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Best Foosball Tables of 2021

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Best Foosball Table Reviews of 2021

Kick Legend 55″

Kick Legend 55″ Foosball Table

The best foosball table around

This legendary foosball table is developed specifically for the easy dribbling of counterbalanced foosball players.

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1 Kick Legend 55″ Review

Developed by a veteran player after years of research, the Kick Legend 55” encompasses the art of foosball playing. Perfect for all foosball enthusiasts, it features a one-goalie or three-goalie design, depending on your preference.

Crafted from the finest wood, this stylish foosball table integrates with success in most office or home entertainment rooms. Not only it impresses with swooping lines, black ebony legs, and chestnut color; this table is uniquely constructed to ensure precise control and excellent balance of the playfield.

Designed for counterbalanced foosball men, it also allows for easy dribbling. In other words, it can turn you from a foosball novice into a legend in no time.

The table comes with eight, rust-resistant, chrome-plated player rods, 26 counterbalanced men, and 26 uniform men, for a versatile play. Just what you need to bring total excitement into your home, retreat center, or office.

Best value
ESPN SOC056_218E

ESPN SOC056_218E Arcade Foosball Table

Best value foosball table

With a timeless, classic design, this foosball table delivers an authentic game room experience at your home.

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2 ESPN SOC056_218E Review

Foosball enthusiasts who don’t want to break the bank will likely find all they need in the ESPN SOC056_218E arcade foosball table. Designed to bring the authentic game room experience to your home, it impresses with an aggressive, high-quality construction.

Another thing that we like is its regulation length. Sturdy, 5-inch diameter leg levelers enable an even playing field, while the carefully positioned rods move smoothly, so you can beat your opponents with little to no effort.

Delivering a unique sense of elegance and sophistication, affordable for what it is, and long-lasting, this exquisitely designed competition foosball table is undeniably the best choice for the money.

Also great
Kick Majesty 55″

Kick Majesty 55″ Folding Foosball Table

Best folding foosball table

This indoor football table has regulation length, ideal for amateur and professional players of all levels.

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3 Kick Majesty 55″ Review

From the same brand as our best in class, the Kick Majesty 55” is an excellent choice for households with no dedicated entertainment room. While maintaining the same 55-inch table length – the same used for tournaments – it occupies little space when not in use, as it is foldable.

When unfolded, this foosball table presents itself as sleek and elegant. Easy ball retrieval on the side and smooth spin rods make it a pleasure to throw a game night and challenge your buddies.

Like our best in class, it comes with two sets of foosball men, including counterbalanced and uniform. Easy to put together and easy to move thanks to the incorporated wheels, this foosball table is your best bet for a porch, living or family room.

Best budget
Best Choice Products SKY2603

Best Choice Products SKY2603 48-Inch Competition Sized Foosball Table

A budget-friendly alternative

This competition-sized foosball table is an excellent choice for a smaller entertainment center.

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4 Best Choice Products SKY2603 Review

When you have a small room or a small budget, but still don’t want to give up to a game of foosball, the Best Choice Products SKY2603 can save the day. Smaller than our other options but also cheaper, this table is perfect for the enthusiast who wants to score victory after victory without breaking the bank.

Design-wise, this indoor football table is very simplistic yet sturdy and elegant. It’s made from MDF, a material that offers the required stability even during intense games.

Robust steel rods withstand even the most competitive matches, while the comfort-grip handles ensure unrivaled control. It might not have the regulation size, so it’s not suitable for tournaments; nevertheless, this foosball table is an excellent choice for amateurs as well as novices on a budget.

What is foosball?

Foosball is a popular tabletop game, better known as table soccer or table football, depending on where you’re from. It’s played at a professional level, but it’s also a staple of bars, college dorms, and backyards across the nation.

Like in real soccer, the object of the game is to score more goals than your opponent by maneuvering small plastic players attached to a playing rod. Coming in a variety of styles and sizes, foosball tables are a great gift for people of all ages and can be placed in home game rooms, recreational centers, pubs, bars, or office break rooms.

European vs. American foosball table. What’s the difference?

You might have seen a foosball table before, but did you know you can find it in European or American versions? If you didn’t, know that there are important differences between the styles.

European football tables

European tables are perfect for those who want to develop foosball skills and rely on ability rather than aggressiveness to win a match. You can use such a table to expand your tactic, and this arrangement is ideal for those who prefer slower-paced matches. However, various European countries developed various styles of European foosball tables.

  • Italian foosball tables: Tend to offer a relatively fast game compared to the other European tables. They consist of a slick table surface and come with a smooth ball that glides easily across the playfield. These tables require advanced skills to pass and manipulate the ball, but they can surely add some thrill and excitement to your game room.
  • French foosball tables: Not as popular as the Italian ones, they are ideal for players who want to develop their ball control skills. The surface provides a good amount of grip, slowing down the ball, while the longer figurines make it easy to trap the ball and pass it from side to side to confuse your opponents. The ability to perform tricks may open up new dimensions, but this table requires a fair amount of patience.
  • German foosball tables: Very similar to the French type, it has a softer surface that enhances control. These tables are less popular than the Italian and French types.

American soccer tables

Derived from the European ones, the American soccer tables focus on ball control, passing the ball, and achieving the final shot in the shortest possible time. Foosball men on these tables have thatched toes for better ball control, while the shots can come from anywhere on the field. Since this style of play requires more aggressiveness, these tables are usually made from hard materials, such as mahogany wood or thick plastic.

What is a regulation foosball table?

Perhaps you’ve only played it in pubs or while teambuilding with your office buddies, but the truth is that foosball is an official sport. Thus, a regulation table is a professional foosball table that complies with the national and international tournament rules regarding its size.

What is the best foosball table size?

It depends on the type of foosball table you want to buy. Besides the standard size – that usually refers to the size of a regulation foosball table – you can also choose from mini foosball tables as well as kids foosball tables. To buy the best foosball table for you, check out their respective sizes in the table below.

Foosball table type

Foosball table dimensions (LxHxW)

Regulation foosball table

56 x 34.5 x 28.5 inches

Kids foosball table

48 x 24 x 31 inches

Mini foosball table

40 x 8 x 20 inches

Types of foosball tables

We’ve mentioned regulation, kids, and mini foosball tables. What is the difference between them, except for the size? What other types of foosball tables can you choose from? Let’s shed some light on the matter.

  • Regulation (standard) foosball tables: Are the foosball tables we’ve all seen in pubs and bars. They look more or less like a tennis or air hockey table and are the perfect choice for adult players if you have sufficient room in your home. Depending on your needs, you can also choose from fixed or foldable foosball tables.
  • Kids foosball tables: Are slightly smaller than the adult ones, but differences end here. They are great for younger players as well as adults if your game room can’t accommodate a standard size table.
  • Tabletop foosball table: The main difference between the mini version and the standard/kids tables is that the mini is more of a foosball board than an actual table. It is designed to sit on a tabletop; thus, it is a much better option if you don’t have a dedicated game room and need a compact solution.
  • Multi-game foosball table: This type of table comprises boards for various table games, ranging from foosball to table hockey, ping pong, billiard, bag toss, and shoot out basketball, to name just a few. Depending on your budget, you can choose from tables with a wide range of games or affordable board game tables, usually hockey foosball tables

Which is the best foosball table for me?

To find the best foosball table for you, consider your available space, needs, and budget. If you’re looking for a small foosball table to enjoy a match every now and then, a cheap, tabletop foosball table could be perfect.

If you want to design a budget entertainment room, a multi-game foosball table could be your best bet.

For avid foosball players, a standard outdoor foosball table or a regular size wood foosball table for the indoors is undeniably the best option.

Counterbalanced vs. uniform foosball men. What is the difference?

A quick look at the various foosball tables on the market reveals there are two types of men you can choose from – counterbalanced and uniform foosball men.

  • Counterbalanced foosball men: Have their weight distributed across the top and bottom, at a ratio of 50/50. This construction enhances gameplay, delivering better user control and higher speed. Counterbalanced men are typically used for all professional foosball tables, while the best foosball tables for home use also come with this type of men.
  • Uniform foosball men: Also known as non-counterbalanced, don’t have the weight distributed between the top and bottom. These men are harder to control, and they will basically just spin on the rod, regardless of your ability to maneuver them. However, because they invite to less serious gameplay, they are usually ideal for children or parents playing against their offspring.

One goalie or three goalies? What is the best foosball table setup?

There is no such thing as the best foosball table setup. The one goalie setup – one foosball man on the final road – is preferred in Europe where players focus more on gaming skills and tactics. The three goalie setup, with three foosball men on the final rod, is preferred by the American style foosball that is more focused on aggressiveness and speed rather than accuracy. If you don’t know which setup is best for you, know that the best foosball tables allow you to switch from one goalie to three goalie setups.

Features to look for when buying a foosball table

Whether you’re after a classic sport foosball table to add to your game room or a cheap one to have some backyard fun with your kids, here are a few things to check before buying.

  • Construction: Foosball tables can be made from solid wood, composite, or particle board. Needless to say, the best ones are made of wood, but if you have a low budget, a cheaper MDF table will still last for a long time if you take good care of it.
  • Leveling feet: Unless your floor is perfectly leveled – which is rather tricky to achieve – the foosball table’s leveling feet will allow you to balance the playfield.
  • Rods: The best foosball tables come with smooth, steel rods with ergonomic grips. Since you have to maneuver the rods to keep the game going, ensure that they are easy to move and loose, but not too loose, so that you can achieve maximum control.
  • Foosball table cover: A hard foosball table cover is a nice thing to have if you want to transform the foosball table into a coffee table when not in use. A waterproof cover is ideal for outdoor foosball tables, while additional men or balls also add true value for money.
  • Design: More often than not, a foosball table acts as a decorative element, too. For this reason, you should pay attention to all design elements, including the color of the field and of the foosball men, shape of the table, as well as its versatility, such as folding legs for easier storage. After all, it’s the small details that will make your friends envy you for having the most attractive game room.

Best Foosball Table for the Money

Best value
ESPN SOC056_218E

ESPN SOC056_218E Arcade Foosball Table

Best value foosball table

With a timeless, classic design, this foosball table delivers an authentic game room experience at your home.

Check price on Amazon

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