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Best Commercial Pressure Washers of 2022

Looking for a heavy-duty washer for industrial use? A gas pressure washer will cut through tough grime. We’ve reviewed the best gas pressure washers here.

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Best Gas Pressure Washer Reviews of 2022

Best in class
Generac 6565

Generac 6565 4,200 PSI Gas Powered Commercial Pressure Washer

The best gas pressure washer

Outstanding flow rate and PSI help you tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks.

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1 Generac 6565 Review

The Generac 6565 is by far our favorite and will certainly be your favorite too if you don’t mind to spend a buck. This unit is all about dependable cleaning performance powered by an unrivaled 420cc Generac engine.

Outputting a remarkable 4,200 PSI and 4 GPM water flow rate, it makes short work of all harassing cleaning tasks.

Performance and power aside though, we like it because it’s easy to use. The brand knew how to take user-friendliness to the next level and pack it in a commercial machine. Expect no guesswork functions or complicated commands.

Five quick-click nozzle tips clearly labeled for the task and a 50-foot hose give you the versatility you need to wash all debris from all surfaces. It’s gentle enough to wash your vehicle or aggressive enough to erase years’ worth of lichens on the driveway, depending on your choice.

Moreover, it’s mobile, so you can easily take it wherever you need to deliver professional cleaning results.

Best value

WEN PW31 3,100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Most value for money

Highly dependable pressure washer can tackle even the toughest tasks, either at home or the job site.

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2 WEN PW31 Review

With a focus on manufacturing quality, the WEN PW31 can help you get through all nasty cleaning chores quickly and effectively. A 208cc OHV core pumps up to 2.5 GPM worth of water, while the 3,100 PSI can scare even the most stubborn dirt and grime.

Five quick-connect nozzle attachments and 30-foot reinforced hose deliver suitability for all projects, whether it’s washing clients’ cars or your patio. There’s also an onboard soap tank to use on those moments when you just need an extra touch.

We’re also fond of the neat onboard storage that helps you keep all nozzles organized. Another great feature is the outstanding mobility delivered by the 12-inch wheels equipped with no-flat tires.

Greatly priced for a commercial machine, easy to use, and dependable, the WEN PW31 delivers outstanding value for money.

Also great

SIMPSON MSH3125 MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer

A dependable workhorse

Super-sized premium pneumatic wheels ensure unrivaled mobility in all circumstances.

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3 SIMPSON MSH3125 Review

Packing the power of a premium Honda engine, this gas pressure washer delivers performance. Dirt and grime stand no chance in front of this aggressive cleaning machine that’s threatening them with 3,200 PSI and 2.5 GPM water flow rate.

Durably constructed from welded steel, it may not be the lightest on the block, but it’s still surprisingly mobile thanks to its sturdy 10-inch wheels.

A selection of nozzles and quick-connect option for soap make this workhorse ideal for cleaning all kind of cars, larger vehicles, driveway, patios, and even exterior walls.

Providing ergonomic maneuverability and optimal performance, this one’s a great alternative to our best gas pressure washer if you don’t mind a slightly heftier price.

Best budget
Sun Joe SPX4000

Sun Joe SPX4000 2,030 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Budget-friendly electric alternative

Competitively priced commercial pressure washer powered by electricity.

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4 Sun Joe SPX4000 Review

The Sun Joe SPX4000 is one of the best electric pressure washers out there and is a great alternative to the gas models. It’s easy to use, although a tad trickier to assemble, and comes at a great price given its functionality. We like how efficient it is at removing dirt and debris from all surfaces.

It’s an ideal choice for a car wash facility but cheap enough to appeal to homeowners. Outstanding maximum pressure of 2,030 PSI and water flow rate of 1,76 GPM are just some of the things to expect.

Big, sturdy wheels let you carry the washer around potential job sites, and plenty of accessories add versatility. Five quick-connect spray tips tackle all sorts of cleaning tasks, while a 20-foot pressure hose and extension wand will help you reach distant spots with incredible ease.

Powered by a 14.5-amp motor, this machine needs to be nearby an outlet at all times, but it can easily satisfy your cleaning needs if you’re shopping on a budget.

Electric vs. gas pressure washers

If you’re in the market looking for the best commercial pressure washer, you probably noticed already that your options revolve around electric and gas machines.

  • Gas pressure washers: Deliver the high power required to clean large areas and stubborn messes in a breeze. They also boast limitless mobility, but they are slightly heavier and noisier than their electric counterpart. Due to regulations, gas pressure washers are also banned in some regions.
  • Electric pressure washers: Are relatively lightweight, quiet, and suitable to use anywhere. No gas means no exhaust emissions, and you’ll even be able to start your machine quickly. They aren’t quite as powerful as the gas machines though, and the cleaning area you can cover is dependent on the length of the cord. We have also wrote an extensive guide on the best electric pressure washers.

Although there are many performing electric cleaning machines, the truth is that a gas pressure washer is a more suitable solution if you intend to use it for commercial purposes or heavy-duty cleaning tasks around your home.

Gas pressure washer ratings

The performance of a power washer is determined by the pressure and water flow it provides, two ratings expressed in pounds per square inch (PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM) respectively. Beyond schoolbook explanations of what each rating means, it all sums up to:

  • A gas power washer with a higher GPM has a faster cleaning ability.
  • A higher PSI rating means a greater ability of the washer to remove tough dirt and grime.

What is more important, GPM or PSI?

A frequent question newbies ask is whether they should give more importance to the GPM or the PSI rating.

The truth is that both are equally important, and the real number you should consider when buying a power washer is the cleaning units (CU). Manufacturers rarely disclose it, but it is really easy to calculate.

This rating is determined by multiplying pressure with water flow (PSI x GPM = CU). Depending on your purpose, you will need:

Cleaning Units





Outdoor maintenance cleaning, chimney sweep, pool cleaning.



Parking lot and driveway washing, windows cleaning.



Patio and deck cleaning, car washing, garden furniture cleaning.

Commercial pressure washer nozzles

The nozzle you use determines the angle and intensity of the spray. Most commercial pressure washers come with standard, color-coded nozzles which are interchangeable or adjustable all-in-one solutions that allow you to change the angle of the spray with a simple twist.

While adjustable nozzles are by far the most convenient, most gas power washers come with the interchangeable kind.

Which nozzle to use for each task?

Cleaning a delicate surface with the wrong nozzle can produce severe damage. That’s why you must learn what nozzle to use for each cleaning task.

Nozzle type

Color code

Suitable for


Tough cleaning jobs on hard surfaces, such as removing grease or lichens from driveways.



Heavy-duty cleaning on most outdoor surface or paint stripping.



General cleaning tasks, including car, deck, and patio cleaning.



For delicate surfaces such as garden furniture or painted fences.

Low pressure


Also called soap nozzle, it’s designed for use with cleaning agents.

Pressure washer pump considerations

If it were to make an analogy between a pressure washer and the human body, the pump would be the heart. Its performance determines the overall performance of the machine because it determines the flow rate.

There are three types of pressure washer pumps:

  • Triplex plunger: Is “la crème de la crème” and equips the best gas pressure washers. These are usually used in machines working at more than 3,000 PSI, deliver highly efficient operation and boast an outstanding lifespan. All these features come at a hefty price though, so you must be willing to spend some bucks if you want to get your hands on one.
  • Axial cam: Is an intermediate-level pump typically equipping machines of up to 3,500 PSI. Most users like them because of their self-priming ability which reduces maintenance, and they are also compact and lightweight. They also tend to get hot during operation and can produce excessive vibrations.
  • Wobble plate: Is the entry-level pump, often found in residential power washers and cheaper mid-range machines with a capacity of under 2,500 PSI. They also come with self-priming capacity but produce a lower water flow than the other types, have a rather short lifespan, and are not replaceable.

What else to consider when buying a gas pressure washer?

Besides all the features above, you must also check the following if you want to get your hands on the best commercial power washer:

  • Hose length: Shorter hoses of up to 20-foot are ideal for washing cars and for other precision tasks. Longer hoses of around 40-foot are ideal on those moments when you want to clean a wide area.
  • Hose width: Both flow rate and pressure can be greatly influenced by the width of the hose. If you want to use the machine for commercial purposes, aim for a hose with a diameter of 3/8 inches.
  • Portability: Gas pressure washers are usually heavy, so getting one that’s well balanced, equipped with sturdy wheels and a handle is essential if you want to move it around.
  • Extension wand: Another important accessory is an extension wand. It helps you reach remote areas easier, and also comes in handy if you want to properly clean the grime under your car.
  • Onboard storage: If your pressure washer comes with interchangeable nozzles, onboard storage is a real lifesaver, helping you keep all your accessories organized.

Best Gas Pressure Washer for the Money

Best value

WEN PW31 3,100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Most value for money

Highly dependable pressure washer can tackle even the toughest tasks, either at home or the job site.

Check price on Amazon

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