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Best 6x9 Speakers of 2020

Want to seriously amp up the audio in your car? We’ve reviewed the best 6x9 Speakers on the market and here are our top picks compared.

Best 6x9 Speaker Reviews of 2020

CT Sounds Meso 6x9

CT Sounds Meso 6×9 Full Range Coax Coaxial Speakers

Outstanding sound quality

Silk dome provides a rich audio experience thanks to the 120W RMS output.

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1 CT Sounds Meso 6x9 Review

The CT Sounds Meso 6×9 set holds the best 6×9 speakers on the market and comprises two 2-way silk dome speakers designed to provide a full range of sound integration in your car.

The coax coaxial system outputs a root mean square (RMS) of 120 watts. This means real acoustic power as long as you pair the speakers with a compatible amplifier.

Each speaker in this set is equipped with a top-notch fiberglass cone and a 25mm silk dome tweeter which provide a rich reproduction of the high and mid tones.

The audio experience is also enhanced by the spring terminals which ensure rigid connectivity.

Face grilles boost up the aesthetic side while providing greater clarity. Impressive output, outstanding sound quality and compatibility with a range of woofers and tweeter deliver all you could wish from a best-in-class pick.

Best value

JBL GTO939 Premium 6 x 9 Co-Axial Speaker

Best for the money

Dual-level volume adjustment can easily compensate for an imperfect placement of the speakers.

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2 JBL GTO939 Review

The JBL GTO939 brings great quality and a competitive price in a set of speakers designed to enhance audio in your car. These 6×9 speakers feature soft-dome tweeters and oversized voice coils for a smoother sound and clearer highs.

A dual-level tweeter volume allows you to adjust the system to meet your preference but also compensates for a less than perfect placement of the speakers.

Furthermore, the low-impedance compensates for any undersized wires, enhancing the performance regardless of the power output of your car’s stereo.

Sound quality is also ensured by the crossover parts which direct the sounds to the right speaker, while the Plus One carbon-injected cones move more air than the average speakers, delivering more bass.

High-quality components, larger-than-average cones, and excellent sound quality make from the JBL GTO939 the best 6×9 speakers for the money.

Also great
Rockford P1692

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1692 6 x 9-Inches Full Range Coaxial Speakers

A great alternative

Polyetherimide dome tweeter and 2-way full range configuration ensure great sound clarity.

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3 Rockford P1692 Review

The Rockford Fosgate P1692 is a great alternative to our best-value pick if you don’t need a 3-way speaker system.

This 6×9 car speaker boasts a PEI dome tweeter that delivers great sound quality and has an RMS output of 150 watts (per set).

A FlexFit basket allows for minimal adjustments of the speaker when mounted, helping you correct a less-than-ideal placement, while the wide frequency range provides 91 decibels sensitivity.

Like our best-value and best-in-class picks, the Rockford Fosgate P1692 comes in a set of two speakers and is ideal for those looking for high-end quality at a lower price point.

Best budget
Rockford R169X2

Rockford R169X2 6 x 9 Inches Full Range Coaxial Speaker

Affordable car speakers set

Rubber surround ensures a higher sound clarity while the integrated tweeter crossover adds value for money.

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4 Rockford R169X2 Review

The Rockford R169X2 shares some similar features with the P1692 model and is ideal for those shopping on a budget.

This affordable 6×9 speakers set consists of two speakers equipped with high-quality vacuum polypropylene cones and rubber surround.

An integrated tweeter crossover delivers clearer high and mid sounds, while the silk dome provides a richer reproduction of the tones.

Besides all mentioned features, the speakers in this set also come with grilles and mounting hardware which further boost their value.

Great quality and an affordable price make the Rockford R169X2 a popular budget pick.

1. Why invest in 6×9 car speakers?

The 6×9 speakers are the most versatile car speakers you can find. Designed to enhance the audio in your car in a quick and easy step, they represent an all-in-one solution that delivers accurate high-frequency notes as well as superb bass tones.

Most 6×9 speakers on the market come with a built-in tweeter which delivers precise sounds, and although their bass quality can’t compete with that of a dedicated woofer, these car speakers represent a no-frills solution for those looking for a quick pimp-up of their ride.

In a nutshell, you should invest in 6×9 speakers because they:

  • Deliver superb reproduction of the higher notes
  • Have an impressive bass quality
  • Don’t require you to install additional equipment, including tweeters and subwoofers

2. Other car speaker sizes

The popular 6×9 speakers are not always an option. The configuration of your car may not allow installing them, or perhaps you prefer a traditional system. 6×9 excluded, the car speakers come in the following sizes.

  • 4×6 speakers: Are cheap and small, ideal to fit in a city car. Due to their size, they have a limited bass production.
  • 25 speakers: Are typically installed in the back doors or in the back dash and their role is to support the bigger speakers. These often come as standard in most cars but can be replaced if the factory model is not satisfactory.
  • 5×7 speakers: Slightly bigger than the 5.25, they handle a similar sound production. Their main advantage is the size, as these speakers can fit in most vehicles. They also provide a clearer sound than the 5.25 type.
  • 6×8 speakers: Are typically installed in the front doors and have a sound quality similar to the 6×9 speakers. Their performance is slightly lower, but on the bright side, they are cheaper.
  • 5 speakers: Compete with the 6×9 speakers as they can also play both high and low frequencies. The sound is clear but not as clear as the 6×9’s.

3. Component vs. full-range 6×9 speakers

6×9 speakers typically integrate the tweeter and woofer, but you can still find both the component and full-range options on the market.

  • Component speakers: Come with the tweeter separated from the woofer, a configuration that allows mounting each component in a different location. This will enhance the overall quality of the sound, making it more realistic. On the downside, these speakers are expensive and often tricky to mount in smaller cars.
  • Full-range speakers: Are shaped like baskets that contain all components of the system. The tweeter is typically placed onto the woofer, and these systems are very easy to mount in the place of the factory speakers. These speakers are also more affordable, although you’ll have to slightly compromise on sound quality.

Which is the best 6×9 speaker type?

Picking one type of speaker over another depends on your goal. Do you want the ultimate sound quality? Go for a component speaker. Are you looking for the right value for money? A full-range system could be the best.

Full-range speakers also come with multiple other benefits, including:

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to replace
  • Great sound quality
  • All-in-one solution
  • Competitive price

4. The Best 6x9 Speakers in 2019 & 2020

5. Two-way vs. three-way speakers

There are two-way and three-way full-range 6×9 speakers.

  • Two-way speakers: Also called coaxial speakers, consist of a woofer and tweeter. These systems provide an excellent sound quality, but some tones could be less clear than others.
  • Three-way speakers: Have a third component between the woofer and the tweeter, which is a mid-range component. These speakers operate at a higher frequency range, playing more sounds more accurately.

6. Power handling and sensitivity

Like center channel speakers, 6×9 car speakers are defined by the power handling and sensitivity.

The power handling tells you what is the maximum power, expressed in watts, your speakers can handle. Knowing this number is important because it is essential to match the power handling of the speakers with that of the external amplifier.

Root mean square (RMS)

You must also check the root mean square (RMS) specification, which determines how much continuous power the speaker can handle.

In broad terms, low-powered factory car stereos require an RMS output up to 50 watts, but an aftermarket stereo or external amplifier will require speakers with a power handling closer to the amplifier’s output and can often exceed 60 watts.

6×9 speaker sensitivity

Another feature correlated to your car stereo is the sensitivity of the speaker. The sensitivity determines the unit’s performance and the sound quality.

Most cars come with factory low-powered stereo systems which require a high sensitivity speaker with a rating of at least 90 decibels.

7. 6×9 speaker build

To assess the overall quality of the speaker in terms of construction and durability, it is best to check each individual component.

  • The tweeter can be made of either soft or hard materials. Soft materials include silk and polyurethane, and these materials are employed on speakers designed to play warmer sounds. Hard materials like ceramic and metal are ideal for reproducing pop sounds and the higher notes.
  • The wooferis typically made of polypropylene, as this material provides excellent bass sounds. However, make sure the material is lightweight.
  • You must also check the speaker surround. The best 6×9 speakers have a rubber surround, although cloth or foam can be found on the cheaper models.

Overall, check the sturdiness of the speakers and the joints, ensuring they are well made.

8. What other features to consider?

The best 6×9 car speakers usually have a series of other features designed to improve sound quality and boost your user experience.

  • Pivoting tweeters: Are able to produce a directional frequency that delivers more accurate high and mid tones.
  • Detachable tweeters: Give you the possibility to turn the speakers from full-range to component systems.
  • External crossover: Is an important feature for the component 6×9 speakers, delivering a clearer separation of the frequencies.

9. The Best 6x9 Speaker for the Money

Best value

JBL GTO939 Premium 6 x 9 Co-Axial Speaker

Best for the money

Dual-level volume adjustment can easily compensate for an imperfect placement of the speakers.

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