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Best Drill

Best Drills of 2022

Are you looking for the best cordless, corded, impact or hammer drill? We’ve reviewed 15 drills in 5 categories as well as the best drill bits for you.

All 15 Drills We Recommend


Best Cordless Drills

Do you want the power of a drill without the limitation of a cord? A cordless drill is a convenient power tool for most jobs. Although not as powerful as a corded drill, they are still sufficient for most jobs from fine woodwork to heavy-duty construction.

Best drill for: Most construction and DIY projects


Best Corded Drills

Looking for a heavy-duty drill for large projects such as drilling through concrete? A corded drill offers more power and unlimited run time, perfect for large projects.

Best drill for: Masonry, steel, and hardwood


Best Hammer Drills

Much more heavy-duty than a corded drill, a hammer drill generates a hammer motion for easily drilling through concrete, masonry and other tough surfaces.

Best drill for: Masonry, concrete, metal


Best Impact Drivers

Do you need a high-torque drill for driving in screws and tightening nuts? An impact driver is the fastest tool for the job.

Best drill for: Driving screws, nut setting


Best Drill Bits

Even the best drill is useless without a quality set of drill bits. Different sized drill bits are best for different projects, so you’ll need a set of decent drill bits for woodwork, metalwork, DIY, and more.

Best for: Drilling wood, plastic, or steel


Best Cordless Drill Driver

key considerations
Cordless Drills Reviews

Just like a cordless screwdriver, a cordless drill is a must-have in any workshop or toolkit. They are the go-to for most projects that require screwing nails or drilling holes since they’re more convenient than corded varieties.

  • Power: The power is measured in battery voltage. Most cordless drills range from 6V to 18V. The more powerful, the better the drill will be at drilling holes.
  • Speed: Most cordless drills have two set speeds of 300RPM and 800 RPM. However, the best cordless drills will reach up to 1000RPM for high-speed drilling.
  • Lithium Ion drills: Lithium Ion batteries are smaller, run for longer, but are more expensive. Nicad batteries are cheaper, but don’t run for as long.
  • Clutch jaw: The capacity on most drills is 3/8”. However, more powerful drills have up to 1/2” which can handle larger drill bits for heavy-duty projects.

Best Cordless Drill Driver Reviews of 2022


DEWALT DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit

Compact and Lightweight

The impressive weight of this cordless drill makes it easy to hold and maneuver.

Check price on Amazon

1 DeWALT DCD771C2 Review

Are you looking for a lightweight cordless drill to give you more freedom on your projects? The DeWALT DCD771C2 is our top pick for the best cordless drill. It’s surprisingly lightweight for a cordless drill and built to reach awkward spaces.

The 20V battery is sufficient enough for 1.5 hours but needs to be switched out during longer projects. The DeWALT DCD771C2 does come with two battery packs though so it’s easy to switch the battery mid-project.

As well as two battery packs, this DeWALT power drill also comes with a decent carry case which is a nice bonus. The battery packs are also compatible with all DeWALT cordless tools including their reciprocating saw and sanders.

Overall, if you’re looking for a lightweight cordless drill for small to medium-sized projects, this is a great choice.

Best value
Black + Decker LD120VA

BLACK+DECKER LD120VA 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver

Good battery life

This cordless drill comes with a good range of drill bits and accessories, making it great value for money.

Check price on Amazon

2 Black + Decker LD120VA Review

Just like our best pick, the Black + Decker LD120VA is a cordless drill driver with a 20V lithium battery. What makes this one such good value are the 30 added accessories including drill bits, nut drivers, and a magnetic bit holder. However, this kit doesn’t come with a carry case or a second battery pack like our best pick.

The Black + Decker LD120VA isn’t as lightweight as our best in class pick or as well-made as DeWalt models. But the battery life is surprisingly good, lasting up to 4 hours.

If you’re a DIYer looking for a decent tool for jobs around the house or renovation projects, this Black + Decker cordless tool is a good value option.

Best budget
Avid Power MW316

Avid Power MW316 20V MAX Lithium Ion Cordless Power Drill

Good for small jobs

The compact design and added flexible shaft make this drill best for small and awkward jobs.

Check price on Amazon

3 Avid Power MW316 Review

The Avid Power Max MW316 is an affordable cordless drill for anyone on a budget. It’s extremely lightweight and compact, which helps prevent fatigue on longer jobs. It also comes with a flexible shaft for hard-to-reach places, great for awkward jobs like installing drawers.

The battery comes with an added USB port which is a nice added feature. And useful if your phone dies while working on-site with no power outlets. However, bear in mind that the battery packs are quite expensive to replace, which can up the price of this budget drill.
Even so, the Avid Power Max MW316 is a good battery drill for homeowners or DIYers on a budget.


Best Corded Drill

key considerations
Corded Drills Reviews

Although corded drills are more expensive than their cordless counterparts, they are more powerful. They are also more lightweight since they don’t have a bulky battery attached.

  • Power: Corded drill are rated by watts, the same as reciprocating saws or angle grinders. Basic models are around 450 watts, whereas the best corded drills are around 1500 watts.
  • Pistol grip drills: For heavy-duty drilling such as hard masonry, a pistol grip gives more control than the standard mid-handle grip.
  • Speed / RPM: Corded drills are much faster than cordless versions, offering up to 2,500 RPM for the toughest jobs such as drilling through steel.
  • Lightweight: Since corded drills don’t have a heavy battery pack, they are lightweight and easy to hold.

Best Corded Drill Reviews of 2022


DEWALT DWD210G 1/2-Inch Electric Pistol-Grip Drill

Best for heavy-duty work

The pistol grip handle gives added control for the toughest drilling jobs such as metal or masonry work.

Check price on Amazon

1 DeWALT DWD210G Review

Do you need a heavy-duty drill for drilling through metal or masonry? The DeWALT DWD210G corded drill is our best pick. The best corded drills pack more power than cordless versions and with unlimited run time, you won’t need to worry about switching out batteries mid-projects.

The downside is the lack of flexibility when tethered to a cord. But the 10 AMP motor and 1250 RPM is heavy-duty enough for the toughest drilling jobs. The pistol grip at the front (like that found on angle grinders) is also a great feature for extra control on hard projects such as drilling through walls. The pistol grip also rotates 360 degrees for added flexibility on awkward angles such as ceiling joists.

When it comes to corded drills, the DeWALT DWD210G is our best pick and is a popular choice for DIYers and professionals alike.

Best value

DEWALT DWD115K Mid-Handle Grip Corded Power Drill

Less powerful, easy to handle

The mid-handle grip and decent motor make this corded drill good value for money.

Check price on Amazon

2 DeWALT DWD115K Review

If you’re looking for a corded drill that’s a little less heavy-duty than our best in class pick, the DeWALT DWD115K is a good alternative. It has a smaller 8 AMP motor, but it’s still plenty powerful enough for most drilling jobs.

This corded drill doesn’t have the additional pistol grip, but it is ergonomically designed and easy to hold with one hand. It also comes with a rubberized end for better control on tough jobs.

For anyone looking for a powerful corded drill that’s simple to use, we recommend this DeWALT DWD115K.

Best budget
Black + Decker DR260C

BLACK+DECKER DR260C 3/8-Inch Corded Drill

Best for DIYers

The small motor and compact design make this budget drill best for infrequent use.

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3 Black + Decker DR260C Review

For those who like the unlimited run time of a corded drill but don’t want to pay a premium, the Black + Decker DR260C is our budget pick. Though it is much cheaper than our other picks, it’s still powerful enough for moderate drilling jobs such as drilling through hardwood.

This corded drill has a considerably smaller motor at 5.2 AMPS. So it’s probably not a good option if you want a drill for regular, heavy-duty work. It also doesn’t have a secondary grip like our other picks, but is compact enough to hold comfortably in one hand for small jobs.

Overall, this is a good option for DIYers on a budget, but won’t hold up to regular, professional use.


Best Hammer Drill

key considerations
Hammer Drills Reviews

If you have a tough surface that needs drilling such as masonry or concrete, you’ll need a hammer drill. Here are the top points to look for when buying a hammer drill:

  • Power source: Hammer drills can be battery powered or corded. Although battery powered are more portable, you’ll get the most power from a corded hammer drill.
  • Speed/RPM: Corded hammer drills are some of the most powerful drills types, offering up to 3000 RPM.
  • BPM: The speed of the blows is measured in BPM. The best hammer drills give around 250 BPM.
  • Pistol grip: Like regular drills, hammer drills come with either a mid-handle grip or pistol grip for better control.

Best Hammer Drill Reviews of 2022


Best Impact Drill

key considerations
Impact Drivers Reviews

Less versatile than regular drills, an impact driver is specifically designed to drive screws and tighten nuts quickly and easily. They are lightweight and small, perfect for hard-to-reach areas.

  • Variable speed: The best impact drivers have variable speeds up to 3250 RPM to give the maximum output and control for different projects.
  • Compact design: Impact drivers are the most compact drills, allows you to get as close as possible to the screw or nut.
  • Hex chuck: This is specially designed to allow for a higher torque. This helps drive screws into the hardest materials with relative ease.

Best Impact Drill Reviews of 2022


DEWALT DCF887B 20V MAX XR 3-Speed Brushless Impact Driver

Bestselling impact driver

With an impressive torque and variable speed setting, it’s clear why this is a popular impact driver.

Check price on Amazon

1 DeWALT DCF887B Review

Looking for a drill specifically for driving in screws and tightening nuts? The DeWALT DCF887B is a bestselling impact driver. This cordless tool has three different speed settings and 3250 RPM, making quick work of large jobs like removing nuts from tires.

It’s lightweight and compact design is great for professionals or hobbyists who plan on using it regularly for long projects without getting fatigued.

If you don’t already have a 20V DeWALT battery, they are sold separately and are expensive. But they are universal so will work with any DeWALT cordless tools.

Overall, this is a powerful impact driver that is a great option for most people.

Best value

DEWALT DCF885C1 20V MAX Impact Driver Kit

Great value deal

Get an impact driver, battery, charger, and case for a great price.

Check price on Amazon

2 DeWALT DCF885C1 Review

If you’re looking for great value for money, the DeWALT DCF885C1 hammer drill bundle comes with a battery pack, battery charger, and a carry case. Since the DeWALT battery packs can be notoriously expensive, the DeWALT DCF885C1 is a fantastic deal for anyone who doesn’t already have a DeWALT battery pack or charger.

Unlike our best in class pick, the DeWALT DCF885C1 doesn’t have a brushless motor. But it does have the ergonomic, compact design and 1400 in-lbs of torque which is powerful enough to drive through masonry and concrete with relative ease.

If you are a fan of the DeWALT brand, this package deal is great value for DIYers and professionals.

Best budget
Black + Decker BDCI20C

BLACK+DECKER BDCI20C 20V MAX Impact Driver Kit

Budget-friendly impact driver

A less powerful option with no variable speed setting, but still sufficient for moderate DIY use.

Check price on Amazon

3 Black + Decker BDCI20C Review

The Black + Decker BDI20C is another cordless impact driver. Although our budget pick isn’t as compact or lightweight as our best in class or value picks, it’s still comfortable enough to hold in one hand and doesn’t strain the wrist with constant use.

This Black + Decker impact driver also doesn’t have a variable speed setting. But it’s powerful enough for moderate jobs such as driving screws into decking or securing floorboards. It’s probably not powerful enough for regular heavy-duty work such as removing lug nuts in a car workshop.

But if you’re looking for the best impact drill for semi-regular DIY work on a budget, the Black + Decker BDI20C is a decent option.


Best Drill Bits Set

key considerations
Drill Bits Reviews

When it comes to drill bits, you get what you pay for. Budget drill bits will wear down quickly and need replacing, whereas the best drill bits will last. Here are some things to look for:

  • Steel vs Carbide: High-speed steel bits are fine for light drilling, but cobalt and carbide are more durable for metal and masonry.
  • Drill bit style: Twist bits are most commonly used for light DIY projects. However, specialist bits are needed for heavy-duty projects. These include masonry, chisel, glass, and forstner drill bits.
  • Drill bit sizes: Drill bits range from 3/64” all the way up to ½” in standard handheld drill sets, depending on the size of the hole you need. Specialist large drill bits are also available for large jobs.

Best Drill Bits Set Reviews of 2022

Hurricane YL-JQYI-K6YM

Hurricane YL-JQYI-K6YM 230 Pieces High Speed Steel Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set

Best drill bits for most people

With 230 drill bits made of high-speed steel, this is a high-quality set for most jobs.

Check price on Amazon

1 Hurricane YL-JQYI-K6YM Review

Are you looking for the best drill bits for your drill? The Hurricane YL-JQYI-K6YM drill bit set is our best in class pick. With 230 titanium coated drill bits ranging from 3/64” up to 1/2”, there is a drill bit in this set for every project.

Each drill bit is made from high-speed steel for added durability and the twist design is one of the best for increased hardness. The drill bits also come in a decent plastic storage box with different compartments for each size to keep them organized.

Overall, the Hurricane YL-JQYI-K6YM is a great set for most DIYers and professionals looking for long-lasting drill bits.

Best value
Comoware B0859S7JX6

COMOWARE B0859S7JX6 100-Pcs High Speed Steel Titanium Drill Bit Set

Fewer pieces, same high quality

With 100 pieces, this high-speed steel drill bit set is great value for money.

Check price on Amazon

2 Comoware B0859S7JX6 Review

A slightly smaller set than our best in class pick, the Comoware B0859S7JX6 drill bit set has 100 pieces. This set is also made with high-speed steel and coated in titanium for increased hardness and durability.

Just like our best pick, this drill bit set also ranges in size from 3/64” up to ½”, giving a good range for everything from drilling softwood to concrete or brick.

So if 100 drill bits are more than enough for your projects, the Comoware B0859S7JX6 is a great value drill bit set for beginners and professionals.

Best budget

DEWALT DW1354 14-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set

Quality over quantity

A small set of replacement drill bits that is high quality for a budget price.

Check price on Amazon

3 DeWALT DW1354 Review

If you’re looking for a small set of replacement drill bits, the 14-piece DeWALT DW1354 drill bit set is a good option. Just like the best drill bits, these are coated in titanium to give added durability.

The drill bit sizes range from 1/16” to ½”. However, unlike our best in class and value picks, you only get one of each size drill bit.

This is good if you’re looking for single replacements on a budget, but if you’re prone to snapping drill bits, this might not be enough.

Having said that, if you’re after a small, high-quality set of drill bits in a sturdy case, the DeWALT DW1354 drill bit set is a great choice.

Drill Buying Guide

all your drill questions answered

What is a drill?

A drill is a power tool used to create holes or drive fasteners such as screws into different components. The drill is fitted with a bit that is secured by a chuck. This is what cuts through the material to create a hole or drives the fastener in. There is a wide range of drill types for different processes and surfaces from masonry and brick to glass and ceramic.

What are the different types of drills?

The main types of drill are:

  • Corded drill – also known as a power drill, these run on mains power giving limitless runtime.
  • Cordless drill – run on batteries which make them less powerful but portable.
  • Hammer drill – the drill bit rotates while punching in and out in hammer motion to power through tough surfaces such as concrete.
  • Impact driver – also known as an impact drill, these are high-torque drills used for driving in screws and tightening nuts.

What is a hammer drill?

A hammer drill uses both a rotational force as well as a powerful hammering or driving motion. It’s used specifically for extremely hard surfaces such as concrete, masonry, and brick where more force is needed.

Some power drills come with a hammer drill function which converts the normal drill into a hammer drill. However, the most powerful hammer drills are specially designed with a powerful motor and high BPM (blows per minute) to help drill holes through tough surfaces.

What is a brushless drill?

This refers to a drill with a brushless motor. A brushless motor can adjust its speed, torque, and power depending on the task. For example, it will sense when driving into softwood or brick and adjust the power to suit the job.

This is the best drill type since a brushless motor can help extend the life of the drill.

What is an impact drill?

An impact drill is specially designed to drive in screws or tighten nuts (known as nut setting). This is a useful tool for builders and other professionals who spend a lot of time applying dozens of screws to secure floorboards, decking, etc.

An impact drill has a much higher torque than regular drills so makes the process of driving many screws much faster and easier. 

Best drill bit types

A drill bit is the cutting tool inserted into the drill and used to create a hole in material or drive a screw in. These come in different shapes and sizes to suit different projects. The best drill bits are made from speed-steel and coated in titanium to give a hard, durable finish.

Some different types of drill bit include:

  • Twist drill bit – most common type for drilling holes
  • Brad point drill bit – usually used on wood to avoid splintering
  • Spade drill bit – used to bore large holes
  • Step drill bit – used to create holes of different sizes using a single bit
  • Tile drill bit – reduces cracks and chips when drilling tile
  • Spearpoint drill bit – used on glass and ceramic to avoid cracks
  • Masonry drill bit – used on a hammer drill

Best drill brands

Wondering which brands are best for cordless, corded, hammer, or impact drills? Here are some of the most popular drill brands:

  • DeWALT drills: are the leaders on the market. Although they are usually more expensive, they are well-made and powerful. DeWALT offers a range of impact, hammer, corded and cordless drills for DIYers and professionals. This is a top brand to consider when looking for your next drill.
  • Black + Decker drills: are a more budget-friendly option. Black + Decker also has a popular range of corded, impact and hammer drills. However, they tend to be less powerful and so more affordable. If you’re a DIYer, this is a good brand for semi-regular projects.
  • Milwaukee drills: are well-made and reliable. Most known for their hammer drills, Milwaukee creates reliable power tools that are popular with hobbyists and professionals.
  • Tacklife drills: are another low-range option for anyone looking for affordable corded drills. Their most popular tool is the dual-action hammer drill which is a good choice for beginners and DIYers.
  • Avid Power drills: are a less known option but worth researching. Most known for their cordless drills, Avid Power is a good brand for homeowners doing a renovation who don’t want to splash out on an expensive drill.
  • Makita drills: are some of the most reliable drills on the market. Makita is well-known for quality tools and offers a range of corded and cordless drills. Usually in the mid to high price range, this is another good brand for professionals or active DIYers.

Some other good brands to keep in mind when looking for a drill are Bosch, Hitachi, and Stalwart.

What is the best drill for my project?

Different drills are best for different jobs. Here is a breakdown to help you choose the best one for your project:

Drill Type

Best For

Cordless drill

Hanging pictures, building small furniture, securing screws, drilling small holes

Corded drill

Professional work, bulk furniture building, drilling large holes, securing large screws

Hammer drill

Drilling through concrete, masonry, or brick

Impact drill

Driving screws or securing nuts quickly and repeatedly

If you’re a beginner doing semi-frequent DIY, start with a cordless drill. This will help you get to grips with the different settings. If you plan on more frequent work, consider investing in a corded drill for unlimited run time and added power.

Hammer drills and impact drivers are usually better investments for professionals who do regular construction work and need a powerful, reliable tool every day.

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