Privacy Policy

At we take privacy seriously and ensure a proactive approach to the privacy of our users. The document that follows provides a detailed description of the types of personal information that we collect and record as well as how we use that information.

1. Use of Server Logs

When you visit our website, we use log files to automatically record your visit. These log files are stored on our server and are part of a standard procedure for both our website and hosting company analytics. We don’t use these log files to record or store any identifying information about you.

With this information we are able to analyze usage patterns and provide us with statistics that inform us how our website is being used. The information stored in these log files includes your IP adress, browser type (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome etc.), internet service provider and the number of clicks made on a page. We use this information to analyze trends, perform site administration, track movement on the website and monitor and report demographic information.

None of the information collected in our log files is linked to personally identifiable data.

2. Cookies

We use cookies on this site to personalize the content on our web pages, record information about our visitors’ website usage and interactions, store information about visitors’ preferences and to create an optimal browsing experience depending upon browser type, operating system and other information that is sent by the visitor’s browser.

Users have the option to allow or prohibit the use of cookies on their computer or device. These options are located within the browser settings. Users are advised to consult the documentation for their specific browser to learn more about protecting their privacy on the web.

3. Third Party Integrations and Cookies

In addition to cookies used by, other cookies may be stored by external or third party applications, social media buttons, sponsored and affiliate marketing links, advertisements or other site integrations.

Third party cookies can be applied for a number of different uses, including referral tracking and usage analytics. Most cookies have a defined expiry date, ranging from minutes to years. You can set your own cookie preferences within your browser settings.

Sympathink has no control over the types of data collected in these circumstances, or how the third party integrations use that data. To understand more about each third party’s storage and use of cookies, please consult the individual privacy policies of those third parties.

4. Site Visitor Metrics

This website uses tracking software and analytics tools such as Google Analytics to better understand how visitors use our site. This allows us to monitor site usage and analyze user engagement in order to develop and improve the user experience.

Through Google Analytics and similar tools we collect data such as:

  • Time spent on the site overall, as well as time spent on individual pages
  • Number of visitors to the site on a given day, week or month
  • How many pages are visited by the average user
  • Popular keywords or referral sites that bring users to our website

From time to time, we might also use specialized analytics tools to track mouse movements on a given page, clicks on particular links or images, scrolling behavior, and ‘heat map’ tracking along with other data. We use this information to improve our website design and overall user experience.

5. Geo Targeting

On occasion we provide geo targeted content through third party tools. By retrieving the user’s geographic location we, or third party integrations, will serve different content based on the country, city or region as determined by the users’ IP address or ISP location.

We use geo targeting to provide a more customized user experience that serves geographically relevant content for the duration of the users visit.

6. Forms and Sign-up

Throughout the site we use forms to store and collect submitted information. These forms may be a contact form, sign-up form, e-mail newsletter sign-up form, feedback form or another kind of form.

We store and collect all submitted information along with select meta data such as IP address and location.

In all instances, we only use collected information to either perform the specific task intended by the form or to analyze and improve the usage of these forms. Should we ever intend to use form submitted information in a different way, we will always communicate this upfront and/or ask for permission.

7. Third-Party Privacy Policies

Throughout our website we link out to other, third-party websites as well as social media platforms and advertising campaigns. We do not have any control over the content of the third-party websites or their individual privacy policies valid on these external domains.

Please consult the privacy policy at the respective domains to understand how they manage your privacy. Once a user leaves our site through one of these external links, the relevant third-party privacy policies will be observed.

8. Sale of Website or Company

In the instance that we decide to sell, transfer, move or merge our website or company, we reserve the right to transfer with it all existing data, including personal data, that is collected by us or third parties we work with.

For example, should we merge our website, our newsletter e-mail subscribers list can also be transferred to our new website and/or business. If we were to sell our company, existing subscriber information would be allowed to be passed on to the new website or company owner/s.

9. Legal Interests

Should we be required to by law, or in order to protect our legal interests, we are able to transfer over any data that is collected by us. This data transfer would only happen should we be legally required to, or need to comply with laws and/or regulations or to protect our legal interest.

10. Consent and Updates

Through the act of accessing and using this site, you are deemed to be in agreement with this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions as well as the provisions and regulations contained within them.

If we are to update or change anything to this Privacy Policy, this document is where we will publish the updated or amended information.

In case of questions or need of further explanations, please contact us via our contact form.

This document was last updated on February 25, 2022.

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