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Best Electric Griddles of 2021

Ready to ditch the stovetop and embrace tabletop cooking? We’ve rounded up the best electric griddles in this review to help you do just that with ease.

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Best Electric Griddle Reviews of 2021

Zojirushi EA-DCC10

Zojirushi EA-DCC10 Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle

Titanium-coated ceramic cooking surface

A large cooking surface and variable heat settings make it perfect to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the entire family.

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1 Zojirushi EA-DCC10 Review

The Zojirushi EA-DCC10 is a superb electric griddle designed for enjoyable tabletop cooking. An extra-large plate provides a convenient cooking surface for a large family, and the appliance is intended to promote meal-time socialization. It is perfect to use when you have guests for dinner or to cook breakfast for the entire family.

Its titanium-coated non-stick ceramic plate makes cooking a breeze and does an excellent job in heating uniformly. Then, the variable heat settings allow you to cook at temperatures up to 425°F or keep food warm at 176°F.

Speedy cooking of the most demanding foods is made simple by the convenient lid while cleaning is also easy thanks to the fully immersible cooking plate and body guard. Furthermore, a nice low-profile design prevents accidental burning.

Large enough to prepare family or party meals and designed with safety and convenience in mind, the Zojirushi EA-DCC10 is no doubt the best electric griddle you can get.

Best value

DASH DEG200GBAQ01 Everyday Nonstick Electric Griddle

A versatile family cooker

The extra-large cooking surface makes it easy to prepare meals for several people at a time.

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2 DASH DEG200GBAQ01 Review

If you’re tired of dealing with a picky eater or just want to prepare quick breakfasts or dinners for your loved ones, the DASH DEG200GBAQ01 is the best electric griddle for the money. Size-wise, it is only slightly smaller than our best in class but still perfect for larger families.

It doesn’t come with an extra cooking surface, but the non-stick surface is fairly durable. As long as you maintain it properly and avoid scratching it, you can expect this griddle to last for quite some time.

Cleaning is a cinch, and like our best in class, this appliance promotes meal-time socialization and is perfect for parties. Available in four color options, it’s also easy to match with your interior or other kitchen appliances.

Also great
Secura GR-1503XL

Secura GR-1503XL 1700W Electric 2-in-1 Grill & Griddle

Two-in-one grill and griddle

Compact countertop appliance ideal for a small family adapts to indoors and outdoors cooking.

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3 Secura GR-1503XL Review

The Secura GR-1503XL is a perfect electric griddle and grill if you’re looking for a compact appliance to fit on a small countertop. It has a cooking capacity of 180 square inches and comes with a reversible non-stick plate with embedded heating element. Designed with cooking efficiency in mind, the griddle also has a convenient glass lid and side moisture vents developed to keep grilled food crispy.

Like the Oster, the Secura GR-1503XL boasts adjustable temperature settings, cool-touch handles and housing, and a removable drip tray that gathers the grease. Too compact to serve a large family yet perfect in a small kitchen, this electric griddle makes a great second best-value pick.

Best budget
Presto 07061

Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle

Automatic heat control

Unpretentious electric griddle impresses with a simple design and budget-friendly price.

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4 Presto 07061 Review

The Presto 07061 is a simple yet functional electric griddle developed to serve a medium family. Boasting a minimalist design, the appliance lacks a full housing and the cooking plate rests on a frame with two detachable handles constructed for easy transport and storage. But this minimalist design comes with a further advantage – the plate is spacious yet still fits in standard 18-inch kitchen cabinets when not in use. A nice feature is the Control Master heat control which automatically maintains the cooking temperature. This translates into faster and more efficient cooking thanks to a uniform distribution of the heat.

Fully immersible and easy to clean, large and efficient, the Presto 07061 is perhaps your best bet if you’re looking for an affordable electric griddle.

1. Types of electric griddles

An electric griddle is an ideal appliance for those looking to ditch stovetop cooking in favor of tabletop cooking. It is suitable for breakfasts but depending on its type, this cookware can be used for a wide range of purposes, including indoor grilling.

There are two types of electric griddles developed for indoor use:

  • Standard griddle: Characterized by a smooth, flat surface, it is designed to replace the traditional frying pan. Standard griddles come in various sizes, but they are all characterized by a rectangular surface that provides more cooking space than a round frying pan.
  • Two-in-one griddle and grill: Presents itself as a dual appliance with a reversible cooking plate. One side is smooth and flat, suitable for the skillet use of the appliance; the other mimics an outdoor barbecue grill and has ridges. This is often a more versatile and popular choice.

2. What type of griddle do you need?

The two-in-one griddle and grill appliances are much more popular, but they also come at heftier prices. Before investing in one, take a moment to analyze your cooking style.

Standard griddles

What will you use the appliance for? If it’s only for cooking breakfast, a standard griddle may suffice. You can use this cookware to make a wide range of goodies, such as:

  • Fried or scrambled eggs
  • Fried bacon
  • Pancakes
  • French toasts
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches

You can also use the standard griddle for cooking burgers and other grilled dishes if you don’t really care about having ridges on your food.

2-in-1 griddle and grills

The griddle and grill variant is instead suitable for those who love a properly grilled burger or steak and also need an appliance to cook breakfast or make sandwiches. Just flip the plate on the appropriate side to cook whatever you want.

Naturally, the grill comes with its own advantages and keeps the food separated from its grease. This results in a lighter and more barbecue-like cooking. Therefore, a two-in-one appliance could be the best if you’re looking to make grilled dishes regularly.

3. Single plate or contact griddle?

Once you decided which is the best electric griddle for you, also consider the convenience of a contact griddle. This appliance has both an upper and a lower griddle or grill surface that flips to 180°, converting the appliance into a standard single plate electric griddle.

A contact griddle may be of good use if you like to make sandwiches or Panini, as it acts as a traditional Panini press. 

4. Cooking surface

An important feature to consider when shopping for the best electric griddle is the cooking surface. You must check its size, heat evenness, and flatness, besides the usual considerations like the material and coating.


The material can make or break the deal when buying an electric griddle. While no material is better than another, the various constituents may or may not meet your cooking needs. Home use electric griddles can be made of:

  • Aluminum: A material that heats up and cools down fast, ideal if you mostly use the appliance when you’re in a hurry. It is ideal for cooking eggs and pancakes, or other foods you would typically cook at high heat.
  • Cast iron: Heats up and cools down slowly but is more suitable for cooking foods that require a longer cooking time, such as steaks.
  • Ceramic: Is ideal for foods that require a slow cooking time and is the best in keeping an even and constant temperature during operation. These plates also tend to last for longer.


It is common for the appliances with plates made of aluminum or cast iron to be ceramic coated thanks to the exceptional conductive properties of the material. Ceramic coating is harmless to humans and the environment, is long-lasting and resists well to scratches.

Another common non-stick coating is PTFE, usually referred to as Teflon thanks to the brand that made it famous. PTFE coating is less expensive than ceramic but is prone to scratches. When braked, the material releases toxic fumes which can harm both you and the environment, including your pets.

Griddle size

Home use electric griddles usually come with capacities from 15 to 25 inches long, while most units are at least 10 inches wide.

The appliances on the lower end of the spectrum are ideal for small families and serve up to 4 people. The larger ones can serve over 7 people and are perfect for large families or gatherings. Before deciding which size is the best for you, consider whether or not you’d like cooking for your extended family or a group of friends.

Heat evenness and flatness

Two other important things are the heat evenness of the cooking surface and its flatness.

  • Uniform heat is essential if you want to achieve consistent results and perfectly cooked food regardless of where you position it on the plate. Don’t assume the plate will heat evenly because on some models it doesn’t. It is common for lower-end units to have hot spots near the temperature panel.
  • The flatness of the cooking plate is another thing to concern you. Cooking eggs or baking pancakes is near impossible on a tilted surface, and grease will also tend to gather in the lower areas of the plate. Investing in an utterly flat unit is, therefore, essential.

5. Temperature settings

Almost all electric griddles available on the market come with adjustable temperature settings, but this doesn’t mean they all live up to the expectations.

Some units come with a simple low, medium, and high heat dial, which means you can choose a higher or lower temperature but not an exact number. In fact, more often than not, you won’t even know what the temperature is unless you use a thermometer.

Higher-end units come instead with more accurate temperature control that typically ranges from around 170°F to over 400°F. You will be able to choose and set the exact temperature, which opens a whole new world in terms of cooking versatility.

In broad terms, you’ll need around:

  • 310°F for normal cooking of most foods
  • From 320°F to 400°F for caramelization
  • Below 200°F to keep food warm

6. Grease management

Frying food usually ends with a greasy mess. That’s why it is essential to choose an electric griddle with removable drip tray. The role of the tray is that of gathering the grease and excess juices of the food and prevent them from getting in contact with your surfaces.

A griddle with drip tray comes with a second advantage, as it keeps excess grease away from your food, which results in healthier and tastier cooking.

7. Cleaning

Also check how easy it is to clean the griddle. Grease and meat juices are a nuisance to clean, that’s why a model with a removable and fully immersible plate is preferred to a model with a fixed plate.

Fully immersible plates and components are typically dishwasher friendly, but it’s still best to check the recommended cleaning method beforehand to prevent damage.

8. What other features to look for?

Apart from all the above, the best electric griddles come with a range of additional features:

  • Dual thermostat: Allows you to set and control different temperatures on the two sides of the griddle. This means you can cook foods at different temperatures simultaneously or cook and keep food warm until serving.
  • Warming features: Your electric griddle may either maintain food warm on the main plate after cooking or come with a warming tray placed under the cooking plate. Either way, you’ll be able to keep your meals hot for as long as you like.
  • Removable lid: Frying can be a quite messy operation, and a lid can always come in handy. A lid can also regulate the cooking temperature and help keep food hot for longer. A removable lid can be placed aside when not needed and is easier to clean.
  • Cool-touch surface: Helps prevent accidental burnings.
  • Handles: A comfortable feature if you want to move the griddle from one place to another. The handles are particularly useful if you want to enjoy tabletop cooking with your friends but then move the hot skillet from the table when food is cooked.

9. The Best Electric Griddle for the Money

Best value

DASH DEG200GBAQ01 Everyday Nonstick Electric Griddle

A versatile family cooker

The extra-large cooking surface makes it easy to prepare meals for several people at a time.

Check price on Amazon

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