The Best Lawn Mower Lifts [of 2022]

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Tired of struggling with your lawn mower every time it jams? Here are the best lawn mower lifts that make any repair a breeze!




Lift height

Max wheel span

Check Price 

MoJack PRO


750 lbs



MoJack 750 XT

Best Value

750 lbs



Pro Lift T-5305

Also great

500 lbs



Pro Lift 



300 lbs




The 4 Best Lawn Mower Lifts


MoJack PRO – Residential Riding Lawn Mower Lift

Best for heavy lawn mowers

Unrivaled lifting power can tackle large riding mowers and lawn tractors

1. MoJack PRO

The MoJack MJ-PRO is the best lawn mower lift on the market, a piece of equipment designed to help you perform routine maintenance on large riding mowers and lawn tractors in all safety.

It can handle wheel spans between 31.5 and 62.5 inches and can lift the machines at up to 28 inches. With a lifting capacity of 750 lbs., it is ideal for heavy-duty, commercial riding mowers.

This drill-turned lift is also easy to raise with a cordless power drill; or, if you don’t have a drill, just use some elbow grease and raise it manually by operating the included hand lever.

Incorporated safety features keep the mower from slipping or becoming unstable while you’re working; and when you’re done, just fold it flat for convenient storage on the garage wall or in a corner. All in all this mower lift is the best option for owners of a heavy-duty zero turn mower or lawn tractor.


MoJack 750 XT Lawn Mower Lift

Best for Residential Lawn Mowers

Great design makes this mower lift easy to operate, safe to use, and convenient to store

2. MoJack MJ750XT

The MoJack MJ750XT Riding Lawn Mower Lift is perfect for quickly and easily lifting your lawn tractor or zero turn mower. It shares many features with our top pick, and brings unrivaled value for money. With a lifting capacity of 750 lbs (front end of the mower) and a lifting height of 25″, this lawn mower lift can handle almost any job. It also benefits from a large 31.5″ to 62.5″ wheel span.

The lifting mechanism is operated with a crank handle which can be operated by hand or a power drill. The automatic safety feature keeps the mower in place while you’re working.

The MJ750XT fits any lawn tractor or zero turn mower on the market. When not in use, the you can fold it flat for easy and space-saving storage.


Pro Lift T-5305 Lawn Mower Lift

Also great but more expensive

A hydraulic foot pedal lets you lift the load quickly and effortessly.

3. Pro Lift T-5305

Next on our list of the best lawn mower lifts is the Pro Lift T-5305, an superb machine half-way between our best-in-class and best value.

We like that it can lift up to 500 lbs. and is ideal for machines with a wheel span between 19.25 and 42.5 inches. It’s perfect not only for your zero turn mower or lawn tractor. It also handles in a breeze other vehicles, such as ATVs.

You won’t get to raise and lower the platform with a power drill, but this one boasts hydraulic foot pedal operation that gives you the option to lift your load without effort.

The lift is also very easy to assemble, despite the lack of comprehensive instructions. Powerful and versatile, this surely is a great alternative.


Pro Lift T-5300 Lawn Mower Jack Lift

Best budget lawn mower lift

An easily maneuverable and fully adjustable lift compatible with a wide variety of machines

4. Pro Lift T-5300

Small but mighty, the Pro Lift T-5300 is perfect for those shopping on a budget. It’s similar with the T-5305 above but has a smaller lifting capacity of only 300 lbs. Nevertheless, it can still lift the loads at heights of up to 22 inches.

You’ll have plenty of space to perform regular maintenance on a variety of machines, from riding lawn mowers to all-terrain vehicles (ATV).

It has the ability to hold wheel spans between 17.25 and 41.25 inches and features a hydraulic foot pedal for easy lifting. Another nice feature is the rubber padded platform that protects your machine from scratches.


What to look out for when shopping for lawn mower lifts:


1. Lawn mower lifts for lawn tractors, ATVs and zero turn mowers

Operating a riding lawn mower or ATV is all fun and games until you have to perform maintenance. Or until the blade jams on your lawn tractor. Accessing the underneath of a riding mower or quad requires you to lift it. Unless you want to use rudimentary methods, such as placing logs or concrete blocks under the wheels, you’ll have to choose a lawn mower lift. There are essentially four types:

  • Scissor-action lift: Perhaps the simplest and cheapest model, it is powered by a lever you will have to operate by hand. These lifts are usually great for lighter machines, but they require quite some effort from your side.
  • Drill-turned lift: Similar up to an extent with the scissor-action, it has a drill-turned mechanism that lets you use a power drill to lift the load. Most drill-turned units also have levers you can use to raise the load manually in case you don’t have a power drill at hand.
  • Hydraulic lift: Different from the types above, this type of lift utilizes a hydraulic mechanism operated by a foot pedal. The main advantage of hydraulic lawn mower lifts is the enhanced control when lowering the load, ensuring smoother operation.
  • Pneumatic lift: Utilizes an air-powered lifting system that connects to an air compressor. Your intervention is minimal, which means little to no effort to lift the load. However, these lifts are usually expensive.

2. Lawn mower and ATV lift capacity

Regardless of what type of lift you want, the most important thing to check is the lifting capacity and match it with the weight of your walk-behind mowerzero turn mowerlawn tractor or all-terrain vehicle (ATV). You will typically need:

Lift capacity (lbs.) Machines it can lift
Up to 200 lbs. Push lawn mowersself-propelled lawn mowerswalk behind grass trimmers
300-500 lbs. Most residential zero turn mowers and lawn tractors, ATVs / quads.
Over 500 lbs. Heavy-duty zero turn mowers and lawn tractors

How to calculate the necessary lift capacity

The weight capacity stated by manufacturers refers to the equipment lifting only the front of the machine (riding mower or garden tractor). This means that a lawn mower lift with a capacity of 350 lbs. can actually handle machines weighing up to 700 lbs.

Remember though that it is essential to check the actual weight of your machine and buy a lawn mower lift with a capacity slightly higher than what you need. An overload could damage and potentially break the lifting mechanism, which could be a potentially life-threatening hazard if the mechanism breaks while you’re under the mower.

3. Wheel span capacity

The wheel span capacity refers to the distance between the front wheels of your machine the lift can handle. Checking this feature is essential, because if the wheels are not perfectly centered on the pads, the machine may slide off when raised.

Different models of lawn mower lifts can raise machines with a wheel span between 17 and 64 inches, so it should be easy to find the best mower lift for you.

Adjustable wheel span

Most lifts are adjustable and can handle different wheel spans, but check how the manufacturer measures it before buying.

How is the wheel span measured?

The wheel span is traditionally measured from the middle of one wheel to the middle of the opposite wheel. However, some manufacturers measure the internal span of the front wheels, while others the external span. You will usually find this information in the user manual.

4. Mower lift lifting height

Another important feature you should check is how high the tool can lift your machine. Most lawn mower lifts can raise the load to a height between 22 and 28 inches. The golden rule to follow is the higher the number, the better.

Raising your machine higher means that you’ll have a broader view of the underneath. It will also be easier to inspect or change the blades, clean the deck, and provide other check-ups.

5. Mower lift safety features

It is also essential to check the safety mechanism on the tool. The type of mechanism may vary based on the type of lift you have, but it is crucial that you can lock the lifting arm in place when the load is raised. Failing to do so may cause the machine to slip off which would not only damage your expensive riding mower, but it could potentially kill you if the accident happens while you’re performing maintenance.

6. Other features to consider

A few other important features you should check before buying a lawn tractor lift:

  • Easy installation: An intuitive and easy assembly means you’ll be able to get your tasks done quicker.
  • Rubberized wheel pads: Riding mowers are expensive machines that deserve some protection when maintaining them. Rubberized wheel pads will keep your machine free from scratches.
  • Maintenance: The lift will require maintenance too, and it is a great idea to check what it implies before buying.
  • Folding mechanism: Collapses the lift when not in use, so you can store it on the garage or shed wall.

7. How to lift a riding lawn mower to change blades

Learning how to operate your lift correctly translates into fewer hazards and safer overall operation. Here’s how to lift your riding lawn mower to change the blades.

  1. Adjust the distance between the wheel pads to match your machine’s wheel span.
  2. Slide the wheel pads under the wheels; make sure the wheels are perfectly centered before lifting the machine.
  3. Raise the machine as instructed by the manufacturer; the actual method varies based on the type of lift you have.
  4. Lock the lifting mechanism in position before carrying on any maintenance procedures under the machine.

8. How to change blades on a riding lawn mower

Once you’ve lifted the riding lawn mower, change the blades following the quick steps below:

  1. Remove the nut or bolt from the mandrel shaft with a wrench of the correct size.
  2. Compare your new blade with the old one and make sure they fit in size, especially if you want to mount a different type of blade.
  3. Mount the new blade on the shaft, paying attention to positioning it with the right side up; otherwise, it will not cut the grass.
  4. Put back the nut or bolt on the mandrel shaft and tighten it in place.
  5. Lubricate the mandrel bearings and any other parts equipped with fittings before lowering the mower.

9. Types of riding lawn mower blades

When changing the blade, you can either mount a blade similar to the one you already have, or change it with a different type. You can choose from the following:

  • Standard blades: Come as factory blades on many riding lawn mowers and zero turn mowers. They are straight and have slightly curved edges that generate airflow, lifting the grass and cutting it as the blade rotates.
  • Low lift blades: Are similar to the standard ones but have a lower suction power. They are usually employed for side discharge and work beautifully if you mow on sandy terrains.
  • High lift blades: Have a curved shape designed to provide high suction power and generate a swooping motion. They work great on all terrains and are perfect for bagging, but their efficiency drops on less powerful motors.
  • Mulching blades: These blades have a waved shape designed to pull the grass in, cut it then keep it in the deck area and shred it to fine clippings. Then, they blow the clippings downwards towards the soil where they will become fertilizer.
  • 3-in-1 blades: The most sought-after blades, combine the features of both low lift and high lift blades with those of mulching blades. A mechanism on the mower’s control panel allows you to switch between bagging, mulching, and side discharging. Their performance isn’t the greatest in either mode, yet they are truly popular due to their versatility.

10. Best Lawn Mower Lift for the Money


MoJack 750 XT Lawn Mower Lift

Best for Residential Lawn Mowers

Great design makes this mower lift easy to operate, safe to use, and convenient to store

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