

SprayTec Hose Nozzle

SprayTec Pistol Grip Garden Hose Nozzle Metal Spray Gun

Best metal garden hose nozzle

This multipurpose garden hose nozzle serves much more than your watering needs.

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1 SprayTec Hose Nozzle Review

Perhaps the best garden hose nozzle on the market, the SprayTec is a durable, multipurpose nozzle designed to suit all your watering and cleaning needs. Designed for heavy-duty use, it allows you to easily adjust the water pressure to water your plants, remove dirt from equipment or hard surfaces, wash your dog, and more.

It is entirely made of metal and features a high-quality anodized finish that increases its resistance to corrosion and rust. It is even protected from accidental drops, thanks to its rubberized bezel dial.

Using it is also comfortable and effortless. The nozzle boasts a pistol style grip with a soft rubber-coated handle. Adjusting the spraying pattern during use is also easy, thanks to the flow control dial. Ideal for most users, this nozzle features nine spray patterns and can suit commercial and home users alike.

Best value

GREEN MOUNT Metal Garden Hose Nozzle with Adjustable Spray Patterns

Outstanding value for money

Zinc alloy construction delivers enhanced durability and resistance compared to plastic models.

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2 GREEN MOUNT Nozzle Review

The GREEN MOUNT garden hose nozzle comes as an alternative to our best in class but is more suitable for domestic rather than commercial use. While it is still made of metal, it has some plastic parts, and thus, it is less durable than the SprayTec.

That said, you can still expect the same versatility. Indeed, the nozzle features six spray patterns that allow you to easily adjust the water pressure to the application. A rubberized pistol grip ensures a comfortable operation, while an integrated trigger stop bar at the top keeps the trigger pressed and helps you reduce fatigue.

The hose nozzle comes with rubber washers to prevent leakage and is compatible with all standard garden hoses.

Best budget
Alma PD-3748

Alma PD-3748 Garden Hose Nozzle Heavy Duty Hand Sprayer

Best budget nozzle

A water pressure knob makes it very easy to control the power of the jet with your thumb.

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3 Alma PD-3748 Review

If you don’t want to spend too much on a garden hose nozzle but still want a premium product, check out the Alma Garden. Made from zinc alloy and plastic, it is resistant and durable but more economical than our other two options.

We particularly like its innovative design with a water pressure knob. Turning it to start and control the flow is easy, and you won’t have to press a trigger for the whole time you’re using the hose.

Another highlight is the chunky, ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold for lengths of time. Furthermore, we like the ten spray patterns that make it perfect for anything from watering your lawn to washing cars. Affordable, durable, and versatile, this is the best garden hose nozzle in this price range.

Garden Hose Buying Guide

all your garden hose questions answered

What type of garden hose do I need?

The market offers such a bountiful range of garden hoses that choosing the right hose type can become confusing. If you want to get the best garden hose for you, consider your needs, then choose the most appropriate garden hose type from the table below.

Hose type

Yard size


Expandable hose

Up to ½ acre

Watering, low-pressure washing

Rubber hose

Over ½ acre

Watering, low-pressure washing, high-pressure washing, recreational use (boats and RVs)

Metal hose

Up to ½ acre

High-pressure washing, watering

Retractable hose

Up to ½ acre

Low-pressure washing, watering

Coiled hose



Soaker hose

All sizes

Water-saving irrigation

What are the best garden hose brands?

Now that you know what type of garden hose you need, you must learn what brands manufacture the most reliable hoses around. While new garden hose brands emerge on the market constantly, you can’t go wrong with a hose from one of the brands below:

  • Briggs and Stratton: This brand is particularly famous for its engines and outdoor power tools comprising self-propelled lawn mowers, weed eaters, riding mowers, lawn tractors, and other kinds of machinery. The brand also manufactures a range of gardening accessories, including high-quality, temperature-resistant rubber hoses that are ideal to use for irrigation as well as high-pressure washing purposes.
  • Flexi Hose: One of the newest garden hose brands, Flexi Hose, is renowned for its expandable hoses.
  • Flexzilla: The American brand manufactures premium hoses – mostly rubber, but also polymer and vinyl hoses – alongside a range of tools and equipment. Withstanding temperatures in the -40°F – 150°F range, these hoses are perfect choices for either cold or very hot climate areas.
  • Bionic Steel: As its name suggests, this is one of the most popular brands of stainless steel garden hoses. The company manufactures two product lines, one dedicated to residential users as well as a PRO line for commercial and industrial garden hose purposes.
  • Giraffe: Gardening tools and equipment brand Giraffe also proposes a range of garden hoses varying from high-quality rubber hoses to retractable models. Their quality is high enough to withstand commercial use.
  • TACKLIFE: Like Briggs and Stratton, TACKLIFE is mostly known for its power tools and equipment rather than hoses. Hoses from the brand are mostly dedicated to commercial and industrial users and are particularly suitable for cleaning, low-pressure washing, as well as high-pressure washing.

What size garden hose should I buy?

Finding the right type of hose and the best brand to buy from is only the beginning. Next, you must decide what the best garden hose size is for you. There are two numbers to consider, the hose diameter and its length.

Choosing the best garden hose diameter

Garden hoses usually come in three sizes based on their diameter:

  • 1/2-inch hoses: Are thin and light, perfect for those who can’t carry or maneuver a too heavy hose. Due to their small diameter, however, they can’t carry out large volumes of water and are not suitable for applications that require higher water pressure. They are a great choice for light-duty gardening tasks, such as watering flower pots, hanging baskets, or smaller raised beds.
  • 5/8-inch hoses: Perhaps the most popular type, they are considered multipurpose hoses. Depending on the material they are made from and water pressure rating, you can use them for light-duty and heavy-duty watering, low-pressure cleaning, as well as high-pressure cleaning with a pressure washer.
  • 3/4-inch hoses: The biggest type, these hoses are relatively heavy and often made of rubber or metal. Typically, they are employed for heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications, such as heavy-duty gardening tasks, landscaping, industrial cleaning facilities, garages, etc.

How long should a garden hose be?

Most garden hoses come in various lengths between 25 and 100 feet, although it is easy to find shorter or longer hoses. Typically, it is tempting to buy a long hose to use for all your watering and cleaning needs, but this might be a lousy idea.

Long hoses have a few disadvantages, including a higher price point, they are heavier, and require larger storage space.

More often than not, a 50-foot hose is long enough for an urban yard or garden, and a 25-foot is ideal for balconies or patios.

If you need a hose longer than 50 feet, consider buying two hoses and join them together when needed instead of a long one, so you can trim off any unnecessary weight and increase the pressure when working around the spigot.

Garden hose fittings & couplings

Garden hose fittings, also known as couplings, are the threaded end pieces that attach to the spigot on one end and the hose nozzle on the other end. Based on your budget, you can pick from plastic, aluminum, or brass hose fittings.

  • Plastic hose fittings: Equip the less expensive hoses and have a great advantage – they are not affected by rust or corrosion. However, they crack easily and often can’t be tighten properly. Best to avoid these if you can.
  • Aluminum hose fittings: Considered mid-range but often present on the higher-quality budget hoses, are more resistant than plastic hose fittings but can also be difficult to tighten and could bend.
  • Brass hose fittings: Equipping high-quality garden hoses, these couplings are durable, leak-resistant, and typically easy to tighten. While they drive up the price of the hose, they won’t require replacement.

Best garden hose nozzles

Hose nozzles are optional accessories you can use to increase the versatility of your garden hose. If you want to get the best garden hose nozzle around, pay attention to the nozzle type. Most models fall into one of the following categories:

  • Traditional garden hose nozzles: These hose nozzles have a barrel at the end that allows you to switch from one type of pattern to another and also to control the flow.
  • Pistol grip hose nozzle: Perhaps the most popular, have a trigger you have to press to release the water. By releasing some of the pressure on the trigger, you can control the flow and water pressure. Most pistol grip nozzles have a turret or dial that allows you to switch between various spray patterns, but some only deliver one type of jet. If you want a multifunctional nozzle, check before buying.
  • Watering wand nozzle: This type of long and narrow nozzle acts as an extension of the hose, allowing you to reach in tighter spots or water suspended flower baskets. Some of the best watering wands have triggers that allow you to control the flow.
  • Fireman nozzles: Look very simplistic and have only one function, that of releasing a powerful water jet. They are used for washing cars, equipment, and hard surfaces.
  • Fan and soaker nozzles: Ideal for watering delicate plants, they release drops rather than a stream of water, either as a mist of droplets or larger drops, respectively.

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