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Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners of 2021

Want to save time when drawing or designing? Perfect for professionals, we’ve reviewed the best electric pencil sharpeners for the money.

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Best Electric Pencil Sharpener Reviews of 2021

X-ACTO Model 41

X-ACTO Model 41 Commercial Electric Pencil Sharpener

High-end steel helical cutters

Top-notch pencil sharpener handles commercial tasks with ease and can satisfy the most demanding artists.

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1 X-ACTO Model 41 Review

The X-ACTO Model 41 is one of the most impressive electrical pencil sharpeners you can come across.

This product is all about precision and durability, boasting commercial-grade resistance. Its heavy-duty construction features dual helical cutters adjustable to six different pencil sizes, sharpening them to fine points.

Stability on the bench is ensured by a hefty metal base and convenient anti-skid feet. Another great feature is the integrated cooling fan that comes in handy in the periods of heavy use, prolonging the motor’s lifespan.

But what makes the difference between this sharpener and all others is the Pencil Saver and Auto-Reset features. The former eliminates over-sharpening, extending your pencil’s life. The latter shuts off the sharpener if it overheats, protecting the motor. This dependable product also incorporates a large shavings receptacle designed to keep your workspace neat at all times.

Powerful enough to handle high-volume demands, the X-ACTO Model 41 is undoubtedly the best electric pencil sharpener if you’re looking for professional quality.

Best value
Amaze Tech 001

Amaze Tech 001 Electric Pencil Sharpener

Three sharpness settings & three power modes

A versatile electric pencil sharpener for pros and students, extremely quiet and safe to operate even by the kids.

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2 Amaze Tech 001 Review

The Amaze Tech 001 is a reliable electric pencil sharpener designed to withstand high-volume demands at home, at work or at school. It boasts a lightweight and compact construction developed with portability in mind.

But what strikes is the sharpener’s performance. This product features three sharpness settings capable to deliver just the perfect tip, no matter what you prefer between blunt, medium, and sharp. It’s perfect for pencils from 6 to 8mm and has a super-quiet operation, two features that make it possible to sharpen pencils even in the middle of a test without disturbing anyone.

Three power modes give you plenty of choices to power up this unit. The sharpener comes with an AC adapter and a USB cord, or you can power it with four AA batteries sold separately.

Sharpening performance is ensured by a stainless steel helical blade while a safety system stops the unit as soon as the shavings tray is removed, boosting safety. Multiple sharpening possibilities, sharpening performance and portability combined with an attractive price point deliver the best value for the money.

Best budget
X-ACTO 1670

X-ACTO 1670 School Pro Electric Pencil Sharpener

Designed for classrooms

Robust construction and commercial-quality blade withstand wear and tear. The sharpener is perfect for classrooms and busy offices.

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3 X-ACTO 1670 Review

The X-ACTO 1670 is an inexpensive yet highly reliable electric pencil sharpener developed specifically for high-volume areas like the classrooms.

It has a durable construction and features many of the high-quality components of X-ACTO brand. The most important feature of a sharpener is its sharpening capability, and the 1670 excels at it.

This dependable product adjusts to six different pencil sizes and is equipped with the patented flyaway cutter system designed to stop the motor when the pencil is sharp, reducing waste and prolonging your pencil’s life. Like our best-in-class pick, the 1670 also features the Auto-Reset feature that protects the motor.

Designed to be used by kids, this sharpener also has a SafeSharp feature that prevents the motor from starting if the shavings receptacle is removed. This budget-friendly unit is very easy to use and resists daily wear and tear, just what it takes for an electric sharpener to be the best for a classroom.

1. Why invest in an electric pencil sharpener

Today’s market offers a bountiful range of pencil sharpeners, from the basic handheld models we’re all familiar with to the electric pencil sharpeners praised by school teachers and office clerks. But with many artists and architects standing for the manual models, why should you invest in an electric one?

Electric pencil sharpeners come in handy on many occasions. You can use one for a quick honing of your pencil’s tip if you’re in a hurry. It is also easier to use an electric pencil sharpener to get different points of the lead, and on some models, the motor even stops when the tip is sharp, to minimize waste.

So, why do people still use the manual models?

2. Manual vs. electric pencil sharpeners

The differences between a manual and an electric pencil sharpener are more subtle than the evident difference in design. Both stationery accessories serve the same purpose but they each come with pros and cons.

  • Manual pencil sharpeners: Come with two major benefits – convenience and sharpening control. They are compact, ultra-lightweight, easy to use, and give you full control on how to sharpen your pencil. They come in a wide range of styles and sizes, including the convenient rotary sharpeners found in offices and schools. You’ll also be able to choose from a wide range of sizes to fit all types of pencils. However, the size is usually not adjustable and you will also have to twist the pencil by yourself.
  • Electric pencil sharpeners: Bring the benefit of a faster sharpening. You won’t have to turn the pencil, just press its tip in the sharpener and let the tool do everything for you. That’s convenient when you’re in a hurry, but the feature also comes in handy if you’re a professional. Teachers, carpenters, and drawers can benefit from using such a tool. Yet, an electric sharpener comes with the risk of over-sharpening.

3. Types of electric pencil sharpeners

Electric pencil sharpeners can be classified into vertical feed and horizontal feed sharpeners.

  • Vertical feed: Are typically compact and lightweight. Most models have a round design which fits into tiny spaces and is ideal for those who don’t have a lot of space on their bench or desk. Sharpening the pencil is usually easy, and you’ll only have to press the pencil to hone it up.
  • Horizontal feed: Are much more popular than the vertical feed, although they are usually bulkier. You won’t need free space above the tool and some models can even hold the pencil by themselves during operation. The models are above all popular in schools.

Besides the type of feed, pencil sharpeners can be further categorized into blade and helical sharpeners.

  • Blade sharpeners: Include a wide range of products we’re all familiar with. They use a conical chamber that incorporates a blade. Electric blade sharpeners have a rotary element that twists the blade rather than the pencil, but sharpening happens in a way similar to the handheld models.
  • Helical sharpeners: Have a peculiar cutting element consisting of a cylinder with helix ridges designed to grind the wood and sharpen the lead up to a fine point. These sharpeners produce better results and also come with the advantage of expelling broken leads easily.

4. Power source

An important thing to consider before buying an electric pencil sharpener is the power source.

There are three possible options:

  • Battery powered
  • USB powered
  • Corded

All these options come with advantages and flaws, and you’ll have to consider the sharpener’s use before deciding upon a model.

  • The battery-powered models are the most versatile. They are usually compact enough to fit into a bag, and you can take the tool with you anywhere. Most battery-powered sharpeners require traditional AA batteries which are inexpensive and easy to source, although you will still have to change them regularly.
  • At the opposite end, there are the corded electric pencil sharpeners that plug into a wall socket and work like any other corded device. Their benefit is endless power unless there is an outage. However, you won’t be able to use these outdoors, for example. The corded sharpeners are great for offices and schools.
  • The USB-powered sharpeners draw power from your PC and can be used anywhere as long as your laptop is around, combining the best of both worlds.

Some sharpeners come with multiple power modes that give you the possibility to switch from one to another depending on circumstances.

5. Safety features

Electric pencil sharpeners do an excellent job in honing up pencils, but they can also sharpen tiny fingers. Investing in an electric sharpener with safety features is essential especially if the tool is going to be used in a school or by a kid.

The most common safety feature is a blocking mechanism that stops the cutting element if the shavings tray is removed, preventing accidental injury.

Another feature present in some model is an auto-reset feature that stops the engine if it overheats. Anti-skid feet are another nice thing to have on your sharpener, making it more stable on workbenches and desks.

6. Other things to consider before buying

Besides all the above, there are a few other things to consider before buying an electric pencil sharpener.

  • The size of the pencils you want to hone is probably the most important thing to consider. Some sharpeners fit only one specific size. Others are made for pencils from 6 to 8mm in diameter, which is the standard. But some specialty pencils could be thinner or thicker than this. Check the sharpener’s specifications and make sure it can handle the type of pencils you use.
  • Another thing to consider is the shape of the pencil. Most electric sharpeners can handle round and hexagonal pencils but only a few models can deal with the triangular and square shapes.
  • Regardless of the model you like, the sharpener must be very easy to use. If it takes more than just pressing a button or the tip of the pencil in the chamber to activate the tool, change model.
  • Not all pencils require the same sharpening angle. Some of them need a larger angle that shows more lead, others need a small angle that prevents lead breakage. The best electric pencil sharpeners usually have an adjustable sharpening angle.
  • The point of lead the sharpener is capable of producing also matters. Artists and drawers may require a pointed lead whereas students and clerks may require a blunt or rounded lead. If you have a preference or specific requirements, check before buying.
  • Last but not least, you should also check the shavings reservoir. A good one must be big enough to hold lots of shavings, easy to clean, and hard to remove while the sharpener is running.

7. The Best Electric Pencil Sharpener for the Money

Best value
Amaze Tech 001

Amaze Tech 001 Electric Pencil Sharpener

Three sharpness settings & three power modes

A versatile electric pencil sharpener for pros and students, extremely quiet and safe to operate even by the kids.

Check price on Amazon

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