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Best Beach Carts of 2021

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Best Beach Cart Reviews of 2021

Mac Sports WTCB-103

Mac Sports WTCB-103 Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon

Best cart for avid outdoor lovers

A roomy interior makes it easy to carry heavy cargo on soft sand, dirt, grass, and a variety of other terrains.

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1 Mac Sports WTCB-103 Review

The Mac Sports WTCB-103 is much more than the best beach cart around. This wagon was built with the avid adventurers in mind, and it’s ready to tackle whatever the landscape is throwing at it.

Oversized wheels, a heavy-duty frame, and strong 600D fabric provide the perfect combo for carrying loads up to 150 pounds on hard terrain and 50 pounds on soft sand.

A generous size of the cart that’s roomy enough to hold all your beach gear, including a cooler, beach chairs, umbrella, kids’ toys, and even a beach tent, is another highlight.

Functional features include two cup holders to keep your drinks safe and an adjustable handle for easier hauling. It even folds compactly for fuss-free transport and storage, not to mention that it comes in a variety of attractive summer colors.

Best value
Mac Sports WTC-111

Mac Sports WTC-111 Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

Best value collapsible beach cart

Mid-sized wheels and large capacity make it perfect for the beach as well as camping.

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2 Mac Sports WTC-111 Review

If you’re not really the soft sand beach type but would rather hang out on coarse sand, pebble or cobble beach, then the Mac Sports WTC-111 could be the best beach wagon for you. It comes from the same manufacturer as our best in class, with which it shares many features. But it also has an important difference.

This cart comes with smaller wheels than the WTCB-103. As such, it might be a pain to haul across a soft sand beach due to sinking. That said, it has a more attractive price tag and can hold similar loads; needless to say that this makes it perfect for camping, park trips, outdoor sporting events, and even concerts.

Like the WTCB-103, it folds almost flat for transport and storage, and it can hold anything from small kids to your pets, beach gear, groceries, or camping essentials. Sturdy, affordable, and made to last, this cart brings by far the best value for money.

Also great
Timber Ridge Folding Cart

Timber Ridge Folding Camping Heavy Duty Garden Beach Wagon & Cart

Best heavy-duty beach wagon for soft sand

A load capacity of 150 pounds (and 110 on soft sand) makes it easy to transport all your gear and beach equipment.

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3 Timber Ridge Folding Cart Review

The Timber Ridge Folding Cart is all about no-frills storage and easy hauling on all surfaces. Standing up to its heavy-duty name, it impresses with giant wheels that provide unrivaled stability on the sand.

You can haul up to 110 pounds of cargo without worrying about sinking – a feature that earns it the title of best beach cart for soft sand beaches.

On hard terrains, it can hold as much as our best in class, aka 150 pounds. But that’s not it! While its size is comparable with both the best in class and best value, it still boasts additional storage.

Besides the useful cup holders near the handle, this cart also has mesh pockets on the sides. You can use them for extra beach gear or to keep your phone, books, magazines, and other essentials safe.

Made to withstand all kinds of heavy-duty use, this beach cart is perfect if you want to move large loads without effort and don’t mind a heftier price tag.

Best budget
Radio Flyer Folding Wagon

Radio Flyer Folding Wagon for Kids and Cargo

Best beach wagon for kids

Its 3-in-1 design gives you the possibility to use it as a cart, kids’ wagon or convenient bench seating.

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4 Radio Flyer Folding Wagon Review

Radio Flyer has always known how to impress with its innovative beach and garden carts, and this folding wagon is no different. More than a beach cart, this is a 3-in-1 wagon for kids and cargo alike.

Use it to haul beach gear around, to transport tired children from the beach to the car, or transform it completely into a bench, so you can ditch the beach chairs or provide additional seating should you meet up with friends.

Cargo-wise, it has a capacity of 150 pounds. Sure, you won’t be able to carry such heavy loads on sand beaches, due to the rather small wheels. However, it’s hard to ask for more for the price. No doubt, the best beach cart for adventurers on a budget.

What is a beach cart?

Beach carts are pull-behind vehicles designed to carry your beach gear on the sand. Design-wise, they look similar to the garden wagons but typically come with a basket made of canvas rather than wire mesh or poly. Some beach carts may even have fabric mesh or perforated bottoms to let water and sand fall through, but the main difference between these carts and the others is the size of the wheels.

The best beach carts for soft sand have oversized wheels designed specifically to provide traction on sand or other challenging terrains.

Types of beach carts

Just like garden carts, beach carts come in various styles and sizes. Check the table below to find out the best beach cart for you.

Cart type

Beach trolley

Beach caddy

Beach cart

Beach wagon


Beach trolleys usually consist of a metal structure with two or four wheels. They look similar to the grocery trolleys and come with either mesh or canvas baskets.

The design of a beach caddy is inspired by the wheelbarrows. These carts have oversized balloon wheels and are really easy to maneuver on the sand. They typically have a polypropylene basket that can hold heavier loads.

Beach carts usually consist of canvas baskets placed on heavier-duty metal frames. They have four sturdy wheels and are taller than the wagons. They also have longer handles and typically a smaller footprint than the wagons.

Beach wagons look similar to the carts, but they have a lower profile and larger footprint. Usually, beach wagons have oversized wheels that can handle soft sand and most challenging terrains, but they are harder to maneuver.


Up to 35-40 pounds

Up to 70-75 pounds

Up to 150 pounds or over

Up to 150 pounds or over

Best for

Lightweight-loads and smaller items, such as food and beverages, toys, sunscreen, etc.

Lighter loads and smaller items, including beach coolers, toys, beach entertainment options for adults, etc.

Heavy-duty items, including large pieces of beach gear, tools, food, coolers, etc.

Heavy-duty items, including large pieces of beach gear, tools, food, coolers, etc.

Beach cart vs. garden cart. What is the difference?

The beach carts and garden carts are two different types of vehicles built for different purposes. The former has bigger wheels designed to handle challenging surfaces, such as soft sand. They also have canvas baskets designed specifically to hold beach gear or outdoor equipment including camping chairs and instant tents, although they can also handle other types of cargo.

Garden carts have either wire mesh or polypropylene baskets and are designed to hold heavier loads. Their purpose is to help you haul soil, harvested crops, vegetal material, tools, lumber, and other similar cargos. While these carts also have heavy-duty wheels, they are usually too thin to roll smoothly on sand. Furthermore, the overall weight of the cart makes it hard to pull on challenging terrains.

What capacity should a beach wagon have?

It really depends on what you want to carry. If you’re looking for a cart to haul a few small beach essentials, maybe a book and a lunchbox, then a beach trolley or caddy with a capacity up to 50 pounds should do.

For family trips and outings, invest in a beach wagon with a capacity of at least 150 pounds. Also, make sure to check the cart’s capacity on the sand, as it is usually lower than the one stated for hard surfaces.

The best beach wagons for sand can have a capacity of at least 100 pounds on soft sand, but if you don’t need as much, a small trolley or caddy could still be a good option.

What are balloon wheels?

Balloon wheels are a type of wheels designed by the Wheeleez company. These are oversized wheels made from thermoplastic rubber and characterized by a very smooth surface with no nooks or crannies.

Thanks to this design, they roll very smoothly on soft sand or other challenging surfaces, enhancing stability and making it easier to maneuver the cart.

Should my beach cart have such wheels?

While balloon wheels are preferred, not all beach carts come equipped with such wheels. Typically, the carts available on the market come with one of the following three types.

  • Polypropylene wheels: Made of plastic, these wheels are economical, lightweight, and have minimal rolling resistance. Many manufacturers equip their beach carts with oversized polypropylene wheels that provide smooth rolling on both soft sand and hard surfaces alike.
  • Rubber wheels: These wheels usually have the same diameter as the polypropylene ones, but are thinner. For this reason, they are prone to sinking in soft sand. However, they are a better choice if you want to use your cart mainly for camping, picnics, and other outdoor activities that don’t involve going to the beach.
  • Thermoplastic rubber: These are the balloon wheels for sand described above. They are designed specifically for soft sand but are usually hard to pull and maneuver on hard terrains.

Is there a difference between beach carts and kids wagons?

Yes. While the two look alike, beach carts and wagons are designed to carry cargo. Their frames were built to support an even distribution of weight across the surface and may collapse otherwise.

Beach wagons for kids, on the other hand, come with reinforced frames that can handle an uneven distribution of weight. Thanks to this feature, they can safely carry children and pets as well as cargo.

Buying the best beach cart: what other features to look for?

Knowing what features to look for when buying a beach cart is essential if you want to secure the best possible deal. The key features listed below can help you make the right choice.

  • Frame construction: The frame is undoubtedly the most important part of a cart or wagon, as light-duty ones tend to bend and break easily. Make sure the model you want comes with a heavy-duty frame. A steel frame is preferred, especially if you plan to carry children.
  • Cup holder and table: A beach cart with table and cup holders can easily change your camping game. This accessory is perfect for holding food or for keeping smaller items organized.
  • Side pockets: Another nice thing to have is a few additional pockets for smaller items. This will make it easier to organize your load and find beach gear or toys faster.
  • Storage: Needless to say that the best beach carts are foldable and lightweight when empty. They should fit easily in a car trunk and occupy as little space as possible when not in use.
  • Bottom holes: These holes allow sand and water to drain, making it easier to clean the cart when you get home.
  • All-terrain wheels: While a beach cart must have oversized wheels with a smoother surface to roll easily on sand, make sure it’s equally easy to maneuver on other terrains too. This will allow you to use the cart for an array of other purposes, from camping to shopping or even cleaning your garden.
  • Canopy: This feature is particularly important if you want a beach cart for kids. Collapsible wagons with canopies can keep your little ones protected from the harmful rays and also allow you to keep your belongings in the shade should you want to.

Best Beach Cart for the Money

Best value
Mac Sports WTC-111

Mac Sports WTC-111 Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

Best value collapsible beach cart

Mid-sized wheels and large capacity make it perfect for the beach as well as camping.

Check price on Amazon

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