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Best Cordless Snow Blowers of 2020

Best Cordless Snow Blower Reviews of 2020

Snow Joe iON8024-XR

Snow Joe iON8024-XR 80-Volt iONMAX Cordless Two Stage Snow Blower

Best dual-stage snow blower

This four-speed self-propelled snow blower can clean large areas and heavy snow in a breeze.

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1 Snow Joe iON8024-XR Review

When you live in an area with heavy snowfall, getting your hands on the best cordless snow blower on the market can really make the difference between the quick clearing of a driveway and shoveling for hours. And that’s where the Snow Joe iON8024-XR steps in.

This cordless dual-stage snow blower is powered by two 40V batteries that deliver gas-like performance. Combine it with a robust steel auger that can lift up to 1,000lbs of snow per minute, and you’ve got a winning combination.

We also like the 180° auto-rotate adjustable chute that allows you to throw the snow at up to 32 feet, in any direction you like.

With a swath of 24 inches and a depth of 13 inches, this snow blower is an excellent choice for people living in areas with really heavy snowfall.

It’s also surprisingly easy to maneuver despite its weight, thanks to the self-propelled mechanism and oversized wheels. Other highlights include up to an hour of runtime as well as headlights for easier snow clearing in low light. All that you need for keeping your driveway clean throughout a harsh winter.

Best value
Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB

Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB 40-Volt iONMAX Hybrid Brushless Single Stage Snowblower

Best single stage snow blower

Hybrid technology lets you choose from corded or cordless power for versatile operation.

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2 Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB Review

The Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB is nothing but our best in class’ smaller brother, a single-stage snow blower that appeals to most homeowners. It might not be as powerful as our best in class, but it comes at a fraction of the price and boasts unique features.

Undoubtedly, its greatest highlight is the hybrid technology that lets you choose between using the 40V battery included in the pack or plug it into a wall socket.

Thanks to this feature, you can choose from unlimited runtime or cordless mobility, based on your needs. As a rule of thumb, the battery provides around 30 minutes of runtime.

Snow lifting and throwing capacity are also stellar. It comes with a steel auger with two rubber blades that can lift up to 500lbs of snow per minute. With a path of 18 inches and a depth of 8 inches, it’s a perfect choice for mid-sized driveways and walkways in areas with milder winters.

Lightweight and compact yet powerful and capable, the Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB is the best cordless snow blower for the money.

Also great
Greenworks 2600402

Greenworks 2600402 Pro 80V 20-Inch Cordless Snow Thrower

A solid alternative

A more powerful battery makes it suitable for areas with heavier snow.

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3 Greenworks 2600402 Review

The Greenworks 2600402 is a great alternative to our best value; a machine designed to pick up heavy snow and throw it up to 20 feet away. Similar to our best value, it’s a single-stage snow thrower, but the 80V battery doubles its power.

This doesn’t mean you’ll get double runtime, though, as the 2Ah battery included in the pack only provides around 45 minutes of runtime.

Ideal for mid-sized driveways and walkways, it impresses with a 20-inch path and depth of 10 inches. The 180° rotating chute brings best-in-class versatility, allowing you to throw the snow in the direction you want.

Relatively lightweight and easy to maneuver, this cordless snow blower is a great alternative to our best value if you need more power or a wider swath and don’t mind a higher price.

Best budget
Snow Joe iON15SB-CT

Snow Joe iON15SB-CT 40-Volt iONMAX Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower

Best budget snow blower

This compact snow blower is perfect for small driveways and areas with mild winters.

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4 Snow Joe iON15SB-CT Review

Part of the same collection as our best in class and best value, the Snow Joe iON15SB-CT is the best battery powered snow blower for homeowners on a budget.

Construction-wise, it’s slightly smaller than our best value. It has a 15-inch wide path and can deal with snow layers of up to 8 inches tall. Equipped with a two-blade, resistant plastic auger, it can lift up to 440lbs of light snow per minute. However, the plastic auger is not resistant enough for dealing with heavy snow.

Powered by the same battery as our best value, it delivers up to 30 minutes of runtime, but the battery is not included in the pack. With this in mind, this snow blower truly is a great deal if you already own a compatible Snow Joe or Sun Joe battery. Otherwise, our best value will undoubtedly benefit you more.

What is a snow blower?

A snow blower is a yard tool designed to help you clean the snow from your walkways and driveways quickly and effortlessly. Design-wise, it is similar to a walk-behind lawn mower, and just like the lawn mowers, some snow blowers are self-propelled. Coming in various sizes, they can be powered by batteries, electricity, or gas.

Do I need a cordless snow blower?

If you live in a colder climate area where snowfall can easily exceed two inches on the ground, a snow blower will help you clean your driveways and walkways faster. However, if your property is small or if you live in a warmer climate area with sparse snowfalls, a high-quality shovel or push snow plow might benefit you more. Snow blowers are usually ideal for mid-sized or large driveways and walkways.

Types of snow blowers

There are basically three types of snow blowers out there, cordless, corded, and electric.

  • Cordless snow blowers: Are powered by lithium-ion batteries, usually with a capacity of either 40 or 80 volts. They are as powerful as the gas machines but quieter, and eco-friendly; thus, ideal to use in all areas. However, you usually won’t get more than half an hour of runtime unless you’re willing to invest in multiple batteries.
  • Corded electric snow blowers: Plug into a wall or power generator outlet and provide unlimited runtime. However, your maximum reach is dictated by the length of the power cord. For this reason, these snow blowers are usually recommended for mid-sized walkways and driveways.
  • Gas snow blowers: Are similar to the gas lawn mowers in that they come equipped with conventional engines. They provide long runtimes and unmatched power but are very noisy and polluting. If you live in a quiet residential area, such a snow blower may upset your neighbors.

Single-stage vs. dual-stage cordless snow blower. What is the difference?

A quick glance at the snow blower models on the market will reveal features such as single-stage, dual-stage, or triple stage. What do they mean? Let’s shed some light on the matter.

  • Single stage snow blowers: Consist of a single speed auger – typically made of plastic or steel with rubber blades – that lifts the snow and directs it to a chute that blows it on the side of the road. These models can usually deal with snow accumulations of up to 6-8 inches, either light or heavy, depending on the model. Single stage snow blowers can also break and lift compacted snow, but can’t deal with snow that has frozen.
  • Dual stage snow blowers: Come with an all-steel auger that lifts the snow and pushes it into a high-speed impeller that throws it out the chute. Thanks to the dual mechanism and heavier-duty auger, the machine can deal with heavier snow or snow that has frozen. Typically suitable for snow depths up to 12 inches.
  • Triple stage snow blowers: Present a new component, an additional slow turning auger that lifts the snow and directs it towards a faster turning auger that then pushes it into a high-speed impeller. This intricate mechanism boosts speed, allowing you to remove the snow faster. As such, these machines are ideal to use on large surfaces and are often employed by professionals. Residential users living in areas with heavy snowfalls might also need a three-stage snow blower, as these machines can deal with snow depths of up to 18 inches.

Which one is the best snow battery powered blower for me?

In a nutshell:

Snow depth

Snow type

1-stage snow blower

6-8 inches

Light or compacted snow

2-stage snow blower

Up to 12 inches

Light, compacted or frozen snow

3-stage snow blower

Up to 18 inches

All types of snow

Difference between light snow and heavy snow? Isn’t all snow the same?

As weird as it may seem, not all snow is the same. In fact, it can be either light and fluffy or heavy and wet.

  • Light snow: Has a snow to liquid ratio of around 20:1, which means it has a higher volume but lower weight. It usually occurs when the temperatures are low enough to prevent the flakes from melting partially before touching the ground. Due to its lower weight, light snow can be easily lifted by all snow blowers.
  • Heavy snow: Has a snow to liquid ration of around 5:1, which means it has a lower volume (it’s less fluffy) but higher weight. It occurs when the slightly warmer temperatures melt the flakes partially before they touch the ground, raising the amount of liquid per inch. It requires more power to be lifted.

What is the difference between a cordless snow blower and a leaf blower? Are they the same?

No. Snow blowers and leaf blowers are two different kinds of tools. A snow blower looks more like a lawn mower and is designed to lift the snow and throw it on the side of the driveway.

A leaf blower is a handheld tool designed to displace a large volume of air at high speed to sweep away yard debris.

Is there any difference between snow blowers and snow throwers?

These two terms are often used interchangeably. Technically speaking, though, only the one-stage machines can be called snow throwers.

This term refers to the fact that the snow is removed in a single step – the auger lifts it and throws it through the chute.

Dual and triple stage machines can’t be called snow throwers because of the various components involved in the snow removal process. Furthermore, snow throwers are usually much smaller than snow blowers.

How to pick the best battery powered snow blower? A few features to look for before buying.

With so many kinds of snow blowers on the market, it may be hard to choose the right one. If you want to make sure the one you want to buy is the best snow blower for you, check out the following features.

  • Your property: No matter where you live, the first thing to consider before buying a snow blower is your property. A single-stage unit with rubber auger blades is perfect for flat, asphalted areas but unsuitable to use on gravel or dirt driveways or on slopes. For gravel, dirt, or steep slopes, get a dual or triple stage snow blower.
  • Path: Depending on the size of your drive or walk, you can choose from narrower or wider clearing paths, usually from around 15 inches to 24 inches or more.
  • Power steering: This feature makes it easier to turn and maneuver the snow blower on the challenging terrain. Some of the best snow blowers come with one-hand steering, which makes them even easier to maneuver.
  • One-hand chute rotation: Most snow blowers come with rotating chutes that allow you to choose the throwing direction. However, the best ones allow you to change the throwing direction by simply operating a joystick on the handle.
  • Chute material: If possible, choose a snow blower with plastic chute. This material is slippery and doesn’t allow the snow to stick on it, preventing jamming. Furthermore, plastic is also more durable, as it won’t rust.
  • Snow blowers with headlight: Using a snow blower in low visibility conditions can be challenging, having a headlight can really improve your user experience.

Best Cordless Snow Blower for the Money

Best value
Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB

Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB 40-Volt iONMAX Hybrid Brushless Single Stage Snowblower

Best single stage snow blower

Hybrid technology lets you choose from corded or cordless power for versatile operation.

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