Our Editorial Process

Every now and then, you’ll find links in our reviews and articles to purchase products from a number of online retailers, like Amazon. If you choose to click one of these links, the URL will contain a small code that identifies links from our website. This acts as a signal for the retailer to send Sympathink – that’s us – a small percentage of the money you pay for that specific product.

This does not mean that we are indebted to any of these retails, and we do not favor companies that we are affiliated with over ones that we are not. The Sympathink affiliate program is totally independent of our editorial team and process, and our team of testers, writers, and editors do not pay special attention to products just because they are available on Amazon or anywhere else.

We wouldn’t benefit from doing that anyway. Affiliate links have become quite common in online publishing and review websites. They are a great way for us to generate some additional income that we’ll use to pay for our high-quality reporting.

Does That Mean We Aren’t Trustworthy?

Not at all. Like we mentioned earlier, we are not biased toward one brand just because they are affiliated with us. We also do not give affiliated brands special attention. Our goal is to be as reliable and honest as possible, and that means being completely unbiased no matter what.

No number of affiliate links will be enough to skew our views of any of the products we review. If they’re great, they’re great, and if they’re bad, we’ll tell you they’re bad.

We Do Our Research

When we search for products to review, we look at some of the most highly recommended products in a wide variety of markets. From gardening to DIY projects, woodworking, grills, and more, we also look at recommendations from our affiliate partners. We read reviews and inspect item specifications.

At Sympathink, we search for products that stand out amongst the rest and surprise us. We also look for those that provide you with all of the features, power, and quality that you need. We also look for the most affordable products on the market. Once we’ve done all the searching, we make a list and begin the tests.

When it comes to our guides and reviews, our expert testers have years of experience and use their expertise in combination with hours of research to make sure that we are providing you with the most accurate information possible. We do this so that you don’t waste any more of your time browsing online retailers trying to find products.

Our Writing & Editing Process

After our team of writers has created a guide or review, they will send them through editing software. This software helps us catch any mistakes with spelling and grammar while also ensuring that our content is as unique as possible. Following that, we then have our team of editors edit each piece line by line. They double and triple-check for accuracy to make sure that the products align with our readers’ expectations for quality.

Once that is done, our editors will send the piece to be reviewed again for accuracy. They also make sure that every piece meets the standards we have set for our writing. Once the article has been approved, we’ll add the appropriate images and post it to our site. The result is an informative blog featuring a collection of reviews and guides designed to enhance your reading experience and understanding of the products that we showcase.

Why We Edit So Rigorously

We take time with our writing and editing process so that it can be as detailed as possible. This is because we want our articles to be of the highest quality. That means making them factual, readable, and easy to understand.

Our articles are easy to read and navigate but super informative as well. We know that this is why you come to Sympathink. You want to know which products are worth your time and which ones you can ignore. We also want our content to be unique and relevant. It’s easy to make a quick Google search and find thousands of identical articles about the same products.

Reviewing Past Articles

While we work as hard as possible to make sure that our information is always up to date, the various markets and industries that we cover in our content are constantly innovating and changing, and staying relevant is not as easy as it might seem. This is especially true since we cover a wide range of markets. Sometimes, old models and tools will fall out of favor, so we spend some time every month going over product guides and reviews to ensure that the products and information contained within them are still relevant.

If we see that a link to a product becomes inactive or that reviews have plummeted, we research immediately. Has the quality of the product decreased? Why has our affiliate partner discontinued this model? Should we be reviewing a newer, better model?

Using our research and knowledge, we constantly check our articles to make sure that you are getting the best information.

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