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Best Carpet Sweepers of 2020

Need a convenient way to clean carpets? A carpet sweeper is cheaper and doesn’t require a power source. Find the best carpet sweepers in our review here.

Best Carpet Sweeper Reviews of 2020

Karcher 1.545-121.0

Karcher 1.545-121.0 Eb 30/1 Cordless Electric Sweeper

Outstanding 45-minute run time

Generous commercial-grade sweeping path makes the sweeper perfect for all demanding cleaning tasks.

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1 Karcher 1.545-121.0 Review

Designed for commercial use, the Karcher EB 30/1 is the best carpet sweeper you can come across. Packed with unique features, the unit is developed to handle demanding tasks in professional facilities and domestic settings thanks to an unparalleled performance.

The EB 30/1 impresses with a generous 12-inch sweeping path and slides along surfaces in a breeze thanks to the sturdy non-marking wheels with soft grip. A reliable 7.2V Li-Ion battery provides up to half an hour of continuous operation on carpeted floors, which raises to 45 minutes on hard surfaces. Dust, debris, and even spills are cleaned in a single pass and collected in the large dustpan located under the unit’s head.

Both the dustpan and the roller brush are detachable and easy to clean, while the battery can be easily replaced with a charged one when it drains. Whisper quiet operation and ergonomic maneuverability give the final touches to this top-rated carpet sweeper.

Best value
Fuller Brush

Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet & Floor Sweeper

Superb electrostatic sweeper

An extra-vinyl blade rotor lifts up all messes and cleans your pavements in a breeze.

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2 Fuller Brush Review

In a world that runs on batteries, the Fuller Brush 17052 stands out. This carpet sweeper brings the best value for money and is a perfect example of functional simplicity designed to handle all household and commercial messes without effort.

Easy to maneuver due to its featherweight design, this electrostatic sweeper is operated by your force alone. It needs no batteries, thus comes with true eco-friendly properties. Two cleaning instruments deal effortlessly with different types of residues. The natural bristle rotor brush is ideal for the every-day cleaning of the crumbs and pet hair off your carpets while the vinyl blade rotor sweeps away food and larger debris from your hard floors.

A long, ergonomic handle improves maneuverability even when sweeping in awkward angles. Compact enough to access all restricted areas of your home, the Fuller Brush 17052 gives you all you could need in terms of cleaning performance and operation ease.

Also great
Shark V2930

Shark V2930 Rechargeable Floor & Carpet Sweeper

Motorized brush and 10-inch sweeping path

Mid-range sweeper perfect for the average household needs. Ideal to use on carpeted and hard floors.

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3 Shark V2930 Review

Coming with a motorized brush like our best-in-class pick, the Shark V2930 offers a valuable alternative to the homeowners looking for a mid-range motorized sweeper. The roller brush is powered by a 4.8V Ni-MH battery which delivers great performance despite its rather lengthy recharge time.

Thanks to the cordless convenience and to its low profile, this sweeper reaches the messes even in the remote corners of your home and cleans your floors rapidly thanks to the 10-inch sweeping path. The ultra-light design improves maneuverability, which is also enhanced by the convenient swivel steering and BACKSAVER handle. All these features combine with an exceptional price that makes the Shark V2930 our second-best value pick.

Best budget
Bissell Sweep Up

Bissell Sweep Up 2101-3 Cordless Sweeper

Efficient 7-brush system

High-quality entry-level carpet sweeper perfect for the no-frills cleaning of your home.

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4 Bissell Sweep Up Review

The Bissell Sweep Up 2101-3 is perhaps the best budget floor sweeper for homeowners. This unit doesn’t have heavy-duty capabilities but it still comes with a reliable 7-Brush System designed to clean carpet and bare floors effortlessly. Convenient to use in all environments, this traditional electrostatic sweeper comes with no batteries, and there is also no power cord to deal with. The multifunctional sweeper also boasts an edge cleaning brush that efficiently removes the dust embedded in the angles. Lightweight and unpretentious, the Bissell Sweep Up 2101-3 is a perfect budget pick.

1. Why invest in a carpet sweeper?

Carpet sweepers have survived the advancement of technologies and evolved with them, withstanding the test of time. Their popularity is explained by the unmatched convenience. Even if you own a vacuum cleaner, it’s still easier to take out the sweeper and clean small messes off your floors instead of operating a cumbersome machine.

Here are a few reasons why you should have one:

  • To save energy: Carpet sweepers help reduce your energy bill by reducing the frequency of vacuuming. Even the electric sweepers use less energy than a cordless vacuum cleaner, so investing in a sweeper is a win-win situation regardless of the model you choose.
  • To clean pet messes: Your beloved pet sheds quite a lot of its hair over your carpets and floors. While hard floors are easy to sweep with a broom, pet hair embedded in carpets can be a true headache to clean. But thanks to their brushes that penetrate into the piles, carpet sweepers gather pet hair, keeping your floors clean.
  • For quick clean-ups: A carpet sweeper is perfect for sweeping crumbs, cereals, and dirt off your floors.

2. Mechanic carpet sweepers

A mechanic carpet sweeper is a simple tool designed to sweep dust and debris and gather them into a dustpan enclosed in the head’s frame. A long and usually adjustable handle allows for a smooth operation while various types of roller brushes can clean floors, carpets, and even upholstery.

Rudimentary models come with one or two brushes while the higher ends sweepers are equipped with brush systems designed to boost efficiency.

A great manual carpet sweeper should have:

  • Bristle and blade brushes optimized for carpeted and hard floors.
  • Edge brushes designed to clean along the edges.
  • Removable dustbins for a more hygienic removal of the dust and debris.

Electrostatic floor sweepers

A special category of mechanic carpet sweepers are the electrostatic ones. These high-end models create a static charge to attract dust and debris more effectively than the traditional units, and do an excellent job in cleaning pet hair and other annoying messes like pine needles, cereals, sand, and salt.

The brushes of an electrostatic carpet sweeper typically have natural boar bristles that attract and pick up the debris; for an effective cleaning, all it takes is to roll the sweeper back and forth fast enough to create the static attraction.

Electrostatic carpet sweepers are popular because they require no electricity or batteries, have a very quiet operation and clean all types of carpets and floors quickly and effectively.

3. Electric carpet sweeper

A sort of hybrid between a mechanic sweeper and a cordless vacuum cleaner, the electric sweeper brings the best of both worlds. It still preserves the design features of a classic sweeper but a motor located inside the unit drives the brushes, providing a quicker and more effective cleaning.

Electric sweepers are either corded or cordless, although the corded models are a rarity nowadays.

  • Corded carpet sweepers plug into a standard wall socket and can run for as long as you want them to run.
  • Cordless units use rechargeable batteries to rotate the brush, are powerful and silent, but have a limited runtime.

4. The Best Carpet Sweepers in 2019 & 2020

5. Benefits of a cordless sweeper

A cordless sweeper is more popular than a mechanic or corded unit due to its higher versatility. Here’s what a cordless sweeper can do:

  • Handles heavy-duty tasks: High-end cordless sweepers boast similar power to corded models provided by top-notch batteries. They can handle all types of cleaning tasks, from light domestic to commercial-grade applications.
  • Portability: Unlike the corded models, cordless sweepers can follow you wherever needed. You can use them indoors or outdoors to clean dirt from your patio or driveways.
  • Quiet operation: Cordless sweepers tend to be quieter than their corded counterpart, and they are certainly much quieter than a vacuum cleaner.

6. Carpet sweeper brushes

Investing in a sweeper with good brushes is key to getting a unit you’ll love. There are two types of brushes, with bristles, used to clean carpets, and with rubber blades used on hard surfaces.

Regardless of their model, all sweeper brushes rotate on an axis that turns either when you push the sweeper on the floor or when you power up the unit.

  • Bristle brushes: Are made of natural or synthetic bristles and are designed to sweep debris into the dustpan. The number of brushes varies from sweeper to sweeper. The simplest models only come with one or two brushes, while the higher end models have multiple brushes of varied dimensions which gather messes faster and better. These brushes give their best performance on carpets but can also be used on vinyl and hardwood floors.
  • Rubber brushes: Are improperly called brushes as they are, in fact, blades made of rubber. They are used to sweep dust and debris from hard surfaces including vinyl and hardwood but also tile, slate, and stone floors. Rubber brushes are able to pick up finer debris and are very easy to clean.

7. Sweeping path

Another important feature of the carpet sweeper is the sweeping path. It is determined by the size of the brushes or by their configuration. Carpet sweepers usually have sweeping paths from 8 to 15 inches, although it is possible to find smaller and larger units too.

Choosing the right size is crucial for guaranteeing sweeping efficiency.

A generous sweeping path helps you finish your chores faster, but it isn’t necessarily better in terms of performance, especially if the area to clean has many edges and awkward corners. A small sweeper instead could be perfect if you want to reach restricted areas.

Large sweeping path units, on the other hand, are perfect to use in large commercial or industrial premises.

Floor sweeper sweeping path

If you’re looking for a reliable unit to use at home, aim for a sweeping path between 10- and 12-inches, compact enough to deal with the dirt embedded in the corners or under the bed yet large enough to ensure a quick sweeping in the larger areas.

8. What other features to consider?

Besides all the above, you should also consider the following features when shopping for the best floor sweeper:

  • Ergonomic handle: The maneuverability of a carpet sweeper can make or break a deal. Invest in a unit with a telescopic handle which can be adjusted as needed. A foldable handle is desired for transport and storage, but also for reaching remote areas under a sofa or bed.
  • Portability: A few things that define the portability of a cordless sweeper are the weight and the autonomy. Luckily, most sweepers are lightweight and easy to handle but the cordless models equipped with poorer quality batteries may give you less than 15 minutes of run time.
  • Dirt containment: All carpet sweepers come with dustpans but not all provide an effective dust containment. Choose a unit that has a closed dustpan and that is easy to take off and clean without having to touch the contents.
  • Removable brushes: They allow you to clean or replace them when needed without too much effort.
  • Charge time: Lastly, consider the battery and its recharge time. The faster to recharge are the Li-Ion batteries, usually found on higher-end models, followed by the NiCad and Ni-MH batteries.

9. The Best Carpet Sweeper for the Money

Best value
Fuller Brush

Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet & Floor Sweeper

Superb electrostatic sweeper

An extra-vinyl blade rotor lifts up all messes and cleans your pavements in a breeze.

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