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Best Cabinet Table Saws of 2022

Looking to buy a heavy-duty cabinet table saw? We’ve reviewed the best cabinet table saws for high performance wood cutting.

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Best Cabinet Table Saw Reviews of 2022

Best in class
Powermatic 2000B PM23150K

Powermatic PM23150K 2000B 10″ Table Saw

Perfect for professional woodworking

This cabinet table saw incorporates a wealth of innovative features designed to make woodworking a breeze.

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1 Powermatic 2000B PM23150K Review

Built with professional woodworking in mind, the Powermatic 2000B is the best cabinet table saw for making furniture and not only. The first thing that strikes is its massive, robust construction that withstands whatever you’re throwing at it.

Powered by a 3-horsepower induction motor, it can cut through all sorts of materials like a knife through melted butter.

But its cutting power is only part of the sweet deal you’ll get. This bad boy is designed to ease up your work with its top-accessible arbor lock lever and an integrated digital readout that makes it a cinch to adjust your workpiece and perform repetitive bevel cuts.

Bringing a huge working surface and unrivaled power, this is your best choice for heavy-duty projects.

Best value
SawStop PCS31230

SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 3-HP Cabinet Table Saw

10-inch blade ensures all-round versatility

A superb tool appealing to hobbyists and professionals alike. Its competitive price range and performance make it our top choice.

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2 SawStop PCS31230 Review

With a host of features developed for industrial use but a more competitive price range, the SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 fills the gap between the needs of a professional and those of an enthusiast hobbyist.

What impresses about this unit is the worktop equipped with a 52-inch professional T-Glide Fence System and other versatile features, including true vertical elevation.

The remarkable 3 horsepower engine delivers plenty of power to the unit’s 10-inch blade, allowing for a smooth, precise cutting. Keeping your workspace clean while using this unit is also a breeze.

The PCS31230-TGP252 provides an effective dust management, evacuating the particles to a 4-inch collection port you can connect to a shop vac for example. All these features come packed in a neat designed machine that will bring true value for money to your workshop.

Also great
SawStop PCS175

SawStop PCS175-TGP236 1.75-HP Professional Cabinet Saw

Innovative safety system

Developed for light industrial and intensive amateur use. Perfect for a garage or small professional workshop.

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3 SawStop PCS175 Review

Showcasing most of the features present on our best-value pick, the SawStop PCS175-TGP236 addresses pros and amateurs alike but is more suitable for the latter.

This unit boasts the T-Glide Fence System present on our best-value pick, but at a smaller scale of only 36 inches. Another difference is in the motor, which is also smaller. Yet, the machine’s 1.75HP drive a 10-inch blade through most types of wood and soft materials.

What stays the same between the two units is the reliability of a tool constructed from high-quality materials that ensure affordable strength, stability, and performance.

In terms of safety, you’ll certainly appreciate the innovative blade that detects skin contact and activates the safety system to prevent injuries. No doubt, this is a great unit to have in a DIYer’s workshop.

Best budget
Jet 708675PK

JET 708675PK 10″ Deluxe XACTA Saw

A pocket-friendly option

This cabinet table saw delivers industrial power at a more affordable price point.

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4 Jet 708675PK Review

If you need a cabinet table saw for slower-paced environments and don’t really want to break the bank, the Jet 708675PK could be the right option for you. Sure, you’ll still have to drop some cash, but this saw has the same power as our best in class and comes at a fraction of the price.

It lacks most bells and whistles, but it’s still reliable and safe to operate. Among its best features, we can mention the 50-inch rip cut capacity and left-tilt design that helps you produce burn-free bevel cuts.

All in all, this cabinet table saw does what it’s supposed to do and can save you some cash—a great choice for lighter-duty tasks.

1. Why invest in a cabinet table saw?

Whether you’re an enthusiast rookie or a DIYer who wants to improve his home workshop, a cabinet table saw will help you deal with any carpentry task in a breeze. Majorly used in industrial settings, this machine brings many benefits to the casual user or hobbyist too.

A cabinet saw provides a generous working area suitable to cut through wood boards of various sizes. You can use it to slice and shape large timber boards to make larger pieces of furniture, for example.

Another advantage of the cabinet saw is its large frame able to house a big motor. More power means the versatility of cutting through many other materials. Besides wood, most machines deal seamlessly with sheet materials and soft metals while the higher end models can also cut masonry materials.

If you need jobsite mobility, you are better off looking at a portable table saw used by many onsite contractors.

2. Characteristics of a cabinet table saw

A cabinet table saw consists of a traditional circular saw enclosed in a cabinet that also houses the motor. The circular saw is fixed under the working surface which acts as a support for workpieces of various sizes.

Like all table saws, cabinet saws are equipped with an arbor assembly driven by the motor while the operator has to push the workpiece through the blade.

Thanks to the massive arbor and powerful motor, the cabinet table saw can be used to perform a variety of cuts through wood or other materials including sheet metal, tiles, and depending on the type of blade, even masonry materials.

3. Fundamental elements of a cabinet table saw

While cabinet table saws are popular tools in amateur workshops, these machines are primordially developed for professional use. With this in mind, a worthy cabinet saw must come equipped with:

  • Fence: The most important element of a cabinet saw after the motor and blade. It serves to guide your workpiece past the blade, ensuring consistent and accurate cuts.
  • Miter: An essential component on all saws, it serves as an adjusting guide that allows you to achieve angular cuts.
  • Bevel: a tilting mechanism also present on most saws which allows performing bevel cuts.

4. Types of cabinet saw blades

Cabinets table saws are used to cut through a wide range of materials, a feature that explains the existence of a wide range of blades designed for generic or specific tasks. The most common types include:

  • Ripping blades: Are small 24-tooth blades designed for quick cuts through most types of wood and are used majorly during the initial phase to slice wood pieces to dimension.
  • Crosscutting blades: Are larger blades with a variable number of teeth, usually between 40 and 80. They provide cleaner cuts on plywood and solid wood.
  • Sheet material blades: Engineered specifically for sheet materials like melamine, MDF, plastic, and, non-ferrous metals. These blades also vary in size, usually from 40 to 80 teeth blades.
  • Combination blades: The widest used type. They come in various sizes and serve many purposes, from ripping to mitering. These blades are robust enough to handle all materials and resistant enough to withstand prolonged use.

5. Common blade sizes and materials

Most cabinet saws support either 10-inch or 12-inch blades engineered to handle a wide range of materials. Higher-end industrial units may also accommodate smaller or larger blades with sizes ranging from 5 inches to one foot.

Regarding the materials, the most common cabinet table saw blades are the:

  • Carbon steel blades: The most common blades engineered for different types of wood. They are strong and durable.
  • Carbide blades: Stronger than the carbon steel, are typically used to cut through sheet materials including metal and laminates.
  • Diamond-coated blades: The toughest blades developed to cut through hard materials like tiles, stone, and masonry.

6. Cabinet table saw motor

You can invest in the best cabinet table saw blades and accessories but if the motor doesn’t live up to the expectations, you’re not going to get flattering results.

In fact, the motor’s specifications make a clear distinction between the high-end units suitable for industrial use and the low- to mid-range cabinet saws which are better off in a hobbyist’s workshop, just like with wood lathes.

  • Entry-level motors: Are weak motors that produce less than 2HP. These machines are usually used for soft wood and thin sheet materials but are not recommended for heavier-duty tasks.
  • Mid-range motors: These motors produce from 2 to 3 horsepower and can handle harder materials like hardwood and soft metals.
  • High-end motors: These motors produce at least 3HP and equip the most performing machines. They can seamlessly cut through all types of wood and sheet materials, through most metals and even through masonry.

Power aside, the motor’s drive configuration is equally important.

  • Direct-drive motors: Transfer the power from the motor directly to the blade. They are located next to the blade and have a shorter lifespan, yet they transmit more power to the cutting unit.
  • Belt-drive motors: Transmit the power to the blade indirectly through a driving belt. They tend to last longer but need frequent maintenance.

7. Safety features

Cabinet table saws are potentially dangerous machines but the top-notch models come with advanced safety features.

  • Shaft lock: Changing the cabinet saw blade is a tricky operation that involves many risks. Luckily, a shaft lock system allows you to lock the shaft and arbor to minimize hazards.
  • Blade guard: Cutting through your workpiece is as tricky as changing the blade. There have been reported many cases of injuries caused by the accidental contact between the spinning blade and the operator’s hand. Investing in a unit with a blade guard can prevent accidental injuries; however, not all machines come equipped with this important accessory.
  • Kick switch: A kick switch is an important element to have. This button is usually located at knee level and is designed to stop the unit instantly when it’s kicked. This is a nice safety feature for all cabinet saws but if your unit doesn’t come with a blade guard, then the kick switch becomes essential.
  • Divider: This is a moon-shaped accessory located behind the blade. It has the purpose to keep the cut material at a distance from the blade, to prevent it from jamming the system.
  • Magnetic switch: A magnetic switch is designed to turn off the unit in case of power outage, preventing an accidental restart when power restores.
  • Dust extraction: Investing in a unit with a dust management system also boosts safety. Such a unit will keep your workspace clean, therefore you won’t be tempted to remove dust from the surface by hand.

8. The Best Cabinet Table Saw for the Money

Best value
SawStop PCS31230

SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 3-HP Cabinet Table Saw

10-inch blade ensures all-round versatility

A superb tool appealing to hobbyists and professionals alike. Its competitive price range and performance make it our top choice.

Check price on Amazon

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