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Best Egg Cookers of 2021

Want to save precious time when feeding a large family? An egg cooker will save you time and effort and our review of the best egg cookers won’t disappoint.

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Best Egg Cooker Reviews of 2021

Dash DEC012AQ

Dash DEC012AQ Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker

Best 2-in-1 egg cooker

A versatile appliance designed to cook a lot of eggs in a variety of ways.

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1 Dash DEC012AQ Review

When you have to feed a large family but also respect a busy schedule, the Dash DEC012AQ can help you save the day. More than an egg cooker, this versatile appliance can also steam your veggies, warm tortillas, or cook your dumplings and seafood.

A wealth of accessories add versatility to the game; you can use this rapid egg cooker to make boiled or poached eggs, individual or big omelets, as well as scrambled eggs.

Whether you’re short on time or hurry to satisfy a picky eater, all you have to do is choose a cooking function and time, then press the start button. We like that you can set it and forget it, as the cooker will turn off automatically when cooking is done.

Designed to boil a dozen eggs at a time and to look great in any kitchen, this trendy appliance is the best egg cooker for big families.

Best value
Dash DEC005BK

Dash DEC005BK Rapid Egg Cooker

Best for the money

This stylish egg cooker can boil up to six eggs at a time, and comes with accessories for other versatile recipes.

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2 Dash DEC005BK Review

As good looking as our best-in-class but smaller, the Dash DEC005BK is a great choice for a tinier household, college dorm, or studio apartment. Able to boil six eggs at a time but more suitable for one or two people, this compact and lightweight egg cooker also fits wonderfully in an RV.

A tray and water measuring cup ensure perfect boiled eggs every time. It also comes with other accessories for making pouched eggs or omelet.

You can also use the omelet tray to warm up tortillas or steam some veggies. All accessories are dishwasher safe, and the appliance even comes with a recipe book and free recipe database access.

Boasting all best-in-class qualities except for the size, but coming at a more attractive price, this is no doubt the best egg cooker for the money.

Best budget
Elite Cuisine EGC-007B

Elite Cuisine EGC-007B Easy Electric Egg Poacher

Best budget egg cooker

A small yet versatile egg cooker ideal for students and young professionals on a budget.

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3 Elite Cuisine EGC-007B Review

If you want an egg cooker but have a tight budget, the Elite Cuisine EGC-007B could be the best for you. Coming at a really affordable price, this appliance is very similar to our best value. It can boil up to 7 eggs at a time, and it comes with the accessories for an omelet, poached, and scrambled eggs.

We don’t like that it’s a bit less consistent in cooking eggs perfectly every time. They could come out either harder or softer than you like. The pouched eggs are also a bit on the softer side.

Nevertheless, all it takes is a bit of practice to understand how much water to use to achieve the desired results. That’s a negligible disturbance, considering its price; once you figure out the right water quantity and cooking time, this egg cooker will surely satisfy your needs.

What is an egg cooker?

An egg cooker is a kitchen gadget designed to cook your eggs with steam instead of boiling water. It is primarily designed for making boiled eggs, but most units come with different trays and accessories that allow you to also cook pouched eggs, scrambled eggs, and omelets.

This handy gadget can replace the traditional kettle and comes with many advantages, including:

  • It cooks eggs exactly as you like them by simply using the right quantity of water to achieve the desired result.
  • It boils eggs faster than you would boil them on a stove.
  • The eggs boiled in an egg cooker are easier to peel.
  • It allows you to cook a lot of eggs at a time, usually from 4 to 14.

What are the different types of egg cookers?

When thinking about an egg cooker, most people think of the countertop appliance. However, there are two types that work in a similar fashion – albeit using different technologies to accomplish their function.

  • Microwave egg cooker: Consists of a base designed to hold the water, a tray for the eggs, and a top cover. This gadget utilizes the heat from the microwave to heat the water and produce steam, but it cooks the eggs just as a regular electric cooker. It usually has a capacity of four eggs and no accessories to cook anything other than boiled eggs. Nevertheless, a microwave egg cooker is a great choice for people living in really small flats and who have no space for even a small electric egg cooker.
  • Electric egg cooker: It is a standalone countertop appliance, such as an air fryer or electric skillet. The main difference between an electric and a microwave egg cooker is the source of heat. Electric models come with their own heating elements, but work in the same way as the microwave ones; they produce hot steam that cooks the eggs. Because they can have higher capacities, most electric egg cookers also have accessories for making poached and scrambled eggs, omelets, and more.

How does an electric egg cooker work?

An electric egg cooker works in a way similar to a food steamer. It has a heating element positioned under a base and trays that go on top of the base without touching the water. A dome lid goes on top of the trays, trapping the steam.

The cooker brings water at boiling temperature, producing hot steam. The hot steam surrounds the eggs transferring the heat to them. Some of the steam also condenses on the cold eggs and returns back into the base, from where it is evaporated again.

The rest of the steam escapes into the room through a vent on the lid. Cooking is completed when all the water in the appliance has evaporated.

How much water should I use?

The quantity of water you should use depends on the size of the appliance and the number of eggs you want to cook.

Considering an average egg cooker with a capacity of 7 eggs, you should use:

N° of eggs





Quantity of water

3.5 oz. / 100 ml

3 oz. / 90 ml

2.5 oz. / 70 ml

2 oz. / 60 ml

Why do I need less water to cook more eggs?

How much water is required by an egg cooker confuses many people, majorly because these appliances require more water to cook fewer eggs.

The principle is simple. The fewer eggs you have in the cooker, the more steam is dispersed. Thus, there is less steam that condenses and ends back into the pan. When there are more eggs in the cooker, most steam condenses and is recycled. Furthermore, each egg also radiates heat onto the other eggs, aiding the cooking process.

That’s why you need a smaller quantity of water to cook more eggs with an egg cooker.

Does an egg cooker cook only eggs?

It really depends. Smaller egg cookers with few accessories can usually cook only eggs (some can cook boiled eggs only). Bigger egg cookers, usually those with a capacity of 6 eggs or over, can also double as food steamers.

In broad lines, you will be able to cook the following with a mid-sized or large egg cooker:

  • Boiled eggs
  • Poached eggs
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Omelet
  • Seafood
  • Dumplings
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Warm up tortillas

What features should I look for?

If you want to make sure you buy the best egg cooker, you should consider the following features:

  • Capacity: While it may seem tempting to buy a small egg cooker if you’re single, a 6-egg cooker is a much more versatile choice. Such an appliance usually comes with accessories that allow you to cook more than eggs.
  • Accessories: If you want to use your appliance as both egg cooker and steamer, buy one that comes with egg trays, poached egg pan, and omelet pan. These pans can also hold dumplings and veggies.
  • Measuring cup: The best egg cookers have measuring cups that tell you exactly how much water to use to get soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs. Otherwise, the only way to tell how much water you need is through trial and error.
  • Cooking speed: Obviously, the cooking speed may vary between smaller and bigger units. Regardless of the cooker’s size, make sure it doesn’t need more than 10 minutes to boil your eggs, or you’d be better off with a kettle.
  • Auto shut-off: An essential feature that turns off the unit when all water has evaporated. It prevents overcooking and prolongs the cooker’s lifespan.
  • Alarm: An audible signal that lets you know when your food is cooked. Don’t rely on a visual signal alone, as you might miss it. Although most egg cookers turn themselves off at the end of the cooking cycle, leaving the eggs in a hot environment could alter the results.
  • Materials: Most egg cookers are made of a combination of stainless steel or aluminum and plastic. The lid is usually made of plastic, which is a great choice, as it doesn’t become too hot and is usually transparent. However, this material can release toxic chemicals when exposed to heat. It is essential to make sure any plastic components are free of BPA and other potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Cleaning ease: Another important thing to consider is cleaning ease. Most egg cookers have dishwasher safe egg trays and lids, but it’s good to check before buying. Also, consider how easy it is to clean the base of the cooker before investing.

Best Egg Cooker for the Money

Best value
Dash DEC005BK

Dash DEC005BK Rapid Egg Cooker

Best for the money

This stylish egg cooker can boil up to six eggs at a time, and comes with accessories for other versatile recipes.

Check price on Amazon

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